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Is Greece Expensive to Visit: Travel Costs in 2023

Is Greece Expensive to Visit: Travel Costs in 2023

Is Greece costly to check out? A journey to Greece is among those vacations that is a large grey location when it pertains to budgeting. Out of all European nations, it absolutely guides dramatically from a high-end to an economical vacation. You can conveniently take pleasure in a few of Greece’s finest coastlines as well as vacation experiences inexpensively by consuming road food, capturing over night ferryboats, as well as remaining in a spending plan resort. However, you can equally as conveniently remain someplace like Santorini, publication exclusive scenic tours, as well as Michelin-worthwhile Greek food. So, what is the response? How a lot does a journey to Greece expense?

Is Greece Expensive? Budgeting for a Trip to Greece in 2023

How much does a trip to Greece cost

This overview will certainly offer you an overall run-through of what Greece expenses. We’ll take into consideration whatever from lodging to transportation as well as food. So you’ll entrust a strong concept of just how much your journey to Greece will certainly set you back. We have actually invested a great deal of time in Greece as well as guide what points in fact set you back. Grab a pen as well as paper, as well as allow’s create a spending plan with each other.

Accommodation Costs in Greece

Greece Accommodation Costs

As an entire, lodging in Greece will certainly be reduced in 2023. Greece is someplace you accurately locate lots of hostels as well as homestays, particularly on the quieter islands when island jumping. You must conveniently locate a hostel or mid-range resort in between $40 as well as $80 per evening, otherwise less expensive. In 2 weeks, this would certainly cost you in between $560 as well as $1,100 – a rather economical rate if you ask us.

Cheap accommodation in Greece Includes breakfast

Many hostels as well as mid-range resorts in Greece additionally consist of cost-free morning meals in their complete lodging expense. Keep your eye out for these, as spending for cost-free morning meals lowers your real expenses while holidaying as well as conserves cash when seeing Greece. Sound great up until now?

The just terms is that if you check out especially silent or little locations, lodging may offer out swiftly if there are just a few alternatives. We’d suggest scheduling anywhere from 18 months to 6 months ahead of time to assure you can make use of these typical rates. Accommodation rates in Greece are infamously affordable, however they differ relying on schedule, so don’t lose out by being slow-moving to reserve a spending plan resort.

Luxury accommodation in Greece Costs

Of training course, Greece additionally has high-end resorts, like the Santorini cavern resorts. While the least expensive journey to Greece might require hostels as well as budget plan resorts, a high-end resort is a has to on a glamorous Greek vacation. Upscale lodging expenses are what can make Greece costly. Expect to pay upwards of $160 per evening at a high-end resort, as well as rates can get to thousands if you spend lavishly on an uniqueness first-class base. If you remain in a high-end resort in Greece, you’ll invest around $2000 on lodging for 2 weeks.

Mid Range Accommodation Costs in Greece

Another point that surges lodging rates in Greece is where you select to remain. You’ll locate limitless accessibility to budget plan as well as mid-range resorts on much of the landmass (which is a lot less touristy than islands like Zante, Corfu, Mykonos, as well as Santorini). Similarly, on lesser-visited islands like Folegandros or Naxos, you’ll locate less vacationer catches as well as even more moderately valued homestays as well as independent resorts.

The typical resort rate in Naxos is around $70 per evening, whereas, in Santorini, the typical rate per evening is $150. You can swiftly see just how manipulated lodging rates can obtain relying on place as well as the need of various other visitors. Accommodation rates increase one of the most when you select among one of the most popular Greek islands. Especially when the location in Greece has an uniqueness or ‘luxury’ condition like Mykonos or Santorini.

So, all at once, lodging in Greece can be divided right into 3 primary braces: budget plan, mid-range, as well as high-end. This is what to anticipate for each and every budget plan degree.

Budget Accommodation

Accommodation for a spending plan vacation will certainly set you back around $500-600 for 2 weeks. It will likely remain in a hostel or budget plan resort in a peaceful location in Greece.

Mid Range Accommodation

Mid-array lodging will certainly set you back around $1000-1200 for 2 weeks. It might get on among the extra prominent islands. Still, it will normally remain in a homestay or various other mid-range resort choice.

Luxury Accommodation

Luxury lodging begins at around $2000 for 2 weeks. It can be throughout Greece, including its most touristy, desired locations.

Transportation Costs in Greece

Transportation costs in Greece

Ferries And Busses

Transportation in Greece is normally weak in expense. This is since mass transit is so stabilized when circumnavigating Greece. Much like inter-railing Europe motivates slow-moving traveling, budget plan trains, as well as train passes, circumnavigating Greece has a tendency to consist of island jumping as well as journey. Ferry tickets set you back as low as $20-80 for a one-way ferryboat. And if you select among the over night ferryboats, you can in fact conserve on your own on lodging.

Besides ferryboats (we’ll return to them later on), buses set you back a typical rate of $4.50 for a 24-hour ticket – never ever paying greater than a couple of bucks for a solitary ticket. Even if you spend lavishly on vehicle leasings, you can pay as low as $15 to $30 each day, relying on how much time you have actually had your permit as well as your age. Overall, in the typical two-week vacation, you shouldn’t invest greater than $600 on transport in Greece.

Cost of Ferries in Greece

To circumnavigate Greece inexpensively, slower ferryboats as well as over night ferryboats are the method to go island jumping. Not just do you minimize lodging on an over night ferryboat, however the rates can be decreased by as much as 50%.

You can greatly decrease your transport expenses if you want to harsh it on the slow-moving ferryboat or comfortable up on the sea for an evening. If you are a spending plan tourist looking for a budget-friendly location, publication over night ferryboats, as well as you’ll have absolutely no concerns adhering to a transport budget plan of under $500.

Renting a Car

Another prominent method of browsing your method around Greece is with a rental car. Car leasings are an outright wind to arrange on a Greece journey, and also as we pointed out, they can set you back as low as $15 to $30 each day. With a vehicle leasing, you’ll require a worldwide driving authorization as well as ideal traveling insurance policy to play it risk-free.

Car Rental costs in Greece

Some vehicle rental firms additionally call for a charge card to protect the reservation. However, when you’ve arranged a rental vehicle, you’ll be cost-free to discover one of the most off-the-beaten-track locations in Greece. And you can also take the vehicle island jumping if you reserve among the bigger ferryboats that bring cars.

Fuel in Greece is additionally unbelievably inexpensive, balancing at around $2 per litre at the time of composing. Relying on a rental vehicle for transport in Greece sets you back concerning $500 for 2 weeks, while if you wish to capture vehicle ferryboats too, you must budget plan simply under $1000.

If you are daring, you can bring your very own vehicle as well as incorporate a Greece journey with a browse through to a few other European nations. This course makes good sense for those based in Europe currently, particularly if you have a lot of time.

If you have greater than 3 weeks, this choice is viable. If you bring your very own vehicle to check out Greece, yes, you’ll sustain gas expenses, however you won’t be paying rental costs. Budget around $0.18 per mile you drive in Western Europe as well as a lot less in Greece.


Finally, trips should be pointed out. If you don’t choose to drive to Greece – absolutely reasonable sufficient as that is a rather particular niche choice – after that a straight trip to among Greece’s considerable centers will most likely be your technique of arrival. The first trip will certainly be your primary expense when seeing Greece.

However, what deserves stating is that a lot of trips transportation in significant centers like Athens as well as Corfu prior to taking a trip to various other islands as well as smaller sized locations. So straight trips to locations like Santorini are very restricted or totally non-existent. Budget around $200 for residential trips in Greece, particularly in peak period. There simply isn’t the facilities to handle such a high quantity of trips.

How much does it cost to fly in Greece

Furthermore, some islands like Ithaca are so little that they don’t also have a flight terminal to charter residential trips. To get to specific locations, your only choice is a ferryboat, publication a rental vehicle, or get on a regional bus. So while you will certainly probably get here in Greece by airplane, don’t anticipate to make use of residential trips to navigate. Of training course, the advantage of this is no costly residential trip expenses. One method to reduce trip rates, right?

Budget Transportation

Budget transport in Greece entails capturing slow-moving ferryboats, over night ferryboats, as well as neighborhood buses. In this circumstance, budget plan much less than $500 for a two-week vacation.

Mid Range Transportation

Mid transport in Greece would certainly include a rental vehicle as well as periodic vehicle ferryboat. And for this, we’d advise budgeting around $900-1000 for 2 weeks, relying on the number of vehicle ferryboats you take.

Luxury Transportation

Luxury transport around Greece most likely entails a number of residential trips, exclusive excursion as opposed to slow-moving ferryboats, as well as a vehicle leasing or shuttle bus solution. In this instance, we recommend budgeting around $1500 for 2 weeks, relying on your plan.

Greek Food Costs

Greek Food Costs

Greek food expenses have a tendency to be reduced. Street food like a souvlaki or gyro expenses as low as $5, as well as if you obtain self-catered lodging, you can invest simply $30-40 on a grocery store store weekly. If you get on a stringent budget plan, there is no reason you couldn’t anticipate to pay much less than $100 for 2 weeks if you grocery store store as well as order a couple of takeaway deals with. Choosing to prepare on your own is among the very best means of conserving cash. Are you up for the difficulty? It is a very easy method of lowering your complete food expense.

How much does food cost in Greece Greek Salad

Similarly, watch out for resorts providing free morning meals. On costly islands particularly, this can extremely decrease your outgoings on food. You can take pleasure in a free of charge morning meal, acquire some road food for lunch, and after that consume at a mid-range dining establishment for supper. Mid-array dining establishments set you back around $20 each. However, this differs relying on which island you remain on, whether it is high period, as well as your diet regimen.

Obviously, a Greek salad will certainly set you back much less than a medium-rare steak. But also if you choose to spend lavishly on fresh fish and shellfish as well as a residence white wine periodically, you can still maintain your dish expense reduced. Simple choices like adhering to neighborhood Greek white wine as opposed to world-known brand names can make a substantial distinction. If you adhere to this plan as well as understand recipe selections, you can budget plan around $350 for 2 weeks – which is eating in restaurants every night.

Is Greek Food Expensive in Greece

Food rates in Greece can be a bit extra costly if you are eating in restaurants for 3 dishes a day. And, certainly, if you select upmarket dining establishments continuously, you’ll see that dish expenses accumulate.

The extra costly dining establishments begin at around $30 each for a typical dish, not consisting of service fee. If you eat in restaurants at high end dining establishments for 3 dishes a day, we recommend budgeting around $700-800 for a two-week vacation in Greece.

Cheap Food in Greece

If you are adhering to a spending plan in Greece, your finest option is to locate self-catered lodging as well as rely upon grocery store buying. You might want to be adaptable concerning a couple of takeaway-style meals while out on excursion, though (as well as besides, you need to attempt some standard meals while in Greece). But also after that, your expenses must be about $100 for 2 weeks if you are budget plan aware.

Mid-Range Food in Greece

On a mid-range budget plan, we’d really hope that you have actually currently picked a resort with a free of charge morning meal solution. That leaves you with simply 2 dishes a day; lunch as well as supper. If you eat in restaurants for supper at a reasonably valued dining establishment as well as obtain road food for lunch, you can budget plan $350 on food for a two-week keep.

Luxury Food in Greece

We don’t condemn you if you desire high-end food in Greece. It is among one of the most scrumptious foods on Earth, nevertheless. If you eat in restaurants for 3 dishes a day, you can anticipate to invest around $50 each day each. Over 2 weeks, this will certainly set you back roughly $700.

Cost of Activities in Greece

Cost of Activities in Greece

Your Greece journey expense greatly depends upon your task selections. But this is additionally the component that will certainly most affect your experience, so we recommend clarifying what you wish to see as well as carry out in Greece. Then you can change your food, transport, lodging, as well as various other costs budget plans to enable the Greek tasks you truly desire.

You don’t wish to check out Greece as well as entrust remorses. Especially taking into consideration the quantities of food scenic tours, historical websites, watercraft journeys, as well as all the background as well as tales concerning the Ancient Greeks. A journey to Greece is one in a life time for lots of – so alloted at the very least a hr or more to see what you’d like to do in the locations you are seeing.

Activities Cost in Greece Adventure

As a basic guideline, you must budget plan around $25-30 each day when it pertains to amusement in Greece. This rate ought to consist of assisted tours to see the Santorini Volcano as well as Hot Springs as well as self-guided points like gallery entryway charges.

If you wish to do something added interesting like a high-end Catamaran Cruise or a diving PADI training course, you may require to reserve one more pair hundred bucks for your remain in Greece. Budgeting around $25-30 everyday as well as reserving added for any kind of considerable tasks is finest.

Budget Activities in Greece

It deserves including that island jumping can swiftly accumulate if you select exclusive scenic tours as opposed to public transportation as well as slower ferryboats. If you can, capture ferryboats when island jumping, also if it indicates remaining in a various location or island over night.

Budget Activities in Greece

If you desire a low-budget experience in Greece, the majority of your tasks will certainly be independent as opposed to assisted. For circumstances, capturing a ferryboat to a various island on a day journey as opposed to signing up with an arranged trip. And seeing neighborhood galleries as well as little bars as opposed to among the leading 3 bars on TripExpert. You can conveniently invest much less than $280 in 2 weeks.

Mid-Range Activities in Greece

A mid-range method to tasks in Greece is far more well balanced with assisted scenic tours as well as independent expedition. You may also consider the periodic evening out at a preferred bar. With 3 to 4 arranged scenic tours as well as 2 evenings out, you can still budget plan much less than $420 for 2 weeks.

Luxury Activities in Greece

Luxury tasks in Greece practically have a flexible budget plan. However, if you wish to take exclusive everyday scenic tours (which balance $110 each) as well as total bonus like bungee leaping or diving, we recommend a minimal budget plan of $1600 for 2 weeks.

Budget for the Mainland as well as Greek islands

Island hopping on the Greek islands Budget

Now that we’ve considered the primary expenses of a journey to Greece, it is time to examine the total allocate a two-week journey to Greece. This is our last malfunction of the expense of a journey to landmass Greece or its lovely islands.

Budget: 2 Week Holiday on the Greek Mainland as well as Greek Islands

Cheap 2 week budget for Greece

The complete allocate a two-week economical vacation to Greece is $1,500. If you get on a limited budget plan, you must check out the least expensive Greek island or location that attract you, staying clear of the groups as well as greater period, which brings greater rates.

To fit a $1,500 budget plan, you’ll select budget plan areas at a homestay or hostel that offers self-catered lodging. You’ll mainly make use of ferryboats as well as rely upon grocery store stores. Your sightseeing and tour as well as tasks will certainly be covered at $20 each day as well as mostly include independent expedition of destinations.

Mid Range: 2 Week Holiday on the Greek Mainland as well as Greek Islands

Mid Range Budget for Greece Holiday

If you check out Greece on a mid-range budget plan, your complete expense will certainly be about $2,800. On a mid-range budget plan, you have great deals extra shake space to take pleasure in points like dishes out as well as a couple of assisted tasks as well as excursion. To fit a $2,800 budget plan, you’ll eat in restaurants two times daily as well as goal to locate a resort with a free of charge morning meal – prominent among mid-range resorts.

You will certainly take pleasure in a couple of evenings out in bars as well as take 3 to 4 assisted scenic tours, or else checking out individually. With the added budget plan, you can check out some prominent islands making use of ferryboats. But we’d still advise adhering to take on period to maintain expenses short on one of the most touristy islands.

Luxury: 2 Week Holiday on the Greek Mainland as well as Greek Islands

Luxury 2 week budget for Greece

If you get on a high-end budget plan, it is simple to invest lots in Greece. For this factor, we advise a minimal budget plan of $5,800. A luxury resort alone sets you back approximately $160 per evening, which is $2,000 for 2 weeks. A $5,800 budget plan bags you a high-end resort, plus exclusive scenic tours of historical websites as well as costly food.

The budget plan additionally represents the reality that you’ll be eating in restaurants for 3 dishes daily. Typical rates of dishes set you back approximately $30 each at a pricey dining establishment in Greece; you swiftly invest $50 each day on a high-end food budget plan. This completes $700 each for 2 weeks.

How a lot you can invest in a high-end Greek vacation is rather uncapped. Some of one of the most costly lodging expenses more than $1000 per evening, so these rates can increase swiftly relying on your selections. However, $5,800 is the best total up to establish as a typical budget plan or minimum if you wish to experience Greece with a high-end lens.

To Conclude: How Much Does Visiting Greece Cost?

Cost for visiting Greek Islands

When preparing to check out Greece, expenses are typically at the center of your mind – particularly if you intend to island-hop or make use of great deals of public transportation. But you’ll be happily stunned by the typical rate of a journey to Greece.

Two weeks in Greece must set you back around $2800 on a mid-range budget plan. And if you are a spending plan tourist, you can make that $2800 last virtually a month with hostels, over night ferryboat tickets, as well as food preparation or eating road food to conserve cash.

Of training course, keep in mind some basic guidance concerning seeing Greece, such as staying clear of the high period. The high period is not just costly however additionally very crowded. Staying in the shoulder period, you’ll locate less groups, reduced ferryboat rates, as well as a much more bargain array for scenic tours as well as tasks. Check your credit score or debit card ahead of time, also, as some cards provide absolutely no international deal charges which can conserve you a tiny ton of money.

Is Greece Expensive to visit How to Budget

Looking for even more motivation concerning seeing Greece? These are our leading suggestions concerning the finest locations to check out in Greece as well as the finest cities. Greece is among those nations where individuals like to view as high as feasible (there are so several locations you can incorporate), so study its finest places. Otherwise, have a terrific journey to Greece.

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