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Is Belize Safe To Visit In 2024? Your Guide To Belize Travel Safety

Is Belize Safe To Visit In 2024? Your Guide To Belize Travel Safety

Belize is stunning. We must recognize; we simply returned from a two-week journey. The landmass is covered in a thick, exotic forest, while offshore, it has the Belize Barrier Reef—a well-known area to scuba diving dive and snorkel. As if that wasn’t sufficient, you’ve likewise obtained the background of Mayan damages to experience at websites like Altun Ha. Basically, we entirely comprehend why you intend to see. Belize remains in an organization of its very own.

Unfortunately, you will certainly require to take some added safety and security preventative measures, however. Staying risk-free in Belize needs you to exceed the typical “check general travel advice and book basic travel insurance.” The nation has numerous circumstances of criminal offense, gang physical violence, and medicines, which can leakage right into vacationer locations.

In this overview, we’ll prepare you for remaining risk-free in Belize. We simply returned from a check out to Cay Caulker, Ambergris Cay, and San Ignacio and really felt truly risk-free. If you take the appropriate safety measures you can appreciate this nation stress-free like we did. So, don’t dismiss diving and taking in the sights Mayan damages right now; right here’s what you require to recognize.

Is Belize Safe? A Quick Summary

We recognize that not everyone has the deluxe of time. If you’re in a thrill, take a look at these major bullet factors for a fast review of safety and security in Belize.

 Belize experiences a significantly high criminal offense price for terrible criminal offense, consisting of murder, sexual offense, and heist.
 Belize has a great deal of gang physical violence, which sometimes leads to capturings in public areas.
The boundary locations, Caracol, and Belize City (especially the urban area of Southside Belize City) all experience a high criminal offense thickness.
Belize has a great deal of all-natural calamities like cyclones, so site visitors must take care when taking a trip throughout cyclone period.
Road requirements in Belize are taken into consideration bad by worldwide requirements.
There have actually been cases with water tasks arising from bad safety and security treatments and steps.

Travel Advisories: Officially Speaking, Is Belize Safe?

Belize Travel Safety Travel advisories

Officially talking, Belize is feasible to see and not disallowed as a “red list country” or “do not travel” location by the United States , Canada or the UK. Instead, it’s commonly encouraged to take enhanced care if you see Belize.

The United States Travel Advisories for Belize recommend that you work out enhanced care throughout the nation, rising its issues especially for Belize City. It recommends that you “reconsider travel”, noting the city as a Level 3 area in spite of the remainder of Belize protecting a milder Level 2 caution.

The United States consultatory recognizes that gang physical violence in Belize City often tends to take place listed below the Haulover Creek River and hardly ever goes across right into vacationer locations. However, overall, it recommends that dangers are high, particularly offered the historic criminal offense in the city.

The consultatory highlights that terrible criminal offenses like sexual offense and heist can – and do – take place in daytime, also in public locations. It’s a good idea to take severe safety and security preventative measures when taking a trip throughout Belize.

The Canada Travel Advisories for Belize are rather comparable to the United States advisories. Belize as a whole has an Exercise a high level of care caution because of high degrees of terrible criminal offense throughout the nation. There is likewise an alerting to Avoid non-essential traveling to Southside Belize City, south of the Haulover Creek River, because of gang and drug-related physical violence, consisting of murders and capturings.

Tourists must not also endeavor to this component of Belize city. Gang war is truly widespread right here, and it is very easy to be captured in the crossfire.

The UK traveling advisories for Belize resemble a nearly similar view. They suggest that Belize has “one of the highest murder rates in the world” and mean poor policing, stating that “police capacity is limited and many crimes remain unsolved.” Like the United States and Canada consultatory, they especially stress the hazardous nature of circumnavigate Belize City, particularly the Southside.

The UK advisory likewise cautions of robberies throughout Belize, consisting of San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Placencia, and San Ignacio. It highlights the boosting danger of sexual offense and rape, also, advising versus solo traveling and venturing down peaceful roads.

Violent Crime in Belize

As you currently recognize, Belize has a rather horrible mix of criminal offense spread throughout the nation, especially in Belize City, which is vulnerable to gang-related physical violence. It has a total criminal offense index of 53.15, especially greater than the United States at 49.34 and the UK at 47.61. Most worrying is the reality that this criminal offense score has actually enhanced over the previous 3 years. Crime in Belize prevails, and sadly, it looks like it’s mosting likely to remain.

The most usual criminal offenses in Belize are:

Dealing of medicines
Theft from building, that includes resorts and vacationer holiday accommodation
Sexual attack
Murder and calamitous physical damage
Verbal or physical misuse
Muggings and heist

Moreover, there are issues over policing, also:

Corruption and bribery
Lack of inadequacy of cops action

We’ll talk about cops performance in a 2nd, however lots of criminal offenses go unresolved. Corruption might be associated with your cops communications, although you can still call 911 for aid from regional authorities in an emergency situation.

Belize City experiences an out of proportion quantity of gang-related physical violence and criminal offense, so site visitors must work out a high level of care. While gang participants generally run out of vacationer locations, impacted locations are close adequate to the town hall that innocent vacationers might stray right into problem, or problem might overflow.

The remainder of Belize still needs you to work out care, with high degrees of burglary and opportunistic criminal offense, several of which are terrible.

Police in Belize

Onto the cops in Belize, as assured. Well, you currently recognize that the basic agreement with the Belizean cops is that they’re typically underfunded and do not have the ability to in fact penalize or respond to lots of criminal situations.

Local authorities and electrical outlets are overrun. Your ideal technique of defense from minor criminal offense is outstanding traveling insurance coverage.

On a somewhat various note, you must ensure that you are adhering to the appropriate side of regional regulations, like holding an IDP if you rent out a vehicle and preventing any type of controlled substances.

Natural Disasters in Belize

Natural Disaster Safety in Belize

Belize has a poor associate when it concerns all-natural catastrophe danger. The nation has a coast that opens up onto the Caribbean Sea, so you must work out care throughout cyclone period, in between June and November, especially from August to October.

These months are filled with cyclones and serious tornados. As a ripple effect, Belize typically experiences flooding and water level climbs. There is the danger of tidal waves, however there has actually never ever been one in current background, simply some cautions a couple of years back.

We advise attempting not to take a trip throughout these months or a minimum of register for weather advising signals. On standard, the nation experiences 7 cyclones a year, so it pays to stay clear of the period totally.

How To Stay Safe in Belize in Case of Natural Disaster

If you choose to see Belize throughout this risky duration, we’d recommend checking out pre-armed with a listing of means to remain risk-free in instance of all-natural calamities. Here are a couple of pointers you can make use of to protect despite calamities like flooding and cyclones:

1. Have an Evacuation and Shelter In Place Plan

It’s a good idea to have a strategy to leave (this might be traveling insurance coverage to obtain payment if you need to schedule a very early trip home or a “go-bag” to leave to a various area in Belize). You must likewise have a sanctuary strategy, examining beforehand with your holiday accommodation to see what assistance they provide.

2. Know The Area

Do some fundamental research study on the location you’re remaining in ahead of time. You must recognize where the closest police headquarters, health centers, and useful areas like the highest possible ground (in instance of flash floodings) are. Knowing this format will certainly aid you in instance of emergency situation when every min issues.

3. Subscribe to Alerts

Subscribe to signals from the United States Embassy in Belize, regional media, and disaster-related signals from firms like the National Hurricane Center Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration.

Weather in Belize

Weather in Belize

Of training course, the most effective method to comprehend the danger of seasonal all-natural calamities is to comprehend the weather condition in Belize. Knowing the nation’s weather condition malfunction by period can truly aid reduce the dangers of traveling.

Overall, you must recognize that Belize has a subtropical environment, primarily divided right into a completely dry and stormy period. The stormy period lasts from June up until November, accompanying its hurricane-prone period. The completely dry period ranges from February up until May. Temperatures rest in between 70 and 90 levels Fahrenheit throughout the year.

We’ll take a more detailed look, however.

Spring: March to May

March to May in Belize is primarily completely dry, with temperature levels in between 75 and 90 levels Fahrenheit. May is the hottest option, while late March to very early April is the busiest time with all the springtime break groups.

Summer: June to September

This is Belize’s main damp period. Despite temperature levels resting at their highest possible in between 80 and 90 levels Fahrenheit, seaside locations might discover a decrease with all the winds. This is when Belize has its highest possible dangers of cyclones and floodings. We’d advise providing it a swerve.

Fall: October to November

Fall is still a little doubtful, with constant rainfall in spite of the decrease in the danger of cyclones. Temperatures float at around 75 to 85 levels Fahrenheit, however you must still anticipate a small cool in the gusting seaside areas. Only a couple of vacationers trouble checking out currently of year, as the rainfall can create flooding and, as a whole, doesn’t create an enjoyable remain.

Winter: December to February

Winter notes the start of the completely dry period—hooray! December is constantly a slow-moving begin, with the rainfall dragging its feet a little prior to going away. However, January and February are infamously completely dry and are the months when tourist gets once more.

Temperatures are light, in between 70 and 80 levels Fahrenheit, however the somewhat trendy, drier weather condition is suitable for taking in the sights. A win is a win, right?

5 Tips For Staying Safe in Belize

Tips for staying safe in Belize

As stated, traveling insurance coverage alone won’t suffice when checking out Belize. A terrific method to remain risk-free is to tick all the essentials (traveling insurance coverage will certainly be much more useful than sounding 911 if an electronic camera obtains swiped). However, as a basic policy, you should improve the essentials with even more customized methods to remain risk-free in Belize.

1. A Spare Wallet is Your Best Friend

When checking out Belize, bring an extra pocketbook with old (or lesser-used) cards and loosened money is a fantastic concept. This is primarily for if you are taking a trip in the bigger cities. Mugging can obtain everybody. There’s no assurance you won’t drop nasty of this unfortunate criminal offense, so why not be prepared?

You must never ever stand up to an assailant. So, rather, provide an option that doesn’t truly influence you.

2. Don’t Scrimp on Transportation

There are numerous nations where you can reduce prices by taking public transportation. Belize isn’t among them. Skip inexpensive transport and constantly pick the much more safe choices. We chose exclusive transfers which were much safer and much faster. This is non-negotiable in Belize, particularly when it concerns points like evening buses.

3. Leave Your Luxury Fashion Sense At Home

Flashy fashion jewelry and also especially attractive clothing could look remarkable, however we’d suggest leaving them in your home. You intend to stay clear of accentuating on your own with anything developer or expensive-looking. Instead, gown down and make your objective to mix, not capture eyes.

4. If In Doubt, Skip Belize City

Belize City is without a doubt the riskiest area in the nation. If you are uncertain whether you feel great taking energetic precaution, simply avoid it. There are much easier areas to remain risk-free in Belize, like Caye Caulker. It’s very easy adequate to quit of your travel plan.

5. Do Your Season Research

Finally, do your period research study. As you found out in the area over, Belize’s environment modifications on a regular monthly basis in spite of its total completely dry versus damp period. It’s ideal to stay clear of the height cyclone danger months.

You must likewise remember that rainier and off-season months draw in less vacationers. This indicates less groups and even more separated vacationer locations, which can in fact place you at even more danger of opportunistic criminal offense. It’s a little bit of a paradox when hefty groups attract pickpocketing. Still, as a whole, peak months are far better to stay clear of being separated for even more terrible criminal offenses.

Belize Emergency Numbers

Police (Countrywide): 90/911
Fire and rescue (Belize City just): 90
Police (Belpoman): 822-2222

Is Belize Safe for Families?

Is Belize safe for families

We’d state that locations like Caye Caulker and Ambergris Cay are risk-free for households with travel-savvy moms and dads. If you are a seasoned vacationer and are investing the cash to remain in extra-secure, beautifully-located holiday accommodations with trusted trips and transfers, Belize is risk-free for households. Just remember that it might be a far better vacation to take with older kids that you can describe fundamental safety and security preventative measures to.

For households without that pre-existing traveling experience, we advise picking a various area to see. Save Belize for a little later after you’ve had a couple of method runs.


Take holiday accommodation seriously when taking a trip as a household, and avoid cutting corners on protection or place. 
Choose your location in Belize thoroughly, choosing commonly “safe” locations like Caye Caulker.

Is Belize Safe for Solo Travelers?

Belize Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

Belize is a little bit of a difficulty for those checking out solo, however similarly extremely fulfilling. If you’ve had a lot of solo traveling experience, you’ll locate it workable, and there’s a fantastic hostel scene for making brand-new close friends. Experienced solo tourists are typically much more aware of safety and security preventative measures than those in a team, so Belize can in fact be far better fit to solo traveling because feeling.

Still, as a basic policy, Belize is ideal experienced in a team to restrict the danger of robberies and even more ominous criminal offenses like sexual offense. You can schedule points like team trips and directed field trip to aid you remain risk-free while taking a trip to Belize alone. If checking out solo, stay clear of non-essential traveling in the evening, make sure in backwoods, and don’t delight in too much alcohol usage.


Take team trips where feasible and stay clear of strolling alone in the evening.
Choose well-located resorts or hostels.

Is Belize Safe to Take Public Transportation?

Public transportation safety in Belize

Public transport is fairly risk-free in Belize, however be gotten ready for an extreme experience. So-called hen buses are vibrantly repainted public buses running in rural and metropolitan locations. They are generally stuffed however an inexpensive method to navigate. Be a little conscious of pickpocketing, run-ins, and bag snatching, however or else, this technique of mass transit is risk-free.

At evening, toss all that gone. You must stay clear of mass transit in the evening whatsoever prices, as it develops a much greater danger for terrible criminal offense. Get a signed up taxi rather, or stay clear of unneeded evening traveling.

The best method to navigate Belize is by signed up taxis, which you can acknowledge from environment-friendly permit plates. Uber doesn’t exist right here, so environment-friendly permit plates will certainly become your following ideal close friend. You certainly desire a signed up cabby, as it provides an added protection layer. It is a great concept to take a look at the Government Of Canada’s suggestion on public transportation.

You can likewise rent out a vehicle and drive about Belize secretive cars fairly conveniently. However, you must work out a high level of care in the evening, preferably preventing all superfluous traveling after dark. You must likewise be gotten ready for normal cops checkpoints, where you should show a type of ID and your International Driving Permit. Be conscious of just ever before making use of main boundary crossings and know the danger of heists at areas like traffic control in metropolitan locations or opportunistic criminal offense on remote roadways.

Are Medical Facilities Safe in Belize?

Medical safety in Belize

Medical centers in Belize are combined. There are 2 kinds of centers: public and exclusive health centers. Private health centers are usually a far better alternative as they’re far better moneyed, so they have far better clinical materials and even more to purchase properly educated specialists. However, accessibility to either can be seriously minimal, particularly if you’re remaining in backwoods.

We’d recommend examining where your closest health centers are prior to checking out. Ensure you are updated with all your inoculations and regular checkup prior to separation. And ensure you have great traveling insurance coverage if it comes to be a far better concept to fly home. This is especially the instance if the medical facility doesn’t have a particular, particular niche sort of drug or therapy readily available on prompt need. Belize’s ideal health centers are excellent for small injuries, however if you have an extra major trouble, it might be recommended to look for therapy in other places.

Is Belize Safe? Top Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll leave that concern as much as you—do you feel great making use of all the info over to intend a risk-free journey? Belize gets almost a million site visitors yearly, the large bulk of whom take a trip the nation without problems. It is everything about picking locations where you really feel comfy taking obligation for your safety and security, and all of us recognize some nations make this even more tough than others. Belize is tough however possible. We enjoy it.

Here are a couple of usual Frequently asked questions to aid remove the concern of “should you, shouldn’t you” up.

Is Mexico or Belize much safer?

Mexico and Belize are approximately comparable. Mexico has some Level 4 locations (significant as “do not travel”) however has a more clear location for risk-free tourist in Cancun and along the Mayan Riviera shoreline. Belize has just one Level 3 location (“marked as reconsider travel”) however much less plainly significant locations for risk-free tourist. It relies on where you intend to take a trip.

Is Belize or Costa Rica much safer?

Costa Rica is partially much safer, as it is just significant as Level 2 by the United States Travel Advisory. In comparison, Belize City is noted as a Level 3. However, both Belize and Costa Rica are flagged for terrible criminal offenses, consisting of sexual offense. It’s ideal to come close to both nations with enhanced care.

When not to head to Belize?

August and October are the most awful times to head to Belize. These are the months when you can experience one of the most tornados and cyclones, which can be hazardous. It is slap in the center of cyclone period.

What is the best component of Belize?

Caye Caulker and San Pedro are the beloveds of Belize, 2 locations understood for being somewhat “safe” throughout the nation.

So, Is Belize Safe To Travel In?

Belize Travel Safety

No, Belize isn’t a commonly refuge to see. However, there are degrees to the dangers you take; are you preparing a journey to Southside Belize City or Caye Caulker? Are you checking out on a trip? Or are you going solo? How much traveling experience do you have? What are the existing updates, and what season are you going?

For those ready to take water-tight safety and security preventative measures, Belize greatly awards your added initiatives. There’s no refuting the nation is stunning. We have a best one-week travel plan right here if you’d such as some ideas.

Stay risk-free and delight in. The ideal safety and security preventative measure is understanding, and we wish you have a wonderful time.

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