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Nigerian Food: 20 Traditional Dishes to Try in Nigeria or At Home

Nigerian Food: 20 Traditional Dishes to Try in Nigeria or At Home

Nigerian food is abundant with distinct dishes as well as in the means the food is prepared. For instance, it’s a widely known reality that Jollof rice preferences much better as a remaining.  Unfortunately, couple of individuals in the Western globe have actually experienced genuine Nigerian food. Food in Nigeria is fragrant, tasty, as well as constantly made right from the heart. 

If you’re heading over to Nigeria, there are conventional meals you need to attempt throughout your go to. Check out the neighborhood food selections as you check out neighboring bukas (informal Nigerian dining establishments).

The Best Nigerian Cuisine

Traditional Nigerian Cuisine

Nigerian food is remarkably passionate as well as yummy. From the intriguing structure of battered yam to the typically consumed ranges of Nigerian soups like Ogbono soup, Egusi soup, as well as Afrang soup, Nigerian food will certainly transform you right into a follower of African food quickly. Do you require a little aid picking your Nigerian food? Below are 20 Nigerian foods you need to attempt. 

1. Iyan (Pounded Yam)

Best Nigerian Food Pounded Yam

One of the globe’s biggest manufacturers of yams is Nigeria, so it’s not a surprise Iyan is among those Nigerian foods that is enjoyed a lot. In reality, the stating, “yam is food and food is yam” is preferred in lots of components of the nation. 

A preferred technique of preparing yams in the nation is by battering them right into a rather strong paste. Depending on the ethnic team preparing the recipe, the yams might be battered somewhat in different ways.  Once the yams are battered bent on develop a smooth paste, they are after that developed right into rounds. These battered yam rounds, Iyan, belong to a wonderful team of foods called “swallows”.

It’s typical to offer the battered yam along with some soup, such as a veggie stew. Make it at house with this wonderful dish!

2. Ewa Riro (Beans Porridge)

Traditional Nigerian Foods Ewa Riro Beans Porridge

Tons of food in Nigeria includes beans because of the wealth of beans in the nation. Ewa Riro is a preferred recipe due to the fact that it loads addictive tastes as well as is economical to make. 

The Yoruba-talking location of Nigeria developed as well as promoted this tasty recipe. The beans are steamed up until they’re soft and after that they’re cooked with flavors as well as hand oil. 

Special active ingredients contributed to the stew depend upon that’s making the recipe. Some individuals appreciate including crayfish while others include smoked fish. If you’re making the recipe in the house, include what pleases your tastebuds. Use this dish to develop your very own in the house.

Do you intend to include a delicious side recipe to your Ewa Riro? Many individuals consume it with fried plantains or fresh bread. 

3. Jollof Rice

Nigerian Food Jollof rice

When taking a trip in Nigeria, you can’t leave the nation without attempting this timeless recipe that is offered in lots of West African nations. But we need to advise you! Nigeria has a pleasant competition with Ghana regarding that makes Jollof rice much better, so be prepared to come to be associated with the competitors.

The heart of the Nigerian Jollof rice recipe consists of rice, tomatoes, as well as peppers. Many individuals after that include tasty mixes of various other add-ins such as shellfishes, peas, or onions. You’ll commonly see jollof rice offered with juicy healthy proteins such as minced meat or hen. It may also feature a stew or plantains. Make certain to attempt it with a Nigerian pepper sauce for some warm.

We assume this recipe is so great that it is worthy of to be among the World Wonders. 

4. Beef Suya (Thin Strips of Seasoned, Grilled Beef)

Nigerian Food Beef Suya

Visitors will certainly see this road food a lot of times while discovering informal eating in Nigeria. Thin pieces of beef are marinaded in a range of flavors- a mix that’ll spark your mouth. Typical flavors utilized consist of roaster peanut powder, cayenne, as well as ginger. 

Making the beef in this manner was preferred with the Hausa as well as Fulani individuals. They were teams of wanderers that had distinct methods of protecting meats.

You won’t see this recipe made much in a residence, however you can obtain plenty from suya places along lots of roadways in the nation. It’s commonly offered with tomatoes as well as onions in addition to pepper sauce. 

5. Dodo (Fried Plantain)

No matter the issue, plantains are the response in Nigerian food. It doesn’t matter if they’re fried, smoked, or dried out. 

Did you recognize that the cut of the plantain establishes where as well as just how the active ingredient is offered at the table? When you see thick, lengthy pieces of this tasty food, it’s acted as component of the main course. 

Dodo includes cubed items of plantains that are deep-fried as well as are typically consumed throughout the nation. It is typically acted as the appetiser of a dish or as a scrumptious treat. All that’s required to make this recipe is plantain as well as hand oil or grease if you intend to reduce the fat web content down. It’s that easy. 

6. Egusi Soup (Ground Melon Vegetable Soup)

Nigerian Food Egusi Soup Ground Melon Soup

If you’re searching for something to heat your spirit as well as load your tummy, this soup is the recipe for you. 

It’s a one-pot dish that’s simple to make as well as enjoyed by all. When consuming Egusi soup, you’ll normally consume it with preferred swallows such as Fufu or Eba. Some individuals also offer it over rice. 

Instead of based melons, you might likewise see Nigerians developing this soup with toasted pumpkin seeds. The seeds include a layer of heat that’s ideal after a lengthy day of discovering on your feet. It is typically offered with battered yam. This is a wonderful recipe to attempt making in the house.

7. Nigerian Egg Rolls (It’s Not What You’re Thinking)

When we consider egg rolls, we consider the tasty Asian recipe. We don’t intend to develop any type of competitors in between both, however you must most definitely have a look at Nigerian egg rolls while on your journey. 

In Nigeria, this recipe is a lot more actual. It’s a steamed hen egg that’s been covered in batter as well as fried.

While easy however reliable, you’ll like attacking via the crisp batter as well as sinking your teeth right into the soft yolk. It’s a scrumptious finger food that you’ll yearn for time and again. 

8. Puff Puff (Sweet Deep Fried Dough)

Nigerian Puff Puff Deep Fried Dough

If you’re desiring an additional fried special of Nigeria, have a look at Puff Puff. 

It’s absolutely nothing fancy, however it’ll sure make your mouth water. To contrast it to something American, consider a donut or a beignet you discovered in New Orleans. (Yes, I recognize beignets are French!)

To make this recipe, all you’ll require to do is roll up as well as fry the sweetened dough. Top the treat off with a great cleaning of powdered sugar. Yummy!

9. Agege Bread

Traditional Nigerian foods Agege Bread

Served with lots of Nigerian meals, this bread isn’t implied to swipe the limelight. Instead, it’s implied to be a flexible enhance to tasty main dishes. 

Agege bread is white bread however is much denser than what Americans utilize to make sandwiches. The name originates from a community called Agege, as well as this community utilized to be the just recognized website of a wholesale pastry shop that made as well as dispersed this kind of bread. 

Lagos has actually currently taken control of this town, however you can still discover this bread throughout the nation. Because it’s so flexible, you can consume it with stew for supper or in the early morning with your eggs as well as fried plantain. 

10. Ogbono Soup (Mango Seed Soup)

Nigerian Foods Ogbono Soup Mango Seed Soup

This soup may stun you with its structure, however we assure you’ll appreciate it. Ogbono soup is an unsafe draw soup made with combined Ogbono seeds. Ogbono equates to mango!

Southeastern Nigeria is preferred for this kind of soup, however you’ll likewise discover it in the southwest area. No issue where you consume it, you’ll be obtaining lots of nutrients such as healthy proteins, fibers, healthy and balanced fats, as well as calcium. 

The manufacturer of the soup will certainly personalize it to their preference by including active ingredients such as melon seeds as well as a selection of veggies. It’s an additional veggie soup you can consume numerous times as well as never ever have the exact same experience two times. 

11.  Akara (Fried Black-Eyed Peas Cake)

Akara Nigerian Food

Are you a vegan taking a trip throughout Africa? Are you desiring something mouthwatering, crispy, as well as filling up?

Akara is the Nigerian recipe for you. This recipe is developed by deep-frying a scrumptious black bean paste. Most individuals likewise include onions as well as a selection of flavors. 

The Yoruba people developed this recipe; however, due to the fact that it’s so great, it’s infected various other West African nations. It’s commonly taken pleasure in with fresh bread or equally as a warming treat.

12. Nigerian Pound Cake

You’ll intend to maintain scrolling if you plan on maintaining a stringent diet regimen throughout your go to. But if you desire something wonderful that’ll make your mouth water for days, this is a treat you require to attempt. 

It’s not like extra pound cake you can acquire in America. Nigerian extra pound cake is denser as well as much more tasty than you can ever before envision, as well as it’ll never ever fall apart in your hands as you get a piece.

Oftentimes, you can discover this kind of cake at events, such as birthday celebration events. 

13. Moi Moi (Bean Pudding)

Nigerian Food Moi Moi Bean Pudding

When Americans consider dessert, we commonly consider a wonderful, thick treat. While Moi Moi isn’t a treat pudding whatsoever, it’s an extraordinary recipe you need to attempt while in the nation. 

This dessert is made with either black-eyed peas or brownish beans. Steamed beans are incorporated with tomato paste, onions, garlic, a range of peppers, as well as flavors to develop a delicious recipe. 

Moi Moi is commonly steamed while covered in banana leaves, however some Nigerian individuals also cook their Moi Moi. 

14. Nkwobi (Head as well as Legs of Cow)

Most people have had a succulent burger. But have you ever before had spicy cow feet and/or legs? It appears strange to some, however Nkwobi is a staple Nigerian recipe. 

We do intend to share a caution. This recipe is commonly made incredibly hot so inquire about the variety of peppers the cook utilizes prior to purchasing it. 

The individuals of Owerri developed this recipe by blending prepared cow’s foot in hot oil paste. It takes a while to obtain the cow’s feet good as well as tender, however the recipe deserves the delay. Try it with Nigerian pepper sauce as well as a chilly beer for the complete impact. 

15. Pepper Soup

Thaditional Nigerian food Pepper Soup

If you’re yearning much more hot meals, provide Nigerian pepper soup a shot. But don’t grumble if you can’t feel your tongue for a couple of hrs!

This kind of soup is commonly made with goat meat. Spices such as ginger as well as red chili flakes are utilized for a strike of taste. African food is loaded with lots of soups as well as stews, however pepper soup is one dish you’ll desire for the remainder of your life after attempting it. 

Are you embeded the United States for the winter season? Make this soup throughout your winter season getaway for an increase of heat. 

16. Ila Alasepo (Okra Soup)

Known as Ila Alasepo to the Yoruba individuals, this incredible Nigerian okra soup will certainly raise your spirits also on one of the most tiring of taking a trip days. 

Different cooks like various uniformities of okra soup, so you might have a dish of an extra crispy okra side or wind up obtaining a dish with pureed okra. If your cook includes fresh leafy veggies, you’ll normally see the enhancement of spinach, basil leaves, or pumpkin leaves. 

Some individuals that make this soup neglect the hand oil or alternative grease if they’re viewing their fat consumption, however we recommend having this soup with hand oil!

17. Chin Chin (Deep Fried Snack)

Nigerian Chin Chin Food

Are you seeking a fast treat while taking a look at the roads of Nigeria? Grab some Chin Chin for a delicious crisis. 

Everyone makes their Chin Chin a bit various, depending upon whether they such as to sweeten their dish or otherwise. In short, it is a crispy, donut-like deep-fried dough combined with as well as various other cooking things readily available in the area. No issue what, you won’t intend to quit consuming this fried West African treat.

If you’re not exactly sure where to try to find this treat, come by a roadside stand or treat haul it is preferred road food. 

18. Tomato Stew

If you’ve gone to any type of Nigerian family, there’s a great chance you captured word regarding tomato stew. It’s a staple that has to be attempted throughout your getaway.

It’s very simple to make as well as can be made with a selection of meats, consisting of braised ram. Tomato stew can likewise be vegetarian-friendly by just making use of tomatoes, flavors, as well as oil. 

Dive right into this recipe with a significant load of rice for the complete experience.

19. Chicken Stew

Nigerian Food Chicken Stew

Do you desire a stew with meat? Try a Nigerian hen stew. 

This easy recipe restores timeless house memories for lots of Nigerian houses. It’s made with baked peppers, hen drumsticks, as well as African flavors. 

The baked peppers supply a perfect taste as well as are combined ideal with rice or battered yams. When consuming any type of kind of Nigerian stew, ensure your trousers are elastic. “Hearty” is an exaggeration. 

20. Peanut Soup

If you’re a globe tourist, you might have seen peanut soup as a staple both in West Africa as well as Taiwan. It’s a recipe enjoyed all over the world- as well as permanently factor!

Because there are numerous peanuts in this soup, it’s wonderful for a healthy protein increase. Have this soup after a lengthy day of treking to nurture your body. 

In enhancement to peanuts, some cooks likewise include beef or hen. Don’t neglect to ask regarding the seasoning degree. It’s not unusual to creep a habanero pepper right into the mix. 

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Nigeria is a nation filled with breath-taking all-natural websites as well as vivid society. One point that contributes to their society one of the most is the tasty Nigerian food. 

Between tasty stews, soups, as well as fried treats, you’ll never ever lack a passionate, delicious dish. Don’t neglect to inhale the flavors as you stray down the roads past the marketplaces. 

Grab your key due to the fact that it’s time to prepare your following journey. Check out a huge selection of locations as well as experiences around the world by searching the remainder of the website. If you’re limited on cash, we have pointers on just how to take a trip on a spending plan. 

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