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Where to Go Bungy Jumping in New Zealand

Where to Go Bungy Jumping in New Zealand

New Zealand has numerous experiences for experience addicts, yet absolutely nothing is as prominent as bungy entering New Zealand. And no place in the world has many locations to bungee dive as New Zealand.

Bungee leaping was advertised in Queenstown by AJ Hacket where the initial business bungy dive website occurred at the Kawarau Suspension Bridge. So if you are mosting likely to attempt taking a jump of confidence as soon as in your life, this is the area. AJ Hackett has the marketplace caught on Bungee Jumping in New Zealand and also truly so! They are the initial.

Where Bungee Jump New Zealand

where to bungy jump new zealand

Now, you might question what’s up with bungy and also bungee. Well, in New Zealand, it is meant bungy leaping, and also because bungy leaping was advertised and also given the masses in New Zealand, I am mosting likely to state they are possibly appropriate. But, most of us understand it as bungee leaping, so I can’t choose what to do, so throughout this message, you are visiting it both means. I attempt to please every person since hi – I am Canadian.

Regardless of just how you mean it, no place on Earth is as interesting to leap as it remains in New Zealand. So allow’s get going! Read a lot more: 14 Cool and also Fun Facts About New Zealand

Bungy leaping is just one of those unique experiences and also if you are mosting likely to attempt it anywhere, New Zealand is the area to do it!

AJ Hackett Bungy in Queenstown NZ

bungy jumping new zealand

AJ Hackett Bungy is the leader of bungy entering New Zealand and also has actually been offering site visitors an adrenaline thrill because 1988. It has its head office in Queenstown with 3 various bungee leaping websites and also chasm moving choices!

Bunjy leaping stemmed on the island of Vanuatu where they had the practice of land diving. It was after that taken on by the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club in the 1970s. It was then that Hackett and also buddies saw a video clip and also pledged to figure it out.

Queenstown, New Zealand is taken into consideration the experience resources of the globe, and also if you intend to do a great deal of bungy enters one area, this is an extremely community to begin! Check out all the locations to bungee dive around Queenstown.

1. Nevis Bungy

bungy jumping new zealand queensland dave walking out
Highest Bungee Jump New Zealand – The Nevis

The Nevis is the greatest bungee enter New Zealand. It was as soon as the greatest Bungy Jump on the planet!  It might have shed its title to China, yet the AJ Hacket, Nevis Bungy Jump in Queenstown, New Zealand is no much less thrilling!

It was as soon as the greatest Bungy Jump on the planet! It might have shed it’s title to China, yet the AJ Hacket, Nevis Bungy Jump in Queenstown is no much less thrilling!

Getting there belongs to the adventure. The 40-minute drive from Queenstown takes you to a high and also winding accessibility roadway. Once you get to the turn-off, the trip increases an exclusive hill accessibility roadway. One incorrect turn and also you will certainly dive off the side. (Something to obtain your nerves prepared for the huge dive) To make the dive a lot more frightening, you need to take a wire automobile bent on the centre of the chasm where you leap from one more cable television automobile hanging high over the river listed below.

At 134 meters, this is a beast of a Jump Location: Just beyond Queenstown Getting there: You need to schedule an excursion as it’s all offroad as soon as you obtain proclaim of community. Cost $290 – 345 NZD (1 USD = 1.69 NZD)

2. Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump

where to bungy jump in new zealand Kawarau bridge

It is the initial bungy enter New Zealand and also while it is reduced, it is no much less thrilling. The 43 metre decrease right into the Kawarau Gorge where you will certainly dip your head in the river listed below. If the bungy is way too much for you, they provide a much less frightening zipride, or you can merely view the adventure applicants. Regardless of what you choose to do, you can’t miss out on quiting to see the OG of Bungee leaps!

23 mins from Queenstown on Highway 6 in Gibbston Valley 43 meter decrease Can drive or publication an excursion Cost $220 – $265 NZD (1 USD = 1.69 NZD)

3. The Ledge

bungy jumping in new zealand ledge

Note the Ledge is briefly shut because of team scarcities, with any luck it will certainly open up once more quickly. However, paragliding is a fantastic option that we carried out in Queenstown and also it’s remarkable!

The Ledge Bungy lies over Queenstown with one of the most spectacular of sights. Take a Skyline Gondola up the hill where you’ll take a jump of confidence over the side with one last take a look at Queenstown listed below! It’s approximately you just how you intend to embark on the 47 meter decrease. Upside down, in reverse, directly on? It doesn’t matter, the Ledge is pure freestyle.

400 meters over Queenstown with a 47 meter decrease Location: Queenstown Getting there: Go up the Skyline Gondola or raise the hill. Cost $205

4. Nevis Swing

bunjy jump new zealand nevis swing

The Nevis Swing is one of the most renowned swing on the planet. Located at the exact same area as the Nevis Bungy, you can incorporate your ticket with the swing, or simply do the swing alone. This 300 meter arc is an adventure of a life time that you can do alone or in tandem with a close friend. You select which method to drop too. Do you desire ahead, in reverse or upside-down? It’s all approximately you.

300 meter pendulum swing is huge Location: Just beyond Queenstown Getting there: You need to schedule an excursion as it’s all off-road once you leave community. Cost $245 – $280 NZD ((1 USD = 1.69 NZD)

5. Taupo Bungy

bungy jumping new zealand taupo

Located on Lake Taupo, this community on the north island of New Zealand loads a strike when it involves experience tasks. We had a skydiving journey prepared for right here, that was however terminated because of weather, yet the wonderful aspect of bunjy leaping is you can do it in almost all kinds of problems.

It’s the only high cliff enter New Zealand so you can include one more bungy dive to the container checklist. Jump 47 meters off the system over the Waikato River. Like every one of the over-the-water bungy enters New Zealand, you have the alternative to dip your head in the water. And you can do this set in tandem if you require some support from a close friend. There is the Taupo Swing there too that you can do for $170 – $210 relying on the day.

47 Meter decrease over the water Location: 202 Spa Road in Taup?  Getting there: Drive or Public Transit Cost $195 – $235 NZD (1 USD = 1.69 NZD)

7. Auckland Bridge Bungy

bungy jump new zealand auckland bridge

New Zealand’s biggest city has a number of wonderful bungee leaping areas in New Zealand. One min you can be turning off a bridge or high-rise building, and also the following you can be drinking sparkling wine and also consuming oysters on the beachfront.

The Auckland Bridge Bunjy is a 40 meter bunjy removes from a bungy case under the Auckland Harbour Bridge

You can do a solo dive, or tandem dive and also you have the alternative to do a sea touch. This awesome bungee dive offering wonderful sights of the city of Auckland and also Waitemata Harbour.

If the bungee dive is way too much for you, take the a lot more peaceful excursion of the Auckland Bridge stroll.

40 Meter decrease over water Location: Auckland Harbour Bridge Getting there: Book your excursion beforehand midtown Auckland Cost $175 – $210 NZD (1 USD = 1.69 NZD)

8. Auckland SkyJump

bungy jump new zealand auckland skyjump

Stand high over the heart of midtown Auckland on the city’s most well-known site, the Auckland Sky Tower. Plunge from New Zealand’s greatest structure for 11 secs of pure adrenaline. At 192 metres high, it is more than the Nevis, yet this is a regulated dive getting to rate of 85km per hr.

If you are intending to attempt your hand at bungee leaping, this might be a great beginning! If you don’t intend to leap, they have a skywalk too. It’s comparable to the Edgewalk in Toronto and also is one more remarkable adventure in New Zealand.

192 Meter regulated decrease Location: Downtown Auckland Getting there: at the Auckland Sky Tower Cost: $235 (1 USD = 1.69 NZD)

9. Hanmer Hot Springs

Waiau Ferry Bridge (1887) and also river, New Zealand

Christchurch doesn’t have any type of locations to go bunjy entering community, yet there is a place 90 mins out of community at Hanmer Hot Springs. Read: 21 Things to Do in Christchurch

Located 90 mins from Christchurch, Hanmer Hot Springs is a smaller sized dive of just 35 meters over the Waiau River. But that’s high sufficient for me! The dive removes from the historical Waiau Ferry Bridge and also provides you the alternative of leaping with an ankle joint harness or complete body. It’s your option.

10. Rotorua Bungy

Rotorua Bungy lies approximately Rotorua on the north island of New Zealand. It supplies thrill-seekers an extraordinary experience as they dive from a 43-meter high tower, in the middle of a breathtaking background of green landscapes and also geothermal marvels.

This bungy dive area is renowned for being positioned in a location soaked in Maori society and also geothermal task, offering jumpers not just with an adrenaline thrill yet additionally with an abundant social and also aesthetically spectacular experience. The thrill of jumping right into deep space is matched by the surrounding sights of the gleaming lakes, hot springs, and also various other geothermal attributes distinct to the Rotorua area.

Additionally, the specialist and also helpful team at Rotorua Bungy make sure that jumpers really feel risk-free and also certain as they take the bold dive, making it a must-visit location for adrenaline addicts discovering the North Island of New Zealand.

43 Meter Location: Rotorua Getting there: You can schedule this beforehand and also publication a shuttle bus from Rotorua town hall at Viator Cost: $175 (1 USD = 1.69 NZD)

11. rate Valley Swoop Rotorua New Zealand

If you intend to attempt something various, this destination catapults site visitors right into the air, enabling them to experience the experience of diving via the skies at broadband. Participants are safely attached right into a harness prior to being raised to an elevation of 40 meters, where they launch themselves right into an awesome swing that gets to rates of approximately 130km/h.

The mix of adrenaline, rate, and also the spectacular beautiful background of Rotorua’s landscape makes Velocity Valley Swoop an unforgettable unique experience.

40 Meters Location: Rotorua Getting there: You can schedule this beforehand and also publication a shuttle bus from Rotorua town hall at Viator Cost: $55 (1 USD = 1.69 NZD)

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