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Is Mexico City Safe To Visit in 2024? Travel Warnings And Safety Tips

Is Mexico City Safe To Visit in 2024? Travel Warnings And Safety Tips

It’s difficult not to enjoy the sheer range of Mexico City. The Mexican resources is among the globe’s biggest cities. It’s a location of thick populace, road food, design, and remarkable neighborhood characteristics. If you intend to experience Mexico as a traveler, head to Cancun. If you intend to experience Mexico as a culture, head to Mexico City. The background is amazing, with excursion to the Teotihuacan Pyramids and numerous galleries like Chapultepec Castle in the town hall. There’s no question regarding it: Mexico City is an unbelievable location for enthusiastic tourists.

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit?

However, lots of people ask, “Is Mexico City safe?” How do you set about remaining secure in Mexico City? As the biggest city in Mexico, it’s no surprise individuals fret about safety and security degrees. Mexico City is a huge city, and like all huge cities you need to take conventional safety measures to stay clear of minor burglary and criminal activity. But it additionally has some particular criminal activity prices to keep in mind, so it pays to study initially prior to checking out Mexico City.

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit City Center

Staying secure in Mexico City doesn’t need to be something to fret about. In this overview, we’ll provide you the run-through on the concern of ‘Is Mexico City safe?’ however additionally advice on exactly how to make it a much safer experience. Statistics represent themselves, however there’s a whole lot within your control. Get prepared to take an extra aggressive technique to remaining secure while checking out Mexico City.

Short Summary

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit

Mexico City is normally secure, however it’s important to claim that criminal activities do take place throughout the city. Let’s provide you a review of safety and security in the city to begin with.

Usually, non-violent and minor criminal activity remains in touristy locations, like the Centro Historic, which varies from pickpocketing on mass transit to much more severe robbery cases. The town hall has several of the most safe areas. If you stay with these ‘safe’ locations, you can remain secure in Mexico City. For circumstances, stay clear of bring excessive cash money, strolling alone in the evening, and not leaving beverages neglected.

The traveler locations have a great authorities existence, which discourages fierce criminal activities. Mexico City is fairly secure if you stay with the daytime hours and particular areas. You can have a remarkable time as long as you exercise sound judgment.

On the various other hand, the non-tourist locations and areas connected with cartels can be harmful. Examples consist of Tepito, which is home to La Union Tepito, a cartel company associated with human trafficking and extortion. Even authorities existence in Tepito is purposeless, with some policemans taking allurements to transform blind eyes to criminal activity.

Mexico Travel Advisories

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit Travel Advisory Aerial

Most site visitors have a risk-free journey to Mexico City. It is a great concept to remain on top of basic traveling advisories, which you can discover on federal government sites like Gov.UK, Travel.State.Gov for the United States, and for Canada. When starting solo traveling, you ought to be specifically conscious of these when liked ones back home can shed call with you or otherwise recognize your activities.

In this area, we’ll consider several of the 2024 traveling advisories for Mexico all at once. Remember to consider your federal government’s advice for recommendations that is as existing as feasible. These advisories can transform daily, for example, informing you to work out enhanced care over political rallies or gang-related stress.

Here are a couple of to remember since 2024:

Avoid the states of Colima, Guerrero, Michoacan, Sinaloa, and Tamaulipas because of the enhanced threat of criminal activity and kidnapping. Be conscious of the sticking around influence of 2023’s Hurricane Otis around Acapulco. Avoid Tijuana and areas of the Baja California Sur peninsula because of increasing stress. Avoid Chihuahua because of existing high criminal activity prices. Avoid taking a trip in the evening. Be sharp also in traveler locations on the Mayan Riviera, like Tulum, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen.

And since the basic Mexico recommendations is around, what regarding Mexico City particularly?

Mexico City’s Current Safety Situation

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit Current Safety Situation Coyoacan

As we claimed, safety and security can transform everyday. It relies on points like political activities and gatherings. Elections can trigger mayhem, also in a ‘safe destination’. And troubles or cases can trigger cartel physical violence. So, what is Mexico City’s existing safety and security scenario now? Regarding remaining secure in Mexico City, understanding of existing events is crucial.

Currently, Mexico City has no political elections, questionable political detractions, or warring cartels in traveler locations. There are no inflammatory occasions, so this is a risk-free time to see Mexico City.

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit Current Situation Mexico General Elections

However, those checking out the city in June 2024 must keep in mind that it is the duration of the Mexico General Elections. This is a time when stress can increase with objections and agitation. If you are checking out throughout this duration, it’s a good idea to keep track of the information and understand that you might require to change your journey and stay clear of opposing groups while out.

You ought to additionally keep track of the information for any type of episodes of competing cartel physical violence and take conventional safety measures in any way times. Several cities in Mexico need additional take care of vacationers. Still, Mexico City is the nation’s biggest city, so it normally has even more threats and minor criminal activity.

Best Practices For Staying Safe in Mexico City

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit Best Practices For Staying Safe

When you see Mexico City, lots of means to remain secure are determined by you and your actions. Of program, arbitrary cases that are completely out of your control can take place. But as a basic guideline, you can stay clear of cases by proactively remaining secure in Mexico City – so why wouldn’t you?

In this area, we’ll present you to the leading 7 methods to remain secure in Mexico City. We’ll cover whatever from faucet water to cash belts and whatever in between. These are the crucial suggestions you will certainly desire prior to checking out Mexico City.

1. Avoid Drinking Tap Water

First points initially, make certain you bear in mind to stay clear of alcohol consumption faucet water. Tap water in Mexico City is not appropriate for alcohol consumption. This goes with cleaning your teeth and food preparation; simply acquire mineral water and try to find reusing indicate make certain plastic is recycled. The last point you desire is an indigestion or a severe waterborne illness.

As a basic guideline, when taking a trip via Mexico, faucet water is ruled out secure for usage. It typically does not obtain sent out via purification or filtration systems, implying there are microorganisms in the faucet water system. Tourists ought to not consume faucet water, and also residents follow this technique – rather, consuming mineral water.

The other side to this is that you intend to consume lots. Staying moisturized is truly vital, particularly in Mexican summer seasons. Don’t beverage faucet water, however make certain that you consume a lot of bottled and reuse plastics appropriately.

2. Wear a Money Belt

Money belts are great. A prominent method to lower the threat of minor criminal activity and pickpocketing is to use a cash belt. These exist level around your belly under your clothing. Then, if you are a sufferer of pickpocketing or robbery, you can maintain your belongings undiscovered.

Things like cash belts are simply sound judgment. You can additionally leave belongings in your resort secure and stay clear of bringing great deals of cash out and regarding while taking in the sights. Some individuals lug decoy handbags or cards, as well – which is a wonderful concept must you be targeted.

3. Learn Basic Spanish

Learning a little Spanish is a wonderful method to remain secure in Mexico City. Mexico City teems with activity and is a busy traveler location. Learning a little Spanish, be that ‘por favor’ or some straightforward instructions or expressions, can make a substantial distinction.

When connecting, you can stay clear of risky locations and listen from valuable individuals you fulfill around the city. It additionally avoids you from socializing and looking at risk on your phone or just battling to connect. The much more qualified you are and the much less sidetracked or perplexed you look, the much less most likely you are to accentuate on your own. And this indicates a lower opportunity of being targeted by wrongdoers.

4. Learn the Safe Neighborhoods

Learning secure areas ought to be an essential technique when checking out any type of city. In Mexico City, however, this is particularly vital, as some areas are swarming with medication cartels. Even residents don’t endeavor right into particular locations, so when you include greater threats, such as solo traveling and bring belongings and noticeable travel luggage, you can see why understanding your areas makes a security distinction.

A couple of instances of areas to stay clear of in Mexico City are Tepito, Ciudad Neza, and La Merced Market. The areas that are truly secure and prominent amongst tourists are Roma, Centro Historico, and Condesa.

5. Consider Group Tours

Another leading idea is associated with solo tourist experiences. If you are a solo tourist and require aid dealing with Mexico City, sign up with a team trip. There are a lot of abilities in which you can do so – whether you schedule a single-day trip, a totally directed multi-day journey, or a strolling trip around the town hall. You can invest your time in a team during or your initial day in a team to obtain a feeling of the city. Think of this alternative as a security covering.

One point to take into consideration as a solo women tourist is that it’s best to go out in the evening in a team. So, if you are aiming to do some after-hours checking out, you can sign up with a directed bar crawl.

6. Have Great Travel Insurance

This is a huge one. Travel insurance coverage can make or damage your journey if the most awful takes place. It covers whatever from health center therapy to equipment cover and trip terminations. Brilliant, right? Travel insurance coverage is among the very best points to bear in mind when preparing a browse through to Mexico City.

Insurance sets you back as low as $5 approximately for a couple of days and can cover you for millions in problems. Shop around and see what plan ideal matches you.

7. Pick a Different ‘Party Destination’

Finally, while Mexico City has superb night life, you can choose a various celebration location. You can see someplace like Cancun. Or you can head in other places beyond Mexico – heading to United States cities. If you desire someplace to appreciate late-night partying in a much safer atmosphere, reassess.

Tailoring your tasks to a location is a wonderful technique when taking a trip generally. If you intend to take less safety and security preventative measures in regards to night life, see Mexico City for its daytime tasks and choose elsewhere for its night life.

Transportation Safety

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit Transportation

As among Mexico’s significant cities, you’d require public transportation at some time. There is a city system and buses. But is mass transit secure in Mexico City? We’d claim normally it is secure, as long as you understand pocket pickers. Exploring Mexico City by public transportation is wonderful for your spending plan, however you ought to bear in mind safety and security and the moment you utilize it.

Public transportation in Mexico City is swarming with minor burglary. Tourists are generally targeted since they are much less acquainted with burglary strategies and typically lug a lot travel luggage that they are at risk to pickpocketers or bag snatchers. Reduce the quantity of travel luggage you handle mass transit and constantly make certain belongings are safe – preferably concealed under your clothing in a cash belt.

Another point to bear in mind when utilizing public transportation in Mexico City is that it’s even more harmful in the evening. You can make use of most move securely in daytime hours with some sound judgment. However, we’d advise missing Mexico City’s public transportation system in the evening. Opt for a qualified taxi in a team rather. The most safe ones are called Sitio Taxis.

If you make use of public transportation in Mexico City, attempt to understand ahead of time exactly how they run and where you are going. This method, you won’t go to pieces at terminals appearing like a resting duck for minor criminal activity. Here’s a review of the city’s mass transit system:


The city runs up until twelve o’clock at night 7 days a week for trips as affordable as 5 pesos a trip. There are twelve lines, and the trains have around 9 vehicles, which continue to be active in peak hours. You acquire tickets and go into via gates. Google Maps ought to inform you which path to take rather efficiently, and downloading and install offline maps or screenshotting your instructions will certainly aid you stay clear of sticking around in terminals. Are you a solo women tourist? Keep an eye out for youngsters and female-only carriages in peak hours – which have a tendency to be the initial 3 vehicles.


The buses are a little bit much more headache than the city in Mexico City. However, some great female-only buses aid avoid harassment in congested buses. These are perfect for solo women tourists in Mexico City. The bus system is additionally truly economical.

If you prefer to select taxis, take into consideration a couple of various groups of taxis. To remain secure when utilizing taxis instead of public transportation is similarly vital. So maintain these 3 taxi enters mind:

Turismo taxis

Turismo taxis are unmarked deluxe lorries. These are generally reserved as transfers online via systems like Viator and Get Your Guide or connected with resorts. Turismo taxis could be unmarked, however they are still secure and connected with official business. Because most are reserved beforehand, you pay costs costs.

Sitio taxis

Sitio taxis are significant taxis and are sent by radio dispatchers. These are your typical taxis. They are a little bit much more pricey than your metered and libre taxis. However, the sitio taxis are more secure since they are much more managed. Sitio cabs concentrate on directed experiences and transfers, with an extra personalized solution than a fast A to B drop-off.

Red taxicabs and libre taxicabs

These cabs rely upon a meter and are one of the most fundamental taxis you can obtain. It can exercise budget-friendly, however realize that Libre taxis are much less managed than the sitio and Turismo alternatives.

Food and Drink Safety in Mexico City

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit Food and Drink Street Food

You are checking out Mexico City – obviously, you will certainly attempt several of the scrumptious points to consume. In truth, a food trip is among the very best points to do in the city. The midtown location particularly teems with road suppliers marketing scrumptious road food. And you can example Mexican food like tacos in addition to delicious mixed drinks.

Food and beverage in Mexico City are extremely delicious. So, what should you take into consideration from a security viewpoint?

The initially significant factor to consider must be faucet water. The faucet water in Mexico City is not secure. It is typically not filteringed system appropriately, implying microorganisms is left in the water, which you after that consume. To prevent this, bear in mind consuming vegetables and fruit cleaned in non-bottled water. You ought to additionally stay clear of ice in beverages.

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit Food and Drink Icy treat

In 2014, authorities made it a demand that dining establishments in Mexico City offer filtered water to visitors totally free, which has actually aided. Many much more official dining establishments make use of filtered water when food preparation and preparing meals. But it’s still necessary to enjoy these points to stay clear of getting ill. It’s your selection exactly how reluctant or risk-taking you’d like to be relating to the olden faucet water discussion.

Finally, consume at locations with great testimonials. If there’s a dining establishment continuously making every person ill, you can wager Google will certainly find out about it. People fast to leave pungent testimonials, so make certain that you look into Google evaluates prior to eating someplace. You can additionally do a fast in-person check – generally, the active dining establishments are the ones where individuals aren’t getting ill.

Health and Medical Safety in Mexico City

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit Health and Medical

We’ll address this area in 2 components. First, we’ll consider the basic health and wellness threats in Mexico that you ought to recognize when remaining in Mexico City. Then, we’ll consider the particular health and wellness and clinical threats of remaining in Mexico City itself.

Generally talking, you ought to recognize 2 infections in Mexico: Zika and Chikungunya. The Zika infection is spread out by insects and triggers a breakout, migraine, and joint discomfort, typically come with by red eyes. It is undesirable however not deadly, although it can lug threats to expectant females. The Chikungunya infection is additionally spread out by insects, triggering comparable signs and symptoms. It can additionally trigger persistent chikungunya joint inflammation, however, which is durable. Mexico additionally has dengue high temperature, which is spread out by insects and triggers flu-like signs and symptoms. Dengue high temperature can aggravate, triggering shock and interior blood loss, so very early discovery – and, preferably, avoidance – is crucial.

As you can see, the major reason for these 3 clinical worries in Mexico is the existence of contaminated insects. The threat of insects in Mexico City is normally taken into consideration reduced, as there’s no wonderful body of water and locations of boscage. But you can still bring insect repellent to be on the secure side.

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit Health and Medical diseases

So, what are Mexico City’s particular worries? Well, the most significant health and wellness and clinical threats in Mexico City belong to its air pollution. The city has high degrees of air contamination, which can worsen respiratory system and heart disease. You can take preventative actions like using masks. Or, if you have problem with existing problems like bronchial asthma, make certain that you bring all individual drug and therapies.

Be conscious of unfiltered and impurified water in Mexico City, as well, which can trigger pests like Cyclospora or salmonella. The ideal method to stay clear of the risks of unfiltered water in Mexico City is to not consume unfiltered water. Always acquire mineral water and utilize it to consume, clean your teeth, chef, and make warm beverages. The last point you desire is persistent looseness of the bowels when attempting to appreciate taking in the sights in gorgeous Mexico City.

Is Mexico City secure health-wise? It is more secure than many seaside locations and locations close greenery, where insects flourish. You are much less in danger of Zika, Chikungunya, or dengue high temperature direct exposure. However, you can still bring insect repellent, simply in situation. You ought to mainly bear in mind waterborne illness and air contamination, particularly if you are inclined to respiratory system diseases like bronchial asthma.

Is Mexico City Safe for Solo Travelers?

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit Solo Travelers Chapultepac

Mexico City isn’t the most safe city for solo tourists. However, if you are knowledgeable, wise, and happy to focus on safety and security, you can see the city securely as a solo tourist.

The major concern for solo tourists in Mexico City is that they are much more in danger of petty and fierce criminal activity. Solo traveling normally leaves you much more at risk. For circumstances, if you consider Google Maps, no one concentrates on securing your bags. Or if you are going through a risky area checking out Google Maps to discover an escape, there’s no one to take note of what’s occurring around you. Safety in numbers is a legit safeguard you typically discarded on a solo journey.

That’s not to claim it can’t be done, though. Mexico City can be wonderful enjoyable for solo tourists, like any type of significant city. We’ll initially consider solo traveling and after that focus on Mexico City for solo women traveling.

Generally, solo traveling is secure if you stay with secure areas and decrease heading out after dark alone. Similarly, if you make use of sound judgment and choose significant taxis, you ought to be great navigating the city. Little points make a huge distinction, however, like picking well-located lodging and finding out instructions prior to you leave your resort so you aren’t glued to Google Maps.

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit Solo Travelers Female

If you remain at a hostel, you can quickly fulfill brand-new individuals and sign up with pressures with various other tourists to go out en masse anyhow. We encourage remaining in a hostel or arranging team excursions and experiences. If you get here in Mexico City on a solo journey and really feel unpleasant, you have a security covering and the alternative to appreciate the city in a team.

But what regarding solo women tourists? Is Mexico City secure for solo women vacationers? We’d claim yes just when you are taking safety measures. While the city is normally secure for solo women vacationers, lots of tasks and means of navigating are more secure in teams. For circumstances, you can ride in the female-only carriages on the Metro, however it’s more secure to take a trip with a team. Similarly, it’s most definitely not secure for a solo women traveler to walk much of Mexico City night. If you intend to make it secure, you will certainly invest your time taking in the sights throughout the day around the town hall, taking directed excursion to discover various other tourist attractions.

The concern is not a lot ‘Is Mexico City safe for solo female tourists? ‘ but how you are planning on visiting the city. Are you going to be happy making compromises to make your experience safer? We wouldn’t phone call Mexico City secure for solo women vacationers if you intend to head out alone and have a care free experience. If this holds true, take into consideration scheduling a team trip rather so you can loosen up a little and appreciate your vacation much more.

Is Mexico City Safe: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit FAQs

Now that you understand everything about remaining secure in Mexico City, it’s time for some Frequently asked questions. As a significant city, it’s valuable to contrast Mexico City to various other cities that might be much more acquainted. Often, it’s the anxiety of the unknown that can prompt much more anxiousness.

In this area, we’ll give a far better understanding right into whether Mexico City is secure by utilizing contrasts and even more basic viewpoints.

Is Mexico City more secure than New York City?

Mexico City is partially much more harmful than New York City, however not by a lot. Mexico City and New York City are comparable because criminal activity is focused in particular locations. Both experience gang-related physical violence. If you understand which areas to stay clear of, both New York City and Mexico City are fairly secure.

Is Mexico City more secure than Los Angeles?

Mexico City is much more harmful than Los Angeles. As an entire, it is robberies that make Mexico City much more harmful, with even more road burglary cases than in Los Angeles. However, Mexico City is still secure in the more secure areas and with sound judgment worked out.

Is Mexico City affordable or pricey?

Mexico City is among the much more pricey cities in the area. But with that said claimed, its price is still miles over that of EU or United States cities. Living prices – consisting of rental fee – are around 60% reduced for those staying in Mexico City instead of New York City. And for those simply checking out, you are checking out a $20 standard for a dish in New York City versus a $9 standard for a comparable conventional dining establishment in Mexico City.

Is Mexico City great to stay in?

Yes, Mexico City is a great location to live for deportees. The city teems with points to do, supplying wonderful price and an amazing task market. The delicious Mexican food is one more substantial and also. And it’s no surprise that a huge portion of individuals are moving to the Mexican resources.

Should you Travel To Mexico City Now?

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit To Conclude

As you can see, remaining secure in Mexico City is primarily simple. For such a huge city, the threats are very little. Just bear in mind mass transit, have great traveling insurance coverage, make use of sound judgment, and take additional treatment if you’re a solo tourist. So, is Mexico City secure? For one of the most component, we’d claim yes. Mexico City is secure when you proactively take the essential safety and security actions.

It is conveniently among the ideal locations to see in Mexico. But that’s not quiting you from venturing to various other towns and various other cities after you see Mexico City. Check out the cenotes on the Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico’s unbelievable coastlines. We encourage utilizing Mexico City as a launch pad to experience much more of the area.

Is Mexico City Safe to Visit Tepito

The ideal method to remain secure in Mexico City is to do your area study. Take out wonderful traveling insurance coverage and take conventional safety measures to remain secure. Take certain treatment if you are a solo tourist, particularly a solo women tourist.

You can appreciate fantastic food and great taking in the sights in secure areas with a lot of vacationers. It’s similarly vital to bear in mind that Mexico City is a remarkable experience. It has a historical facility, old city damages, and scrumptious food.

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