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Mediterranean Food: 25 Traditional Dishes You Need To Try

Mediterranean Food: 25 Traditional Dishes You Need To Try

Mediterranean food is loved worldwide. The food is commonly commended for its healthy and balanced fats and also avoidance of heart disease, with a lot of minimally refined meats, healthy and balanced oils, fresh veggies, and also natural herbs and also flavors. Mediterranean dishes are so preferred that they are currently recreated in the majority of edges of the globe. However, they originate from 3 cooking areas; Southern Europe, North Africa, and also the Middle East.

25 Traditional Mediterranean Dishes

Traditional Turkish Food

Mediterranean food may have adjusted and also spread out around the world, yet we’ll check out one of the most typical variations of the most effective Mediterranean recipes. Whether you intend to attempt recreating a meal in the house or are preparing to see the Mediterranean area, this overview will certainly cover the most effective typical Mediterranean recipes you require to attempt.

1. Greek Salad, also known as Horiatiki

greek food guide table

Greek salad is a timeless Mediterranean recipe, and also Greek food is among one of the most renowned Mediterranean foods. It is the best summertime salad, with fresh tastes and also a tasty drizzle of added virgin olive oil. You’ll generally locate cut cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, black olives, and also either fallen apart feta cheese or a thick piece of feta cheese set down in addition to the remainder of the salad. The added virgin olive oil counteracts the level of acidity of the onion, and also you may additionally locate a dropping of oregano for a fragrant included taste.

When the Greek salad was absolutely designed is a little an enigma. The variation of the salad we understand and also enjoy today was produced by pub proprietors in Plaka in between 1960 and also 1970. However, adaptions of the dish have actually been made use of for centuries. Greece is among the leading manufacturers of the globe’s olives and also has actually been expanding olive trees because Ancient Greece. The Mediterranean environment is best for expanding olives and also fresh veggies all the time.

If you see Greece, you’ll quickly locate a Greek salad in a neighborhood coffee shop or dining establishment. It is additionally a fantastic, straightforward recipe to recreate in the house.

2. Pizza Margherita

pizza margherita

The Margherita pizza requires little intro. The pizza is rather of a nationwide recipe of Italy, which is suitable considering it was patriotically designed in honor of Queen Margherita in 1889. Its 3 garnishes also stand for the Italian flag, with white mozzarella, eco-friendly basil leaves, and also red tomato. It do without stating that the Margherita pizza is among one of the most famous recipes in all of the Mediterranean nations.

Margherita pizza offered the Mediterranean method, is uncut and also consumed with a blade and also fork. Like the majority of the renowned Mediterranean dishes, however, the Margherita pizza and also its consuming decorum have actually been adjusted worldwide – so you’ll locate this differs relying on where you attempt the recipe. The crunchy dough and also gooey cheese are a winning mix. You won’t have a hard time to example a Margherita pizza anywhere you go.

3. Moroccan Tagine

Moroccan Tagine

A Moroccan tagine is specifically the warming, passionate recipe that you desire after a lengthy day. Cooked gradually in a conical-shaped recipe over a smoldering fire, the Moroccan tagine is among the most effective Mediterranean dishes for slow-moving food preparation. Traditionally, the tagine is a meat recipe, utilizing rough-cut portions of lamb or hen. However, you will certainly additionally locate veggie tagines, which make use of components like potatoes, carrots, and also onions. The components are prepared in a thick, paste-like brew, and also seasoned with flavors like cumin, paprika, and also turmeric extract.

It is assumed that tagine was designed in the 8th century in the Islamic realm, yet there is some debate over whether it was designed in North Africa in Morocco itself. Either method, it is a standard recipe in the Mediterranean diet plan and also among one of the most preferred Mediterranean dishes. The variation of tagine as we understand it has actually been sculpted and also affected over centuries in Morocco.

4. Moussaka

Moussaka is a Main Greek Food

Speaking of staples in a Mediterranean diet plan, moussaka is a tasty eggplant-based recipe extremely preferred in contemporary Mediterranean food. It looks a little like a pasta with a thick bechamel sauce covering. Many individuals recommend that it is a Greek variation of Italian pasta. While there’s no historic precision to this, it is a practical contrast to assist you imagine the recipe. Moussaka makes use of layers of eggplant or potato as opposed to pasta sheets, with an abundant tomato sauce and also frequently ground meat, like lamb, in between each layer. Moussaka is home cooking inside out – best for a passionate dish.

Early variations of moussaka can be gone back to around the 13th century, although the specific day of development is unidentified. The moussaka consumed today is a Greek variation of an Arabic recipe, which probably was initially an Arabic eggplant stew. The recipe has actually developed a great deal because its very early days. Of training course, currently, you’ll locate moussaka throughout Greece, Turkey, and also Middle Eastern Mediterranean nations. You can additionally duplicate the recipe rather quickly in the house.

5. Armenian Losh

Armenian losh is a combination of half-ground lamb and also half-ground beef. The meat is blended with carefully cut white onion, natural herbs, and also flavors, consisting of fresh natural herbs like parsley. Packed right into little rounds, Armenian losh can be consumed as hamburgers or in a kebab. The little meat patties are after that barbequed and also offered together with rice pilaf and also salad sprinkled with olive oil. You might additionally locate onions fried and also acted as a side. Armenian losh is a fantastic road food or bbq recipe for you to attempt.

The background of Armenian losh is unidentified, yet the dish has actually existed for centuries in adjusted types. The meat and also natural herbs mix is common of a Mediterranean diet plan, and also the kebab design of consuming Armenian losh is very common of the Eastern Mediterranean area.

6. Gyros

Gyros are a popular Greek Food

Who doesn’t enjoy gyros? The tasty pita sandwiches with tzatziki sauce are preferred road food and also among one of the most in-demand Mediterranean dishes. Gyros are generally meat recipes, with lamb, beef, or hen cut in trim an upright rotisserie. However, you can additionally obtain vegan options, the majority of which make use of halloumi cheese or feta cheese as opposed to meat. Add tomato, onion, fried potatoes, and also the necessary component tzatziki sauce for meat and also vegan alternatives. The result is superb, and also the tzatziki includes a rejuvenating, counteracting taste to stabilize the mix of various other tastes.

The gyro we understand and also enjoy today is believed to have actually come from 1922 with an increase of evacuees right into Greece. The dish existed for centuries in various other types, however. It is carefully pertaining to shawarma, which was designed in the 18th or 19th century.

7. Tabouli

Mediterranean Food Tabouli

Tabouli is a flavourful recipe from the Middle East recognized for its extreme, tasty tastes. The salad recipe is a thick combination of carefully reduced fresh parsley, mint, and also bulgur wheat, saturated in lemon juice and also olive oil and also combined with tomatoes. It is among the most effective recipes that consists of entire grains and also is generally consumed as a mezze recipe. However, tabouli in an item of pita bread is lunch by itself.

Tabouli come from Lebanon and also Syria and also is a staple salad in an Eastern Mediterranean diet plan. Tabouli has actually been around for a very long time; specialists believe it might map back to the Middle Ages. The recipe loads a strike and also rapidly arrived for its spicy preference and also wellness advantages. You can recreate the salad in the house, yet tasting it in Lebanon or a neighborhood dining establishment would certainly be the most effective method to attempt it. Luckily, you won’t need to look much because Lebanese food has actually ended up being commonly preferred around the world.

8. Black Eyed Peas Salad

Mediterranean Food Black eyed Peas Salad

Firstly, black-eyed peas are a vegetable, not a pea. The little beans have a black dot, which provides their name, and also are enormously preferred in Mediterranean food. There are a couple of dishes that include black-eyed peas. Still, one of the most typical Mediterranean recipe is the black-eyed peas salad. The salad contains diced cucumber, carefully cut tomato, prepared and also drained pipes black-eyed peas, pomegranate, very finely cut onion, and also mint leaves. As an additional incentive, some dishes consist of feta cheese also.

Black-looked at peas are belonging to Africa and also are a sub-species of cowpea. The beans have actually been consumed because the Middle Ages. They are a staple Mediterranean food, currently made use of in several recipes worldwide.

9. Shakshuka

Mediterranean Food Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a straightforward one-pot dish from North Africa and also among one of the most typical recipes in Mediterranean food. The recipe is rapidly acknowledged by its poached eggs. It is distinctly baked by blending a tomato sauce (with added ripe tomatoes) with flavors, fresh natural herbs, and also added virgin olive oil. The eggs are poached by putting them straight right into the combination and also work as the last attractive touches.

The recipe is believed to have actually come from the 16th century, and also many individuals think that it was a Tunisian development. It ended up being rapidly preferred for being affordable, healthy and balanced, and also incredibly simple to make because it just needed one pot. Shakshuka is an enjoyable dish to attempt in the house and also is created to be appreciated in a household setting.

10. Falafel

Chances are, you’ve come across falafel. The little patties are an extremely preferred Middle Eastern recipe. In reality, they are so preferred that they’ve expanded throughout the globe, past various other Mediterranean nations, and also right into nations like the United States and also UK. Falafel is thought about a vegan option to typical meat recipes like kebabs. However, in the Mediterranean, the recipe is consumed as component of a mezze.

Falafel is made from ground chickpeas and also frequently wide beans. Crushed right into little sphere forms, the falafels are after that deep-fried and also offered in a team. A collection of bite-sized falafels are best for snacking or consuming a mezze plate. And while their background is contested, the basic agreement is that falafels come from Egypt. Some documents recommend that falafel was consumed as much back as Ancient Egypt and also the Roman age.

11. Hummus

Speaking of chickpeas, hummus is one more tasty side recipe that makes use of ground chickpeas. One of one of the most preferred recipes in Eastern Mediterranean food, hummus is a thick, smooth structure and also is primarily made use of as a dip. The ground chickpeas are blended with tahini and also seasoned with added virgin olive oil, garlic, and also lemon juice, producing a light yet a little zesty taste.

Like falafel, hummus go back to old Egypt yet has a questioned beginning tale. It is commonly thought about a Middle Eastern Mediterranean recipe, yet where specifically it was produced is an enigma. Now, you can locate it in grocery stores throughout the globe. But we advise attempting it homemade at a dining establishment or in your kitchen area.

12. Paella

Paella, that doesn’t understand and also enjoy this recipe? This is among one of the most renowned Mediterranean dishes and also stems from Spain. Seafood is an enormous component of the Mediterranean diet plan, and also paella accommodates fish and shellfish enthusiasts. The recipe contains short-grained rice prepared in a risotto design with supply and also tomato-based sauce, with fish and shellfish like shellfishes, mussels, and also also octopus accompanying it. Peas and also a piece of lemon are generally offered with paella, and also you may additionally locate veggies contributed to the recipe.

Paella was produced in Valencia around the 10th century. It obtains its name from the frying pan it is prepared in, which is superficial to enable the rice to prepare in a slim layer. Paella was preferred for consuming remaining rice as well as additionally for offering huge teams of individuals at events and also events. It continues to be a social recipe, and also its large offering dimension is best for sharing.

13. Mediterranean Wine

Fun things to do in Mykonos Wine Tasting

The Mediterranean location is admired for its a glass of wine manufacturing. The area has the best environment to generate regional glass of wines. It is thought about among one of the most flexible a glass of wine areas on the planet. Italy, Spain, and also Southern France are popular for their glass of wines. While each nation has social distinctions in a glass of wine decorum and also manufacturing, a glass of wine is a remarkable component of all Mediterranean society.

Wine has actually been generated for countless years, and also specifically where it was produced continues to be a warm subject. What we do understand, however, is that it was intoxicated often in Ancient Rome and also in nations like Georgia as much back as 9000 BC. Nowadays, Mediterranean a glass of wine is among one of the most exported items from the area, and also a glass of wine sampling is a very in-demand task in several Mediterranean nations.

14. Risotto

Traditional Italian Food Risotto alla Milanese

Risotto is a passionate, salt-of-the-earth kind of Mediterranean food. The Mediterranean diet plan has a great deal of carbs, and also rice is a prominent component. Risotto is a velvety, thick rice recipe gradually prepared in a veggie or meat supply brew. Typically, the rice is prepared briefly in butter to offer it an abundant, buttery taste. It is after that gradually prepared in brew, included little by little to enable as much taste absorption as feasible. To surface, grated parmesan is the best last touch.

Risotto come from Northern Italy, and also recipe books going back to the 18th century program risotto dish adjustments. If you see Italy, risotto is among the most effective typical Italian foods to example. And if you intend to understand a standard recipe in the house, risotto is a gratifying recipe to find out to prepare. Just be prepared to exercise your perseverance in including the brew in such small quantities. Slow and also constant victories the race.

15. Caldo Verde

Calo Verde Portuguese Food

Caldo Verde is a medical recipe in Mediterranean food. The soup loads an incredibly wellness strike with kale, cabbage, onion, garlic, and also a dashboard of olive oil. It is available in an eco-friendly shade that also looks healthy and balanced and also is a prominent soup when you are weak and also for events as a snack. It is generally offered together with rye bread and also is outstanding for dipping.

Caldo Verde is a Portuguese soup that was designed in the Minho Province in the 15th century. The tasty soup has actually been adjusted a little throughout the years yet has actually basically remained the very same. You may locate that various individuals have their very own variations of the dish in Portugal, as it is such a house recipe.

16. Kofta Kebab

Kebabs on the streets of Morocco

Kofta kebabs are among the primary meat recipes in Middle Eastern Mediterranean food. The minced meat can be beef, hen, or mutton and also is offered in lengthy rounds skewered on kebabs. The meat is blended with natural herbs and also flavors and also has a barbequed, great smelling top quality. If you are searching for Mediterranean road food, a kofta kebab is a fantastic selection.

Kofta kebabs came from Persian, and also very early recipe books and also food background trace them back to the 13th century. It’s secure to claim that kofta meat has actually been around for a very long time, and also a kofta kebab is among the tastiest Eastern Mediterranean foods. Sample a kofta kebab with a tzatziki or garlic sauce for the yummiest experience.

17. Caprese Salad

Italian Food Insalata Caprese

A Caprese salad is one more traditional Mediterranean food. Simple yet mouthwateringly tasty, this Italian development contains salty chopped tomatoes and also mozzarella prepared in a luxuriant circle on an offering plate. Basil fallen leaves are spread over the recipe, and also on a regular basis, you’ll have balsamic vinegar and also added virgin olive oil sprinkled over the salad.

Like the Margherita pizza, a Caprese salad is a patriotic recipe and also has the 3 shades of the Italian flag. This patriotic value is main to its development tale, as it was made in 1920 in message-World War 1 Italy. This recipe was offered at the Hotel Quisisana, and also it spread out throughout Italy extremely rapidly as a brand-new preferred recipe.

A Caprese salad is simple to duplicate in the house, and also you don’t require to take a trip right to Capri to attempt it (although if you can, you certainly ought to). It is a rejuvenating, healthy and balanced light treat – completely delighted in mid-afternoon on a summer season’s day.

18. Lasagne


Lasagne is among the earliest pasta recipes in Mediterranean food. This Mediterranean food is recreated around the world, and also the split recipe is admired as a staple family members dish. If you have actually ever before meddled Mediterranean food preparation, lasagne is possibly among the dishes that you’ve currently prepared.

Lasagne generally makes use of a beefy tomato sauce and also either minced meat or veggies in between pasta layers. Herbs and also flavors like oregano, basil, and also garlic are contributed to the mix. The cooking procedure after that includes piling layer upon layer prior to preparing the recipe in the stove. Often, cheese is bothered top for an additional layer. The dish is attempted and also evaluated, you might claim because it has actually been around because the moments of the Ancient Romans. Lasagne is also pointed out in very early Roman works.

19. Grilled Swordfish with Lemon

As you understand, fish is a standard food in several Mediterranean nations and also has great deals of healthy and balanced fats that develop a healthy and balanced diet plan. Fishing is an enormous component of the Mediterranean society as well, and also the Mediterranean Sea has a great deal of various fish available – consisting of swordfish. Grilled swordfish is a prominent recipe in Greek food, and also swordfish is so meaningful that it is frequently described as a fish steak.

The fish is scorched and also prepared on the grill, either marinaded in lemon prior to for an extreme taste or sprinkled in lemon juice after for a much more sauce-like result. Traditional fish recipes have the fish offered individually and also entire as a declaration item. It prevails for fish to be offered together with a salad, particularly olives. You can additionally ask for chips on the side if you desire an even more contemporary spin.

You can map angling back to prior to the Middle Ages in the Mediterranean. Fish have actually belonged of the Mediterranean diet plan for the majority of recorded background, and also this swordfish recipe is a fantastic method to example fish and shellfish ‘the Mediterranean way’.

20. Stuffed Vine Leaves

 Stuffed Vine Leaves

Stuffed creeping plant leaves (also known as dolmas) are among one of the most common Turkish recipes and also an extremely preferred Mediterranean food. The recipe is an appetiser or mezze and also contains packed creeping plant leaves, a result of all that grape manufacturing. Dolmas can be vegan or meat-filled. The basic components are rice and also small, diced dices of onion, which diced meat can after that be contributed to. The dental filling is after that nicely covered in little parcels utilizing creeping plant leaves and also consumed in its entirety. It is among the tastiest Mediterranean dishes, and also if you such as Turkish food, it is a must-try.

Stuffed creeping plant leaves go back regarding the 15th century and also was often delighted in among aristocracy in the Ottoman Empire. The yummy recipe rapidly spread out and also soon ended up being delighted in around the Middle East and also ultimately the remainder of the globe. You’ll locate packed creeping plant leaves at Turkish dining establishments, yet there’s no much better area to attempt the recipe than in Turkey. Keep them in mind if you prepare a check out.

21. Shish Tawook

Turkish Foods Sis Kebap

Shish Tawook is a variant of a shish kebab, an extremely renowned Mediterranean food offered in kebab stores around the globe. It contains hen meat offered on a skewer, and also ‘shish’ implies skewer in Turkish. The hen meat is marinaded in a combination of lemon juice, garlic, and also yogurt. It is after that cut right into harsh portions and also barbequed on its skewer. Shish Tawook is a superb bbq recipe and also road food you can locate in the majority of edges of the globe.

The real birth place of Shish Tawook is unidentified. While the contemporary variation of the recipe came from Turkey, kebab consume has actually existed throughout the Middle East for centuries. Like falafel, it is a little a ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg’ circumstance. Since numerous Middle Eastern nations had kebab meat centuries back, it is challenging to identify which nation had it initially.

22. Foul Mudammas

Foul Mudammas Mediterranean Dishes

Foul Mudammas is a yummy, heating stew that makes use of fava beans as a key component with cozy flavors and also fresh natural herbs like parsley. Fava beans are a prominent morning meal food in the Middle East. You can frequently locate nasty Mudammas consumed as a full-flavored morning meal recipe at the beginning of the day.

Foul Mudammas could be called a Lebanese morning meal nowadays, yet the recipe came from Egypt. The recipe can be mapped back to Ancient Egypt, so it is secure to claim that it has actually been around for a very long time. There was also an exploration of a collection of fava beans discovered throughout an ancient dig at a Neolithic website. Foul Mudammas is among one of the most typical recipes in Mediterranean food, and also fava beans are a historic component of the Mediterranean diet plan.

23. Pickled Turnips

Mediterranean Dishes Pickled Turnips

Pickled turnips are a yummy component of Lebanese food and also are frequently acted as a mezze recipe. If you haven’t seen them previously, they are unbelievably striking to check out and also are lengthy pieces of brilliant pink, mysterious-looking veggie. Looking at them, you possibly wouldn’t think that they are turnips. They have a somewhat vinegary preference, yet the parsnip’s rather wonderful, light preference equilibriums the vinegar out. You can consume them at any moment of day, and also they are a common recipe to find in Lebanese dining establishments.

Pickled turnips may seem like an arbitrary component of Mediterranean food. However, marinaded veggies are a typical method of preserving and also stockpiling limited fruit and vegetables. The approach has actually been made use of for centuries utilizing services like vinegar or salt water. Most just recently in contemporary background, marinading veggies was made use of to maintain food throughout World War II distributions in the 1940s.

24. Egyptian Fried Boiled Eggs

Mediterranean Food Egyptian Fried Boiled Eggs

Egyptian fried, steamed eggs are one more among our most uncommon Mediterranean dishes. This recipe is a must-try, however, and also high in healthy protein that makes it a healthy and balanced food to attempt. The procedure begins with hard-boiled eggs, peeled off and also moved right into a searing warm frying pan to fry with a little ghee or butter. Egyptian fried, steamed eggs are offered together with a salad, which generally consists of cucumber, tomatoes, olives, and also sometimes feta cheese.

Egyptian fried, steamed eggs are frequently consumed throughout vacations. However, while the recipe is thought about a typical dish in the Mediterranean, it can additionally be mapped to Asian food. Legend has it that Thailand has a much less commemorative tale behind this recipe. In Thailand, the recipe is called son-in-law eggs (kai look keuy). It’s stated that a mom prepared the eggs for her son-in-law as a little dark wit to recommend she may sterilize him if he didn’t begin treating her child much better.

25. Stuffed Bell Peppers

moroccan food tagine

Like packed creeping plant leaves, packed bell peppers become part of the dolmas foods – a household of packed recipes consumed worldwide, particularly in the Mediterranean. Stuffed bell peppers are among the tastiest recipes and also are generally loaded with rice, veggies, beans, and also often meat. The last touch is a layer of cheese, which thaws as the packed bell peppers are prepared. Stuffed bell peppers fast and also simple to prepare and also have a track record as a healthy and balanced home cooking – what a lot more could you desire?

You’ll locate packed peppers in Turkey, Tunisia, and also the Balkans. The recipe can be located in specific dining establishments yet is primarily prepared in the house. It is uncomplicated to attempt to prepare on your own, so this might be a meal for your very own kitchen area.

To Conclude

Mediterranean food is quickly among the most effective on the planet. Mediterranean food additionally originates from a varied variety of nations, so it has all type of preferences and also methods made use of. Will you attempt a specialized from Southern Italy? Southern France? Or maybe among the Mediterranean nations in the Middle East? The selection is your own.

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