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Portuguese Food: 26 Traditional Dishes to try in Portugal or at home

Portuguese Food: 26 Traditional Dishes to try in Portugal or at home

Visiting Portugal is charming for numerous factors. But the tasty Portuguese food? That is top. While Portuguese food is recognized for its delicious fish and shellfish recipes, you’ll discover various Portuguese foods that are based upon regional customs and also dishes.

You might be attacking right into a Portuguese sharp, taking a seat for some timeless Piri Piri hen, or drinking a small glass of port. The finest point is that a lot of these recipes are very easy to duplicate in the house – indicating you don’t also need to capture a trip.

Traditional Portuguese Food

Excited to attempt some standard Portuguese foods? You need to be. Portuguese dishes rupture with taste – whether covered in a spicy sauce or showered with lemon juice. These are the 10 finest Portuguese recipes for you to attempt.

1. Pastel de Nata

Best Portuguese Food Pastel de Nata

Pastel de nata is a Portuguese treat and also among our favored Portuguese recipes. The crunchy bread is loaded with soft egg custard, commonly sprayed with cinnamon and also powdered sugar – just like a creme brulee. Pastel de nata is offered bite-sized and also is finest taken pleasure in fresh and also still somewhat warm from the stove. If you are trying to find a pleasant reward, these Portuguese custard tarts are conveniently among the very best Portuguese treats.

So, where did such a delicious treat stem from? It is thought that we have a team of monks from Lisbon to say thanks to. The monks in Jeronimos Monastery in the 18th century produced the tarts as a way of earnings to sustain the abbey, marketing the dish when it at some point shut.

Now, Portuguese cooks throughout the nation make pastel de nata. Pastel de nata is marketed in a lot of bakeshops, coffee shops, and also dining establishments. As much as treats enter Portugal, pastel de nata gets on its means to ending up being a nationwide meal. The bread is the trickiest little bit to ideal, and also the structure is superb – so crunchy that it virtually shatters with a bite. The bread is generally made initially while the custard mix is prepared. If you follow this dish you will certainly have the ability to make the ideal Pastel de Nata. Freshness is important with pastel de nata, and also the meal is planned to be prepared and also consumed on the exact same day for the most genuine experience.

2. Peixe Grelhado

Portuguese Food Piexe Grelhado Grilled Fish

Peixe Grelhado converts as smoked fish, and also the meal is worked as simply that. If you get this at a dining establishment, you can anticipate a whole smoked fish offered on your plate (skin and also head and also all). It can be a challenging experience, yet as quickly as you take your very first bite, any type of suspicion or hesitancy will certainly be reduced. You’ll additionally reach taste the advantage of Portuguese olive oil given that the smoked fish is offered showered. Peixe Grelhado is evidence that there is elegance in simpleness.

Peixe Grelhado is generally offered along with herby-boiled potatoes, fit to be tied veggies, and also a light salad with vinegar. The meat is the meal’s emphasis given that it is particularly prepared on a charcoal grill.

Peixe grelhado most typically utilizes fish like seabass, gold bream, and also grouper. Fishing in Portugal has actually been around for centuries, and also anglers’s catch comprised the majority of the old middle ages diet regimens. Grilled fish is a historic meal; straightforward yet loved and also gave among generations.

3. Sardinhas

Portuguese Food Sardines

Freshly smoked sardines are a juicy, staple meal in Portuguese gastronomy. Historically, smoked sardines were a recipe of the lowers ranks, many thanks to their affordable and also high nutrient degree. Even currently, the meal is possibly one of the most cost effective fish and shellfish meal you might attempt in Portugal. Grilled sardines make a fantastic treat or light lunch.

Sardines have a solid taste and also are commonly salted prior to barbecuing. The secret to the ideal smoked sardines is the cooking design. Most dishes make sure that sardines are slow-grilled to keep as much wetness and also taste as feasible.

The finest season to example fresh smoked sardines is in between June and also October when the angling period goes to its height. Of training course, you can additionally discover canned sardines throughout Portugal and also in a lot of nations abroad, so don’t misery if you are trying to find a much easier alternative. While much less usual, you can consume sardines raw. There are great deals of methods to example Portugal’s most renowned fish.

4. Piri Piri hen

Portuguese Food Piri Piri Chicken

Who hasn’t become aware of Piri Piri hen? The incredibly chain dining establishment Nandos has actually spread out the meal around the world, and also it is currently a home name, not simply Portugal’s nationwide meal. It is conveniently among one of the most renowned Portuguese recipes.

The renowned meal is special as a result of the sauce that it layers its hen in. It’s a little spicy and also pleasant, commonly made from lemon, pepper, garlic, bay leaves, vinegar, chili, and also (obviously) olive oil. Each cook has their very own adjustment of Piri Piri sauce, and also it is enjoyable to example various individuals’s dishes.

Piri Piri hen wasn’t simply produced in Portugal, however. Portuguese colonizers ‘found’ the chili pepper while abroad in recently started Portuguese swarms, moving the peppers back residence with the remainder of their plunder. The chili peppers would certainly end up being an essential part of Piri Piri sauce – providing it that particular spicy kick.

Piri Piri hen is generally offered along with French french fries and also a light salad. Piri Piri hen is possibly the most convenient to discover of all our Portuguese foods in this overview. You need to discover a dining establishment marketing Piri Piri hen whether you remain in Portugal or otherwise. If you such as to prepare in the house it is rather very easy to make specifically with this dish.

5. Peixinhos da Horta

Traditional Portuguese Food peixinhos da horta

Get prepared for among the Portuguese food’s most unusual (yet tasty) appetisers. Peixinhos da Horta is fried environment-friendly beans covered in a light batter and also commonly offered for lunch. Peixinhos da Horta converts as ‘little fish’, and also the meal was at first prepared on Portuguese ships to avoid veggies from spoiling.

The procedure is straightforward: steamed environment-friendly beans are covered in a batter and also deep fried in olive oil. The result is a crunchy finishing on a soft environment-friendly bean, developing a moreish treat that is the ideal enhancement for a friendly dish.

Peixinhos da Horta is just one of the most convenient recipes to prepare in the house, so most definitely offer this meal a go if you are a little bit intimidated by taking on Portuguese food. The food is additionally great to example in regional Portuguese dining establishments if you obtain the opportunity. Try peixinhos da horta as a side or appetiser.

6. Olive Oil

Portuguese Food Olive Oil

Olive oil isn’t truly a Portuguese food by itself. However, it is so meticulously made and also crucial in Portuguese foods that we are providing it an area in its very own right. It is additionally an essential active ingredient in numerous Portuguese recipes, so where much better to begin than with among the structure blocks of Portuguese food?

Portugal is just one of the biggest olive oil manufacturers on the planet. Its olive oils are well known for their poignant, commonly almondy taste and also are commonly a deep greenish-yellow in shade. The most typically utilized olive are Galician olives, which are extremely valued for their old olive trees. The olive groves in Portugal aren’t simply great for developing tasty items. They are additionally an icon of nature and also generations of farming society.

Oil manufacturing is a lengthy procedure. Olives are very first expanded, after that collected in between November and also January. The olives are after that cleaned and also pushed prior to being heated up to essence and also divide the oil.

While olive oil production mostly takes place around the facility of Portugal, some ranches additionally extend right into Southern Portugal. If you intend to experience Portuguese oil manufacturing, we suggest checking out a location like Sintra, simply outside the significant city of Lisbon.

7. Arroz de Pato

Portuguese Food Duck Rice

Arroz de pato is just one of one of the most common Portuguese recipes. The meal’s name converts essentially as ‘duck rice’, and also it includes specifically that. The rice is seasoned with garlic, bay leaves red wine, and also lots of sliced up chorizo. The meal loads an extreme, flavourful strike.

Arroz de pato utilizes rice ready likewise to risotto, sauteed with onions and also fat to gradually load it with as much taste as feasible. There is normally a choice for wild duck where feasible as well, which is much less fatty and also much better recognized for a more powerful taste. Chorizo is generally cut and also spread out decoratively throughout the top of the meal as a last touch.

The meal is hearty and also dental filling – ideal for huge household dishes and also celebrations. You’ll discover it at numerous dining establishments given that it is just one of the nation’s leading rice recipes. However, it is just as very easy to duplicate in the house and also is an outstanding appropriate dish.

8. Picanha

Portuguese Dishes Picanha

Picanha is a preferred beef reduced prepared commonly over a Brazilian bbq. A Brazilian bbq, you may be asking yourself, why Brazilian? Brazil is just one of the previous Portuguese swarms, and also Portugal embraced the meal when its militaries got here there. While still greatly preferred in Brazil, Picanha is currently additionally extremely preferred in Portugal. So preferred, actually, that there is currently a collection Portuguese dish – the standard Brazilian dish is still utilized.

The reduced itself is uncommon and also is commonly created the leading sirloin cap. Since most butchers all over the world generally separate this area of meat right into various cuts (such as the loin or rump), it is rather an experience tasting this cut. The cut is really fatty and also tender given that there is a layer of fat under the steak. These high qualities are combined with an abundant taste when prepared on Brazilian bbq.

9. Bacalhau

Portuguese Food Bacalhau

Portuguese like fish and shellfish: it is obvious. And if you intend to attempt an additional nationwide meal of Portugal, include bacalhau to your listing of fish and shellfish recipes to attempt. Bacalhau suggests cod in Portuguese, and also a bacalhau meal consists of dried out and also salted cod. The preference is special, and also regardless of being salted, continues to be moderate sampling and also rather pleasant.

Surprisingly provided the quantity of salt, it is additionally healthy and balanced Portuguese food. So, if you are trying to find Portuguese food healthy and balanced sufficient to appreciate consistently, bacalhau is an outstanding alternative. Bacalhau is abundant in omega oils, high in healthy protein, and also really reduced in fat.

Historically, bacalhau was a fantastic different to fresh fish. When anglers couldn’t fish in poor climate or when households required to conserve cash, bacalhau had a much longer service life. Now, you can discover Bacalhau at a lot of standard Portuguese dining establishments, and also it is a must-try when checking out Portugal.

10. Caldo Verde

Calo Verde Portuguese Food

Are you trying to find a Portuguese meal on a cool day? Caldo Verde is a warming and also very delicious soup. The cornerstone is shredded cabbage, although you’ll generally discover potatoes, olive oil, onion, and also garlic in there also – skilled with a little of salt and also pepper. Caldo Verde is an environment-friendly shade and also is sometimes embellished with pieces of chorizo as a garnish.

Caldo Verde stems from Northern Portugal in the Minho area. However, currently you’ll discover it throughout the nation. The soup is additionally simple to make in the house and also is light sufficient for a summer season breakfast yet passionate sufficient for a best wintertime treat. Each dish differs, and also the soup has actually been adjusted as it spreads out with various areas.

11. Bitoque

Portugal Food Bitoque

Bitoque is a passionate Portuguese dish. It constantly consists of a lean steak – be it pork or beef. It has a particular discussion and also is offered with a deep-fried agitate leading and also a side of french fries. It is rather of a farmer’s dish and also is a fundamental yet timeless meal in Portugal.

The meal might be straightforward, yet it is prepared really specifically. The steak is scorched in a frying pan with butter – providing it a tender, distinct preference and also structure. Bitoque is a common lunch dish throughout the nation and also can be discovered at numerous regional dining establishments. Diners commonly appreciate bitoque with tomato sauce or mustard.

12. Francesinha

Portuguese Food Francesinha

Francesinha is a fabulous Portuguese sandwich. The cooking work of art is a multi-layer sandwich surrounded in dissolved cheese and also loaded with various meats. If you desire a filling up sandwich, Francesinha will certainly surpass all assumptions.

Francesinha consists of sausage, pork, and also steak, loaded with cheese in between pieces of white bread. Extra thawed cheese is included over the sandwich’s top, and also a hot beer-based sauce is showered on the top. Francesinha is untidy yet tasty. The sandwich splashes out of the bread and also is consumed on a plate to make it workable.

Francesinha is one of the most renowned food from Porto, where it came from, and also is called the queen of sandwiches by numerous. It was influenced by the French meal Croque Monsieur and also is reasonably brand-new to the Portuguese gastronomy scene, produced in the 1950s by Daniel Silva. You can recreate the meal in the house yet attempt it in Porto for the best experience.

13. Bolinhos de Bacalhau

Bolinhos de Bacalhau Portuguese Food

Remember bacalhau, that delicious, salty cod? Well, bolinhos de bacalhau are a delicious bacalhau meal variant. Bolinhos de bacalhau are small, deep-fried spheres loaded with potatoes, bacalhau, eggs, parsley, and also onion. They are generally offered in high amounts, as they are bite-sized forms created to be treats or appetisers for the primary dish.

The prep work is very easy, and also bacalhau is simply blended in with mashed potato and also the various other components. The mix is after that formed right into a torpedo sphere and also deep fried up until gold brownish. Bolinhos de bacalhau is a fast, very easy meal to prepare – the ideal Portuguese food for recreating in the house. They are best taken pleasure in fresh prepared, as the structure is crispy outside and also soft and also cozy on the within.

You’ll discover the meal throughout Portugal whatsoever times of the year. However, they are additionally very preferred as joyful sides or appetisers at Christmas.

14. Port Wine

Port Wine Portugal Food

Port red wine may not be a recipe, yet it is one of the most standard Portuguese beverage (directly defeating Ginja, which is finest tasted in Obidos). And therefore, we couldn’t leave it out of this overview. Port red wine was really produced to aid it keep its top quality throughout lengthy journeys. In the 17th century, sellers started including brandy to Portuguese red wine to strengthen it and also quit it from ruining throughout transportation. The preference ended up being preferred, and also currently you can discover port red wine worldwide.

Port red wine is a delicious component of Portuguese food, and also the beverage is recognized for its incredibly pleasant and also extreme preference. It has a much greater alcohol web content and also is commonly thought about an after-dinner drink – appreciated in a smaller sized glass than red wine.

Port red wine can be taken pleasure in worldwide. However, it is finest taken pleasure in at a climatic Portuguese dining establishment. You need to most definitely treat on your own to a preference of port red wine with your dish. Alternatively, go to the Douro Valley, the significant port red wine area in Portugal.

15. Linguica

Portuguese Food Linguica

Linguica is a traditional spicy Portuguese food. The meal is a sort of sausage recognized for its extreme taste. Linguica commonly consists of garlic, paprika, and also chili – generally combined with pork meat. The sausages can be appreciated in numerous types, consisting of as a standalone meal and also active ingredient in various other recipes like Caldo Verde. Linguica is delicious Portuguese food, spicy and also loaded with taste.

Linguica is additionally in some cases called Portuguese smoked sausage. It obtains this name from just how it is prepared, as commonly linguica is prepared with smoke to offer it an added special taste. If you attempt linguica at a dining establishment, it will certainly probably be offered smoked, yet it depends on you if you want to attempt to smoke it in the house. While not a requirement, it definitely offers it a unique taste.

16. Pão de Deus

Portuguese breakfast food Pao de Deus

We’ve covered a great deal of recipes for lunch and also supper until now, yet what concerning morning meal? Well, pão de Deus is a preferred morning meal meal. Pão de Deus is a Portuguese bread roll with a soft, cosy inside. The rolls are commonly formed right into solitary offering circles, ideal for delighting in a fast early morning treat.

Pão de Deus converts as ‘God’s bread’ and also was at first baked in convents centuries earlier. The pleasant, brioche-like bread is generally offered covered with coconut and also cleaned with powdered sugar – the perfect pleasant reward to begin your early morning right.

Sadly, pão de Deus is uncommon to discover beyond Portugal. However, checking out Portugal, you’ll discover pão de Deus throughout the nation, specifically in bakeshops and also coffee shops. We recommend buying a coffee with your bread roll for the very best morning meal mix.

17. Serra da Estrela Cheese

Portuguese Cuisine Serra da Estrela Cheese

We’ll begin by claiming that all Portuguese cheeses are tasty. However, Serra da Estrela cheese is the tastiest. This Portuguese cheese originates from the hills of Portugal’s Serra da Estrela area. It is generated specifically from the milk of Bordaleira lamb. Serra da Estrela cheese is an unique yellow shade and also has actually been making use of the exact same dish given that the 16th century. Cheese manufacturing is not simply a cooking procedure yet additionally component of Portugal’s social heritage.

Serra da Estrela cheese consists of an unique active ingredient – the Cardoon plant. Cardoon is a wild thistle and also leaves a flower, tasty touch to celebrity. This is included the beginning, with oil massaged over the peel once celebrity has actually strengthened.

You can example Serra da Estrela around the world and also most definitely all over Portugal. However, to experience its manufacturing, it is best to head to Serra da Estrela itself. The closest flight terminals are Viseu Airport and also Porto Airport.

18. Bola de Berlim

Bola de Berlim Portuguese desserts

Ready for an additional pleasant reward? Bola de berlin are sweet-fried doughnuts. Unlike most doughnuts, however, they don’t have an opening in the facility or a packed dental filling. Instead, bola de berlin has a creme filling up in between 2 doughnut layers – like a doughnut sandwich.

Bola de berlin is really a spin on German doughnuts, making use of Portuguese creme as opposed to jam as a dental filling. It is reported that the doughnuts ended up being taken on in Portuguese food after German Jewish households began transferring to discover sanctuary in Portugal in the 1930s.

You can discover bola de berlin in a lot of bakeshops and also coffee shops, and also the pleasant reward can be taken pleasure in anytime.

19. Cebolada

Cebolada is a flavourful meal that is basically an onion stew. Cebolada is a flexible meal to prepare, and also you’ll typically discover it offered along with fish, potatoes, or a bread bun. The meal includes tomatoes, red bell peppers, parsley, garlic, onion, and also oil – all sauteed up until enlarged right into a passionate sauce.

Cebolada is a preferred dining establishment or household dish perfect for dealing with huge teams of individuals. Simple yet magnificently sampling, Cebolada is a typical Portuguese meal for you to attempt.

20. Carne de Porco Alentejana

Portuguese Food Carne de porco Alentejana

Carne de Porco Alentejana is just one of the very best Portuguese foods if you desire a mix of fish and shellfish and also meat. The special meal incorporates pork and also clams in a mix of potatoes and also sliced coriander. It is finest taken pleasure in as a passionate dish, generally at a night dish or event.

The name ‘Alentejana’ is a location in Portugal, so you could be converted that the meal came from there. This isn’t the situation, though; the meal is believed to have actually come from the Algarve area. Instead, it was called after Alentejana as a result of that area’s extremely valued black pigs.

Of training course, currently, the meal is offered throughout Portugal. If you like fish and shellfish and also intend to attempt a typical pork meal also, it is the ideal Portuguese food to appreciate on a night.

21. Ovas

As much as Portuguese foods go, ovas is an especially daring one. The meal is thought about a special and also is made from fish roe – fish eggs. Fish eggs might seem like a peculiar treat, yet the approach for maintaining fish roe sacks can be mapped back to Egyptian times with old murals. People have actually been consuming fish eggs worldwide for centuries, and also ovas are Portugal’s variation of the old dish.

The eggs commonly originate from a grey mullet fish, and also the sack is steamed prior to being consumed. You’ll generally see the meal offered with potatoes and also veggies, showered with oil and also vinegar. The egg sack has an extremely smooth, smooth structure, and also ovas are a preferred meal as a result of it.

23. Arroz de Marisco

Portuguese Dishes Arroz de Marisco

Let’s return to fish and shellfish. Arroz de Marisco is tasty fish and shellfish rice, like a Spanish paella. The primary distinction is that Arroz de Marisco is not decreased, so it remains thick and also a lot more like a rice stew. Its components differ a little, yet you can generally anticipate shellfishes, mussels, clams, and also squid. The completing touches are a dropping of natural herbs and also a charitable dashboard of gewurztraminer.

Traditionally, you’d discover Arroz de Marisco in Portugal’s seaside locations many thanks to the wealth of fresh fish and shellfish. If you desire fresh fish and shellfish, attempting Arroz de Marisco in these locations is still best. However, you can discover the meal inland also nowadays, and also it is additionally very easy to recreate in the house.

22. Feijoada

As we discussed previously, Brazil is just one of Portugal’s previous swarms. Many Brazilian recipes can be discovered in Portugal today, consisting of feijoada. Feijoada is a typical stew containing black beans, pork, and also beef. Historically, feijoada utilized more affordable cuts of meat, like tongue, ears, feet, and also tails, to make sure much less waste and also construct an economical dish. This isn’t constantly the situation currently.

The stew is reasonably salted yet not spicy. It obtains a great deal of all-natural flavor from the meats and also black beans. In Portugal, the Brazilian dish is still preferred, and also you’ll discover a little inconsistency from the initial dish. Feijoada is a fantastic warming dish, specifically on a cool wintertime day.

24. Caldeirada de Peixe

Traditional Portuguese Food Caldeirada de Peixe

Caldeirada de Peixe is an additional passionate meal, perfect for a cool day. Caldeirada de Peixe is a fish and also potato stew seasoned with saffron and also in some cases consisting of added fish and shellfish like shellfishes, squid, and also mussels. The elegance of Caldeirada de Peixe is that it utilizes whatever fish and shellfish the anglers catch, which traditionally made it a dependable dish for the lowers ranks.

In modern-day dish adjustments, you’ll discover lots of added flavors. Bay leaves, parsley, and also peppercorns are preferred enhancements. You can anticipate Caldeirada de Peixe to have a solid, unforgettable preference.

25. Cozido a Portuguesa

Cozido a Portuguesa might appear like a dissimilar meal. The meal consists of a selection of meat and also veggies prepared as a steamed dish. The cooking design makes Cozido a Portuguesa really healthy and balanced, absconding the oil and also deep frying that can make some Portuguese recipes much less healthy and balanced.

Cozido a Portuguesa commonly consists of meat like pork ribs, beef, hen, bacon, and also sausage. It is an amazing meal to utilize more affordable cuts of meat, like pig’s ears and also feet. These meats are steamed with each other in a big pan and also skilled with salt. Vegetables like parsnip, turnip, potato, carrots, and also cabbage are additionally steamed – offered along with the meat on a big plate.

Cozido a Portuguesa is a practical meal that flexibly utilizes leftovers to avoid waste. It is thought to have actually stemmed from Beira, yet it is no more simply prepared in a solitary location of Portugal.

26. Bifana or Prego

Portuguese Food Bifana

We covered the queen of sandwiches, Francesinha. But if Francesinha is the queen of Portuguese sandwiches, bifana and also prego are the princesses. These 2 sandwiches are a few of the very best takeaway Portuguese foods and also lunch break treats.

Unlike Francesinha, these 2 sandwiches are simple with very little components. Bifana utilizes pork, while prego utilizes beef. Both are offered on soft, fresh bread, typically discovered at coffee shops or takeaways. Bifana sandwiches marinade the pork in a spicy sauce, while prego sandwiches marinade the beef in a garlic sauce. Which you make a decision to attempt is completely as much as you.

Final Thoughts on Portuguese Cuisine

Top Portuguese Food

There are many Portuguese recipes to attempt. If you are taking a trip to Portugal, we suggest taking a food scenic tour and also jumping about various regional dining establishments. Don’t hesitate to leave the ruined track. If you are cooking Portuguese food in the house, prepare to obtain experimentative. You might also hold a Portuguese tapas evening if you are really feeling take on.

Either means, Portuguese gastronomy is extraordinary to check out. Traditional Portuguese food is just one of the very best on the planet, and also we wish you attempt as a lot of these recipes as feasible.

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