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Plan Your Trip Today -The Planet D

Plan Your Trip Today -The Planet D

Have you wished to take a trip to South America however can’t choose which nation to check out? Well, Colombia was ranked the happiest area on the planet since 2021. Wouldn’t you intend to see the happiest area on the planet? You can! It’s time to evacuate your points as well as take a trip to the attractive location in Colombia. But, prior to you get your traveling bag as well as sunglasses, remain to review listed below for some even more fascinating realities concerning Colombia.

Interesting Facts About Colombia

Interesting Facts About Colombia

Colombia is a risk-free, attractive, as well as tourist-friendly nation. An excellent location for anybody trying to find enjoyable as well as leisure. We really hope the enjoyable realities concerning Colombia assistance attract you to check out at some point quickly. Before you take a trip to Colombia, take a look at this overview, which discusses in terrific information all various other points you might need to know ahead of time. Topics consist of food, airplane tickets, budgeting, as well as much more. Keep analysis for some fascinating realities concerning Colombia!

1. Colombia Has More Than 4,000 Species of Orchids

Fun facts about Colombia Orchids

An fascinating truth concerning Colombia is that it is among the biggest blossom manufacturers on the planet. 70% of the blossoms are imported to the United States. But, out of the grand 4,000 orchid varieties, 1,500 are just discovered in Colombia. It is a botanist’s desire to look into the 1,500 orchids one-of-a-kind to the nation.

The orchids been available in various forms, dimensions, as well as shades. But, one of the most preferred tones of orchid are purple, magenta, as well as pink. An orchid called Cattleya Trianae is the nationwide blossom of Colombia. It is just suitable that Colombia’s nationwide blossom would certainly be an orchid. The orchid, is called after José Jerónimo Triana, a Colombian conservationist as well as botanist.

There is a wide range of orchids in Colombia as a result of the cozy environment. The orchids flourish in a cozy environment since they are not intimidated by severe warm or cold. This is since Colombia’s area is appropriate on the equator. Thus, making it the excellent environment for hundreds of unique orchids to expand. If you check out Colombia, you have to check out neighborhood stores that market indigenous orchids or check out all-natural life. 

2. Colombia Is the Most Biodiverse Country on the Planet

Interestinf Colombia Facts about Biodiversity

Another fascinating truth concerning Colombia is its one-of-a-kind area. The area makes the nation referred to as one of the most biodiverse. Part of the Amazon tropical rain forest, the Andes hills, as well as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta hills incorporates Colombia. It is open to components of the Pacific as well as Caribbean seas.

On top of that, it is called an exotic area as a result of its area to the equator. Colombia is the excellent breeding place for all plants as well as pets. Colombia has concerning 60,000 various varieties! If you take a trip to Colombia, you will certainly be assured to see a minimum of a few of them. Colombia has one of the most bird, butterfly, as well as amphibian populaces contrasted to anywhere else on the planet. If you are a fan of nature as well as landscape, Colombia is the excellent location for you. 

3. Colombia Has 60 National Parks

Facts about Colombia National Parks

Colombia’s national forests integrate several sorts of surface. From woodland, marine, hilly, deserts, as well as much more, it has something for every single nature fan. One of the largest national forests is the Unesco Worl Heritage Site of Chiribiquete National Park which is or else referred to as, “The Maloca of the Jaguar”. It tops 4.3 million hectares. This national forest covers the Orinoquia, Guyana, Amazonia, as well as North Andes districts.

Thousands of various varieties of pets as well as plants occupy the park. Many varieties are belonging to Colombia as well as intimidated, such as the jaguar. Chiribiquete National Park is popular for its heritage objectives. The rock wall surfaces in the park surface consist of old rock paints, a few of which go back to 20,000 BC. It is stated that greater than 70,000 numbers have actually been recorded on the wall surfaces of the 60 rock sanctuaries that remain in the park. Aside from Chiribiquete National Park, there are several various other remarkable parks to check out, such as Tayrona National Park, Coral Islands Natural Park, Old Providence McBean Lagoon, Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, as well as much more. Colombia’s abundant setting permits nature enthusiasts to have some continuously checking out. 

Fun Facts about Colombia Tourist Sites

Colombia is popular for its varied as well as tourist-friendly cities. Cartagena is among one of the most preferred cities in Colombia, situated on the Caribbean shore. The city is an extremely popular angling town, including an abundant background with old colonial design. Although it is a city, its boundary to the water produces a tranquil environment. With neighborhood stores, dining establishments, as well as a sea sight, it is the excellent area to loosen up.

Another well-known city for tourist is Bogota. This city is much more business, including stores, cinemas, churches, institutions, as well as much more. The location varies in Spanish as well as English audio speakers too. People think about Cartagena as well as Bogota as 2 of the most safe places for vacationers. The cities of Colombia are tourist-friendly as well as attractive. Be certain to check out a few of them while you check out Colombia.  

5. Colombia Is Home to the “Liquid Rainbow”

Rainbow River in Colombia Facts

The Caño Cristales river, additionally described as the fluid rainbow, is 100km long. It alters its shades by the period. The shades vary anywhere from tones of red, blue, as well as yellow, to orange, as well as eco-friendly. This is simply one more of the several fascinating realities concerning Colombia. The river’s rainbow-like colour does not take place anywhere else on the planet. It is one-of-a-kind to Colombia.

A plant referred to as Macarenia Clavigera is in charge of the lively color-changing waters. With the correct amount of sunshine, the marine plant can create its attractive shades. But, in a dry spell or a cooler period, the marine plant will certainly enter into hibernation, leaving the river anemic. If you prepare to check out the Liquid Rainbow, see throughout the summer. The location is risk-free for vacationers as well!

6. Colombia Has the Second Most renowned Holidays in the World

Facts About Colombia Holidays

Another truth concerning Colombia is that they commemorate 18 legal holidays a year. Although a lot of the 18 vacations are consistently associated, all Colombians take part in the vacation events. What is one-of-a-kind concerning the Colombian vacation cycle is that it alters each year. This is since it adheres to the lunar cycle. But, there are exemptions to the lunar cycle, such as Christmas, Easter, Colombian Independence Day, as well as the Immaculate Conception which are commemorated on the exact same day every year.

During Colombian vacations the legislation calls for that all Colombian companies offer their staff members a day of rest job. So, every year Colombian employees can be assured a minimum of 18 day of rests a year. Easter, on the various other hand, has various standards. Everyone removes the week for Easter, therefore services are shut for a week. Depending on when you take a trip to Colombia, you might take a trip throughout among the 18 various vacations.

7. The Colombian National Anthem Plays Twice a Day

Facts about Colombia National Anthem

According to Colombian legislation, the nationwide anthem or Himno Nacional de la República de Colombia plays two times a day. It plays as soon as at 6 am as well as once more at 6 pm. The legislation calls for that television programs as well as radio terminals do this each day. They need to adhere to a details way of exactly how the nationwide anthem plays as well.

It have to have fun with the initial carolers knowledgeable as well as, after that it will certainly play once more. The nationwide anthem plays this way in all various other public occasions such as sporting activities or political projects. Since it plays so typically, every Colombian resident recognizes exactly how to sing it. If you take a trip to Colombia, you will likely discover it as well as sing along as well. Few nations will certainly play their nationwide anthem daily, making it yet one more fascinating truth concerning Colombia. 

8. The National Sport of Colombia Is Tejo

Tejo is an enjoyable video game that occurs to be the nationwide sporting activity of Colombia. But exactly how do you play Tejo? Well, the sporting activity is connected to bowling in a feeling. People will certainly toss tejos or a heavy steel disk in the direction of a steel ring. The ring includes gunpowder bags, which will certainly blow up if you struck them. Yes, blow up. The video game is loud as well as untamed. It is a follower favored by males and females, specifically those that take pleasure in consuming alcohol a cool beer.

Where there is Tejo, there is beer. The highlight concerning Tejo is that you can play it on your own or with a team of as much as 6 individuals. The factors are split right into 3. If you struck the steel ring as well as it explodes you will certainly get 9 factors, which is one of the most an individual can obtain. If you struck the steel ring however it does not blow up that comprises 6 factors. If you in some way handle to blow up the gunpowder pockets however not come down on the steel ring after that you will certainly obtain 3 factors. If you as well as your good friends or family members choose to play in groups, be prepared since it is a practice that the shedding group acquires beers for the winning group. If you have a passion in some outward bound as well as negligent enjoyable, Tejo is the ready you. 

9. Colombia Has Two of the Worlds Largest Festivals

Facts about Colombia Festivals

Another enjoyable truth is that Colombia has the globe’s biggest salsa event, or else referred to as Feria de Cali. People describe Cali as the salsa resources of the globe. It is held from December 25th to December 30th each year. This five-day event includes grand musical, dancing, as well as art efficiencies. There are constantly various sorts of songs, however one of the most preferred, naturally, is the incredible Latin songs.

There are several performances like Superconecierto, one of the most preferred music occasion. During Superconcierto, there are a number of motifs of dancing both, global as well as National. Feria de Cali additionally has Salsodromo, the road circus. The circus includes standard Colombian food, deals with, as well as desserts. They have art, precious jewelry, deluxe automobiles, as well as much more. It is a social occasion loaded with songs as well as enjoyable. 

Colombia has the globe’s biggest blossom event as well. Of program, being the leading blossom manufacturer on the planet, the title is suitable. The blossom event happens in Medellin. It contains blossom exhibits, a ceremony, as well as neighborhood blossom farmers that integrate to share what they expand. People that commemorate the event will certainly enhance their houses in attractive blossom design to match the motif. During the event, there are several various other beneficial occasions like an orchid exposition, fireworks, art exhibits, steed fairs, as well as much more. The blossom event commemorates Colombia’s biodiversity as well as shows one of the most magnificent blossoms. 

10. Colombia Is Number 3 in the World for Coffee

Facts about Colombia Coffee

Coffee enthusiasts will certainly intend to check out Colombia. The nation is notoriously recognized for its abundant mixture. Colombia is a globe merchant of coffee, having more than 50,000 coffee bean ranches/ vineyard locations to create your pleasure in a mug. The environment in Colombia makes the nation among the very best areas on the planet to market as well as expand its coffee beans.

People define their beans as extremely healthy as well as yummy. Colombia coffee premises are constructed from 100% Coffea arabica (arabica). Workers place additional treatment right into handpicking the beans, with a technique called “cherry-picking”. They thoroughly take a look at the coffee trees up until they believe the beans prepare. The moral sourcing of the coffee beans makes the coffee mixture preferable. If you like coffee, you have to check out Colombia.

Visit Colombia Today

Now that you have actually checked out a couple of fascinating realities concerning Colombia, you need to really feel prepared to start your journey to Colombia. Traveling to Colombia will certainly be an experience you will certainly always remember. But, will you make the most of this possibility? For a number of years, taking a trip abroad showed up unpredictable. Now is the moment to take a trip as well as experience the globe. Or a minimum of, in the meantime, begin tiny as well as traveling to Colombia today.

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