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Is Japan Expensive To Visit? Money Saving Tips For Your Next Trip

Is Japan Expensive To Visit? Money Saving Tips For Your Next Trip

Try to learn whether Japan is a pricey nation to see, and you’ll rapidly discover on your own in a bunny opening without a clear-cut solution. There is a great deal of clashing info online regarding the traveling expenses in Japan; some promise it’s the most expensive nation they’ve been to, while others are going crazy regarding superb $5 dishes. 

So, is Japan truly as costly as some individuals state? It’s both an indeed and a no. Some points in the nation, like transport, are really costly, and others are not. The equilibrium exists, and a journey to Japan is feasible on any kind of budget plan.

We have actually checked out Japan a number of times and have actually based this write-up on our experiences. Here’s what you require to recognize when budgeting for a journey to Japan! 

Is It Expensive To Visit Japan? 

Is Japan expensive costs and budget

Yes, Dave and Deb have actually checked out Japan a couple of times, but also for me, Japan is a nation I’ve imagined seeing for several years. I’ve prepared my excellent travel plan to a T, and I’m simply awaiting the appropriate minute in life to remove and invest 2 weeks in this stunning nation. As I was preparing the journey, I recognized that Japan isn’t truly a pricey nation. Sure, it sets you back a great deal of cash to arrive, specifically if you’re from Europe, and the price of navigating Japan isn’t minimal, however that’s one of the most costly aspect of it. 

Accommodation is readily available in every cost variety, and you can invest as low as $16 for a bed in a hostel or spend lavishly $650 for an evening in a first-class resort. Eating out in Japan can be very affordable or extremely costly, depending upon whether you’re chomping ramen on the move or spending lavishly for Kobe beef. The nation can accommodate any person, and despite your traveling design and individual choices, you can enjoy there. 

The currency exchange rate is roughly 152 Yen to $1, so don’t be frightened to see lots of nos on price in Japan.  

Cost of Accommodation 

Accommodation costs in japan

Accommodation in Japan is remarkably budget-friendly and there are resorts for everybody. Beds variety from $16 per evening in affordable hostels, as much as $4,000 for a space in the most effective deluxe resorts, with a myriad of alternatives in between. 

Budget vacationers will certainly have lots of alternatives in Japan, however I need to state pill resorts as one of the most effective alternatives for a low-cost keep. The pill resort is a Japanese creation and a fantastic choice to hostel dorms. Nine Hours Hamamatsucho is a great choice for a Tokyo keep. 

Travelers with a mid-range budget plan will certainly be ruined for option in Japan. Stay in three-star and four-star resorts in huge cities or enchanting ryokans in smaller sized communities, like the Ryokan Inakatei in Kyoto. Most mid-range resorts in Japan consist of morning meal in the nighttime price and deal personal areas with ensuite restrooms. 

Luxury lodgings in Japan are plentiful, varying from premium chain resorts, like the Ritz Carlton in Osaka, to superb deluxe ryokans with personal onsens. If you intend to be spoiled throughout your journey to Japan, you will certainly have lots of alternatives for deluxe keeps. 

Keep in mind that you can obtain far better worth for cash if you remain outside the town hall. A little resort in Tokyo’s Shibuya can set you back as long as a mid-range resort in Itabashi. Stay outside the town hall to obtain even more value, specifically if you’ve made a decision to obtain the JR Pass for endless traveling on regional transport. 

Cost of hotels in Japan


Hostels and pill resorts are plentiful in Japan, specifically in the larger cities. The nighttime price varieties from $16 to $50 per evening each for dorm-like areas, while dual areas with personal restrooms have a nighttime price of $50 to $100. That’s a budget plan of simply $100-300 for a week (6 evenings), generally consisting of morning meal. 


Mid-variety alternatives will certainly run you regarding $50-100 per evening each. Double areas in four-star resorts in the facility of Tokyo opt for $120-200 per evening, and a number of them are service resorts with wonderful centers. In Kyoto, you can schedule one area for 2 at a first-class resort for $150-200, and the costs go down much more if you check out lodgings outside the visitor hotspots. That’s a budget plan of simply $300-600, generally on the reduced end, for a week journey. 


Luxury resorts begin at approximately $150 each for a nighttime remain in the more affordable cities. In Tokyo, first-class resorts are costlier, with dual areas beginning at $350 per evening. That’s the reduced end for first-class resorts in the resources, and there are lots of resorts where you can invest greater than $1,000 for simply one evening. 

Cost of Transportation

Cost of Transportation in Japan

Japan is such an interesting nation that it’s an outright pity to take a trip there and remain in just one area. You must see at the very least 2 or 3 cities when you’re there, and the even more locations you can press right into your travel plan, the far better. 

I think everybody understands that trains are the most effective means of navigating Japan. The high-speed bullet trains that get to rates of greater than 300 km/h have actually ended up being globe renowned, and are exceptional for rapidly taking a trip from one city to one more. The just drawback is the price, as they are really costly. 

I was in fact stunned at the price of high-speed trains in Japan, specifically given that the urban trains and buses are fairly affordable. It’s also feasible you’ll invest a lot more on transport than you would certainly on holiday accommodation, which is ridiculous to me. But it would certainly be definitely worth it since you’d reach uncover a great piece of this amazing nation. 

Taking the Bullet train in Japan

The finest means to conserve cash on train traveling in Japan is to obtain the Japan Rail Pass. The beginning price of the masquerade grownups is: 

7 days for $341
2 week for $554 
21 days for $692 

A kids’s pass is more affordable, however there’s likewise an excellent pass that’s much more costly. The JR Pass consists of regional trains, share trains, some bus lines, and shinkansen, and also partly covers the Nozomi and Mizuho lines. It’s a great deal of cash, and I wasn’t joking when I claimed that maybe a lot more costly than holiday accommodation; 2 weeks in a hostel or a pill resort can be reserved for as low as $300, which is virtually fifty percent of the price of the two-week pass. 

The experience from Tokyo to Kyoto is approximately 2 and a fifty percent hours by normal Shinkansen (not the Nozomi line) and expenses around $88 one means. That’s virtually $180 simply on transport for an outing. If you likewise intend to see Nara, Hiroshima, Kobe, Osaka, and Nagoya, you can see simply just how much the pass deserves obtaining. 

Cost of Food

Cost of food in Japan

Eating out is normally really affordable in Japan, and you can manage with a $25 budget plan daily, also if you eat in restaurants every day. There are lots of road food stalls and family-owned hole-in-the-wall dining establishments where you can obtain a remarkably excellent dish for as low as $5, which is mindblowing to me. 

On the various other end of the range, there are equally as lots of fine-dining facilities where you can spend lavishly for tasty sushi or delight in Kobe beef. Whether you’re able to invest $15 or $150 daily on food in Japan, you won’t be starving throughout your journey. 

One crucial point to note is that grocery store purchasing and preparing dishes at the holiday accommodation are not truly affordable in Japan. The food in Japan is really various from that in Europe and the United States and makes use of a great deal of components that aren’t usual somewhere else. If you don’t recognize just how to prepare these foods, you’ll be compelled to get imported foods, which are normally rather expensive. So, grocery store purchasing can in some cases be a lot more costly than eating in restaurants – it’s counterproductive, I recognize, however I’d simply keep up it and consume noodles 3 times a day. 

Kobe beef in Japan

You can eat in restaurants everyday in Japan, 3 times a day, with a reduced budget plan of $150 weekly. I would certainly state that it would certainly be a lot easier to discover affordable however excellent dining establishments in larger cities like Tokyo since they provide a bigger range of such facilities. 

One point I will certainly keep in mind is that it’s finest to stay clear of dining establishments that have massive check in English to bring in site visitors. These are generally visitor catches that are two times as costly as the truly excellent regional dining establishments, however the food won’t be anywhere near as excellent. 

For a mid-range budget plan, anticipate to invest as much as $20 per dish, not consisting of morning meal, which is more affordable. So, approximately $50 daily for a regular budget plan of $350, however remember that you’d likely pay much less than $20 for a lot of dishes. 

Even the premium dining establishments are not that costly contrasted to those in the United States, as you can consume several of one of the most decadent food for under $100. You can consume a passionate Galbi Gukbap at one of the best-rated dining establishments in Tokyo for simply $10. Kobe beef is truly one of the most costly point to consume in Japan, and unless you’re having it for morning meal, lunch, and supper, you can spend lavishly on fancier dining establishments with a budget plan of $500 weekly. 

Is it worth it to spend lavishly on Kobe beef? You may be questioning. I believe it is, and I’m definitely preparing to do it when I obtain the opportunity. If you like consuming steak, there’s absolutely nothing like it; it’s a special, and also if you have the ability to consume it somewhere else on the planet, it will certainly never ever taste comparable to it performs in Kobe, Japan. 

Cost of Activities

Cost of activities in Japan

Things to do in Japan are plentiful and remarkably budget-friendly. Just walking the cities is a remarkable experience and an enjoyable point to do free of cost. An assisted excursion of Tokyo will certainly cost you $60-120, however it’s important to keep in mind that you can check out the city by yourself if you desire. Sit at a coffee shop and see individuals at the Shibuya going across, see all the renowned Shinto temples and Buddhist holy places, and take a look at all the wacky stores in Harajuku – none of those points set you back a dollar. 

Even simply walking the train terminals in Tokyo will certainly be a brand-new experience that can conveniently eliminate a mid-day. They’re massive, for one, and it will certainly take a while to determine where you require to go if you intend to capture a train. But with many dining establishments and a various corner store every number of actions, it’s like discovering a little city within a much larger one. 

visiting Tokyo Skytree in Japan

You can climb up Mount Fuji for much less than $15, and invest a whole day at Disneyland Tokyo or Universal Studios in Osaka for $65 at a lot of. Then head to a train terminal and board a bullet train to see Nara to see the deer wander around the huge public park filled with cherry bloom trees. 

Head to Hiroshima to see the Peace Memorial Park and Museum – the park is cost-free to see, and the entryway charge for the gallery is 200 Yen, which has to do with $1.3. Even the superb Nijo Castle sets you back much less than $10 to visit, while the historical Osaka Castle is simply $4. You can also visit the substantial Toyota gallery in Nagoya for simply under $7, and you’ll reach see every little thing from old-timer vehicles to robotics. 

For budget plan vacationers, anywhere from $20-40 daily suffices for tasks, not consisting of purchasing. With many cost-free points to do throughout Japan, you can do 1 or 2 affordable paid tasks daily, and adhere to cost-free ones for the remainder. 

Allocated a budget plan of $40-80, and you’ll have the ability to do basically whatever you desire in Japan, plus have some remaining cash money for purchasing. And if you can invest $80+ daily, it’s lots of cash for taking in the sights, excursions, and purchasing. 

A Budget for 1 Week in Japan 

One week in Japan budget

A basic allocate one week in Japan has to do with $2,000, so around $285 daily for trips, holiday accommodation, transport, and tasks. I’ll simplify for you, however I intend to keep in mind that that’s what a mid-range allocate a week in Japan would certainly be for a single person. Also, remember that, if you’re taking a trip with another person, you’ll invest much less cash on holiday accommodation as it’s more affordable to divide the price of a dual area. 

$700-1000 for return trips
$300-600 for mid-range resorts (6 evenings with morning meal) 
$250 for food ($35 daily)
$341 for the JRl Pass

On the reduced end, that’s simply under $1,600, leaving $400 for a week’s well worth of enjoyable in Japan. With a budget plan of approximately $60 daily, you can check out lots – do a number of affordable destinations in someday, and you’ll have plenty remaining the following day for something a lot more costly like Universal Studios or Disneyland. 

On the greater end, that’s around $2,200 without tasks, so around $2,500 for a week journey. And that’s if you spend lavishly on excellent food everyday, and remain at a four-star or perhaps first-class resort in main Tokyo every evening. 

It’s feasible to do Japan in a week for regarding $1,500. Find a low-cost ho(s)tel for regarding $150 and reduced the allocate food to $150, leaving one more $150 for tasks. You can check out a great deal with that said quantity of cash, however you likely won’t have the ability to see one of the most costly visitor destinations. 

Also, you can conserve some cash on trips if you seek offers and traveling in the off-season; I’ve seen return trips from London and San Francisco for approximately $600, so all of it relies on where you’re taking a trip from. 

A Budget for 2 Weeks in Japan 

two weeks in japan budget

Two weeks in Japan is my desire circumstance, and I’ve identified that it can conveniently be provided for $3,000. That’s approximately $200 daily, consisting of trips, transport, holiday accommodation, food, tasks, and some light purchasing! 

A Detailed Breakdown: 

$554 for the train pass
Around $450 for budget plan resorts in huge cities and mid-range resorts in smaller sized communities (this three-star Tokyo resort is truly affordable)
Roughly $750 for a round-trip trip from Rome to Tokyo 
$350 for food, which is a budget plan of $25 daily (morning meal is consisted of in the resort keep)

That leaves $900 for purchasing and taking in the sights tasks, which is $65 daily. That’s lots of cash to have loads of enjoyable in Japan; it’s the specific quantity you require for the most costly ticket to Disneyland Tokyo, which will certainly maintain you active the whole day. Or adequate cash to invest a mid-day in an onsen, check out a gallery, and get a couple of keepsakes. 

That’s my handle a budget plan variation of 2 weeks in Japan. If you can discover more affordable trips and you don’t mind remaining in hostels with common restrooms, you can conserve regarding $150 on holiday accommodation and reduced the home entertainment budget plan in fifty percent. Overall, it is feasible to do 2 weeks in Japan for approximately $2,500, however you’d need to see every cent you invest. 

Anywhere from $3,000 to 5,000 each is a mid-range budget plan with far better resorts and dishes at fancier dining establishments, while a budget plan over $5,000 for 2 weeks ($350+ daily) each suffices for a deluxe journey to Japan. Of training course, you might schedule a resort that’s $1,000 per evening and conveniently invest greater than $15,000 on the whole journey, however it’s worth keeping in mind that you can experience some deluxe in Japan for a great deal much less. 

Is Japan Expensive? Frequently Asked Questions

how much is a trip to japan

Is Japan An Expensive Country To Visit? 

Japan has a track record for being costly to see. But, truthfully, the brief solution is no; Japan is not truly a pricey nation to see. It’s costly to arrive, and regional transport is expensive, however every little thing else is really budget-friendly. 

How Much Would A Meal Cost In Japan? 

The ordinary price for a dish in Japan is $10-15. You can discover affordable road food for as reduced as $5 as conveniently as you can invest $200+ for a costs cut of Kobe beef.

Is Japan Expensive To Americans? 

The price of living in Japan is considerably less than in the United States, so It is normally not costly for Americans. Eating out and tasks are likewise considerably more affordable in Japan.

Is Food Cheaper in Japan Than the United States?

Yes, food is more affordable in Japan than in the United States. There are some exemptions, however it is normally far more budget-friendly to eat in restaurants in Japan than in the United States. 

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