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Colombian Food: 28 Traditional Dishes to try in Colombia or at home

Colombian Food: 28 Traditional Dishes to try in Colombia or at home

Latin America is renowned for its scrumptious food, and also Colombia does not dissatisfy. In reality, tasting Colombian food is among the leading factors to go to Colombia. Like its nation, Colombian food varies and also interesting.

You might identify the weird Caribbean food or Peruvian meal in these 28 finest recipes – Colombian food is enormously affected by its bordering areas and also early american background. The nation is divided right into 6 areas, each of which has its very own local specializeds also. Remember that there are local distinctions when circumnavigating Colombia’s must-see cities – you don’t intend to lose out on a specialized meal.

28 Traditional Colombian Dishes

Traditional Colombian Dishes

Ready to discover the very best Colombian food? Whether you intend to attempt some Colombian food in the house or are going to Colombia and also are delighted to attempt neighborhood recipes, this overview will certainly present you to the very best. We’ll cover whatever, from Empanadas to Frijoles Rojos. Let’s dive directly in.

1. Colombian Empanadas

colombian food embanadas

Colombian empanadas have actually been a preferred meal considering that early american times. Its look is just like a Cornish pasty, and also the bread is folded up over with a loading within. It’s simple to identify with its particular semi-circle form and also pinched side.

You’ll discover ground meat, potatoes, cheese, and also hogao (tomato salsa sauce) within. Of program, there are some dish variants – specifically for meat-free variations of the meal. Colombian empanadas are simple to make in the house and also scrumptious to consume in Colombia. If you desire a fast, simple treat, empanadas are among the very best Colombian recipes.

If you intend to attempt an empanada prior to you take a trip to Colombia, you can follow this dish to make your very own in the house.

2. Pandebono

best colombian food Pandebono

The tale behind pandebono is that an Italian baker living in Cali developed the bread. When he offered it, he utilized to stroll the roads yelling ‘pane del buono’ (excellent bread); the name stuck, and also the bread turned into one of one of the most prominent Colombian foods.

So, what is it specifically? The bread is likewise nicknamed Colombian cheese bread, which must offer you a great tip. It is made with thawed cheese, yuca flour, and also eggs and also formed right into bagel or sphere forms. You can consume pandebono at morning meal, as road food, or as a side at supper – it is an adaptable meal. Remember that it is finest consumed when it is still cozy out of the stove. Pandebono is a meal meant to be consumed as fresh as feasible.

To enter the state of mind for your Colombian trips, make your very own Pandebono at house with this dish.

3. Bandeja Paisa

traditional colombian dishes bandeja Paisa

Bandeja paisa is most likely one of the most renowned Colombian food in this overview. Some also reach to call it the nationwide meal. Bandeja paisa is a platter-styled dish with a selection of meats, a deep-fried egg, white rice, corn, plantain, red beans, and also an avocado. The meats consist of diced beef and also chorizo sausage to chicharron. You’ll normally discover an Arepa on home plate, as well (extra on that particular later).

Bandeja paisa is normal of Colombia’s Antioquia area and also, like frijoles rojos, was excellent for employees investing lengthy days in the hills and also on ranches. Bandeja paisa loads a healthy strike and also is loaded with healthy protein and also carbs. It continues to be a prominent lunch selection and also is one to attempt if you go to Colombia. Make your dish in the house by following this dish.

4. Frijoles Rojos

colombian cuisine Frijoles Rojos

Frijoles Rojos is an unique Colombian meal that utilizes cargamento beans, likewise called red beans. This Colombian food is specifically healthy and balanced, and also red beans are a terrific resource of iron, potassium, low-fat healthy protein, and also fiber. It is a stew-like mixture, and also the red beans are combined with tomatoes, onion, and also garlic. It is after that normally offered in addition to a part of rice.

Frijoles rojos was initially a worker’s dish. It is affordable and also jam-packed with power and also nutrients – excellent for sustaining a difficult day at the workplace. However, Frijoles Rojos have actually come to be a commonly consumed meal in Colombian food. Watch this simple video clip to make it on your own.

5. Bananos Calados

Bananos calados is among Colombia’s finest treats and also originates from the Quindio area, near the Andes. It could not look (or noise) appealing, yet it is quickly among the tastiest dishes you can attempt from Colombian food. The treat contains deep-fried bananas combined with lime juice and also offered with an inside story of gelato or a blob of whipped lotion, producing a wonderful yet tasty reward for your tastebuds. Occasionally, you might likewise discover the lime juice changed by orange juice and also cinnamon – so maintain your eye out for any kind of one-of-a-kind dishes.

Colombia has great deals of indigenous fruit, and also you can quickly see that this has actually influenced lots of conventional dishes. Bananos calados are one food to attempt if you intend to experience Colombia’s treat scene. Make this scrumptious pleasant in the house to restore memories of your trips to Colombia.

6. Chicharron Colombiano

colombian food Chicharron Colombiano

Chicharron Colombiano is fried pork stubborn belly, a passionate meal covered in onions, bay leaves, and also flavoring for a marvelous preference. Chicharron is loaded with taste and also offered with a crisp structure that has actually been refined over generations of food preparation. It is a common supper meal and also is related to family members and also custom.

The meal is normal of Colombia’s Andean area. However, it came from Spain and also was presented to Colombia by Spanish colonizers. The Spanish dish differs significantly; skin or stubborn belly cuts can be utilized, unlike the Colombian variation. You’ll discover that the majority of nations in Latin America have their very own variation of chicharron. Get all set to attempt as various variations as feasible. Colombia has actually considering that taken a solid spin on the meal, however, and also chicharron has well and also really gotten in Colombian food.

7. Coconut rice

Forget white rice; coconut rice is the tastiest. As its name might recommend, coconut rice is prepared with coconuts, offering it a scrumptious taste and also obtaining it a put on this listing as a dish in its very own right. There are 2 primary means coconut rice is prepared: food preparation it in coconut milk or blending it with shredded coconut. Cooking it in coconut milk is the very best, as you obtain a more powerful coconut taste.

The background of coconut rice is a little an enigma. The meal is spread around the world, specifically in Asia and also South America. However, considering that coconuts are among Colombia’s most usual exotic fruits, it is no enigma why they are so common in Colombian food. If you obtain the possibility to attempt it, coconut rice is a yummy meal.

8. Pescado Frito

colombian food Pescado Frito

Pescado Frito is a traditional, conventional Colombian food. Pescado Frito equates as deep-fried fish and also is offered entire, with skin and also head undamaged. It can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t utilized to consuming fish similar to this. However, you’ll quickly be gained, as preparing the fish in its skin enhances its taste and also maintains the fish meat moist. You can anticipate much juicer meat than you’d obtain consuming fillets and also fish steaks.

In Colombia, the deep-fried fish is normally mojarra or red snapper. The fish is cut and afterwards seasoned with lime and also flavoring, frequently being in the juice for some time to truly absorb the taste. It is offered with rice, plantain, and also salad – the excellent lunch meal.

9. Arepa de Huevo

colombian food Arepa de Huevo

Arepa de huevo is a variant of conventional arepas, which are fried corn cakes. Arepas are an enormously prominent morning meal food and also are likewise thought about rather of a home cooking. Arepa de huevo are among the tastiest variants with egg. Preparing them entails frying a corn cake, splitting it, and also loading it with an egg, after that frying it once more to prepare the egg inside. The result is a deep-fried egg covered in deep-fried bread.

It is no shock that arepas de huevos are among one of the most prominent recipes – specifically for morning meal. They are offered in heaps (like pancakes) as a standalone meal. Just choose your sauce to match, salsa and also sour lotion are wonderful options. See this dish to get up with a preference of Colombia.

10. Sopa de Pollo

Sopa de pollo equates as hen soup, and also it is an additional reassuring dish in Colombian food. It is reasonable to claim that it is most likely one of the most normal Colombian soup and also is extensively consumed throughout the nation. The hen soup is likewise loaded with plantain, corn, potatoes, and also yuca. In reality, it is so filled with active ingredients that it frequently shows up even more like a stew than a soup.

Of program, hen soup is discovered worldwide, yet Colombia’s variation is specifically scrumptious. The mix of active ingredients like plantain and also yuca is a lot more one-of-a-kind, and also frequently Colombian dishes utilize a whole hen.

Sopa de pollo is an exceptional Colombian food to attempt when going to or to recreate in the house. It is finest prepared slow-cooked and also offered piping warm and also is among those one-pot recipes the entire family members enjoys.

11. Morcilla

colombian food morcilla

Morcilla is a blood sausage made with ground pork and also pork blood. Morcillas are quickly seen as a result of their dark, deep reddish-brown shade. They are an extremely conventional meal throughout Latin America. You must have not a problem locating some to attempt if you go to Colombia. And if you like black dessert, you remain in for a reward.

Morcillas are prepared from the ground up, and also the procedure entails pressing the mix right into sausage cases. The ground meat is combined with pork blood, onions, and also rice prior to being taken into cases. Colombian dishes often tend to include cilantro and also periodically environment-friendly peas also. The sausages are after that normally steamed to prepare.

12. Cazuela de Mariscos

Ready for a Colombian fish and shellfish meal? Cazuela de mariscos is among one of the most prominent Colombian recipes in seaside areas, specifically along the Caribbean Coast and also Cartegena. It is a common food and also fish and shellfish covered dish or fish and shellfish stew – loaded with whatever from shellfishes to mussels and also lobster. The meats are prepared in coconut milk with a combination of veggies. You could also have gewurztraminer and also cheese included in the mix if you are fortunate.

Cazuela de mariscos is a renowned meal when going to Colombia’s coast. What is far better than a fresh fish and shellfish meal? Most of the moment, the active ingredients have actually been simply captured out of the Caribbean Sea. This is most definitely one for your listing when you go to Colombia. Or attempt making it at house with this scrumptious dish.

13. Colombian Bunuelos

colombian food bunuelos

Bunuelos are deep-fried spheres loaded with fresh cheese – an excellent mid-day treat or morning meal bite. Strangely sufficient, they are frequently offered together with warm delicious chocolate and also coffee, so you can frequently discover bunuelos at coffee shops in Colombia.

Bunuelos are among one of the most prominent Colombian foods. The dish produces dough from yucca flour, corn starch, eggs, milk, and also sugar. The deep-fried dough is after that made, with the bunuelos set up right into their particular appetizer-sized sphere form and also drifted in a frying pan of steaming grease.

It is believed that bunuelos were presented to Colombia by Spanish intruders. The treat is currently consumed throughout Colombia as road food and also coffee shop or dining establishment reward. Bunuelos are specifically prominent at Christmas time. We discovered this simple to comply with dish on YouTube

14. Obleas

best colombian food Obleas
Filling of Obleas awaiting the 2nd wafer (beneath) to produce the sandwich

Obleas is not simply a common Colombian meal; it is delighted in throughout Spain and also Latin America. Obleas resembles a sandwich, which’s exactly what it is. The traditional treat contains 2 wafers that sandwich a dental filling of dulce de leche and also frequently a combination of fruit, whipped lotion, and also jam. The Colombian variation is virtually similar yet includes one unique active ingredient – Colombian sugar.

If you’ve obtained a craving for sweets, obleas are among the very best normal Colombian treats to attempt. You’ll discover them anywhere, from coffee shops to road delays.

15. Lechona

Lechona is a Colombian food for unique celebrations. The meal contains an entire baked pig packed with onions, peas, potatoes, pork fat, white rice, garlic, and also seasonings like cumin. After the pig has actually had its bones gotten rid of and also has actually been packed, it is put in the stove and also slow-cooked (frequently for as much as 10 hrs).

Needless to claim, lechona is meant to be the cooking work of art of the table. It is a meal developed to be shown huge teams of individuals when you intend to sprinkle out on an expensive dish. You will certainly frequently discover specific portions of lechona at dining establishments around Colombia, however, so maintain your eyes peeled off.

16. Cholado

traditional colombian food Cholado

Let’s collection Colombian foods apart for a minute. Cholado is among the very best beverages in Colombia, so allow’s present you. The beverage is a revitalizing mix of cut ice, fresh fruit, and also sweetened compressed milk. Depending on where you obtain one, you might likewise discover the beverage offered with gelato, wafers, and also whipped lotion.

Cholado stems from Jamundi in Valle de Cauca. It is a mix in between treat, fruit mixed drink, and also beverage – ticking all packages artistically and also pleasantly. If you enjoy fresh fruit and also pleasant deals with, it is a terrific beverage to attempt when going to Colombia, yet easy sufficient to recreate in the house.

17. Carimanola

Carimanolas are simple to place. The small fritters are formed right into particular torpedo forms, normally offered wholesale as bitesize appetisers. They are a typical Colombian food, although you’ll likewise discover carimanolas in various other Southern American nations like Panama.

Inside, carimanolas are packed with hamburger or shredded hen, cheese, and also flavoring. The fritters are after that deep-fried to produce a kind of meat pie. They are light and also crunchy outside yet soft on the within. More frequently than not, carimanolas feature aji sauce. This intense environment-friendly sauce mostly contains cilantro and also behaves and also spicy – the excellent side. Want to attempt them prior to your trips? Head over to follow this dish

18. Colombian Sopa de Mondongo

colombian Sopa de Mondongo

While mondongo frequently has a stew-like uniformity, it is really an additional normal Colombian soup. The soup contains onion, potato, beef tripe, chorizo, and also pork, all offered piping warm in a tiny dish. It is an extremely conventional Colombian food, and also you’ll discover mondongo at the majority of dining establishments throughout the nation.

Like lots of Colombian recipes, sopa de mondongo is thought to have actually been presented by Spanish colonizers. The tomato-based soup has actually been strongly taken on right into the Colombian cooking scene, however, and also Colombian variations of the dish have a guaranteed spin.

19. Fritanga

colombian food Fritanga

Fritanga is a plate meal. The meal is extensively offered among road food suppliers and also contains a combination of foods loaded onto a big plate – normally grilled on the road. So, what foods will you discover in fritanga? Usually, chorizo, sausage, plantain, and also a combination of veggies.

Fritanga is a Nicaraguan meal, although it has actually come to be taken on right into Colombian food. The tale behind its beginning is a heartbreaking one. The dish was very first developed after the 1931 quake, which struck Nicaragua, and also individuals prepared food on the road with bbqs.

Now, you’ll discover fritanga prepared throughout Latin America and also Colombia. It is a historic, yummy, and also filling up meal to attempt.

20. Bocadillo

colombian dishes Bocadillo

A bocadillo is a tasty Colombian food made with guava paste – an item of a prominent exotic fruit. The meal is very pleasant and also an unique reward and also treat. It has a melt-in-your-mouth structure yet is or else not sticky to the touch. Bocadillos just call for a couple of active ingredients, primarily panela and also guava pulp, so they are simple to make if you intend to recreate the meal in the house.

You’ll frequently discover bocadillos offered at coffee shops, normally together with a piece of salted white cheese. They come reduced right into little rectangular shapes or squares and also are the excellent bitesize deals with.

21. Aborrajados

colombian food Aborrajados

Aborrajados are one meal that you don’t discover as quickly. It come from the Valley de Cauca and also is a local specialized. The imaginative (if somewhat bizarre-sounding) meal contains deep-fried plantain packed with cheese to produce a crunchy, healthy and balanced cheese bite. The greatest area to attempt aborrajados remains in the area of the Valley de Cauca itself, where you’ll discover the meal most prevalently anyhow.

Aborrajados are worked as treats or appetisers prior to a big meal. Don’t dismiss the meal at dessert time, however, as you can include guava paste to the deep-fried meal to produce a wonderful reward for treat.

22. Arroz disadvantage Pollo

Arroz disadvantage pollo actually equates as rice with hen. It is a straightforward yet staple Colombian food and also just like Spanish paella. The meal contains rice, hen, onion, and also veggies, with saffron threw via the mix for extra taste.

If you desire a loading meal, arroz disadvantage pollo is a fantastic selection. Plus, it is simple to discover and also is extensively offered at dining establishments and also road supplier delays throughout Colombia. It is thought that arroz disadvantage pollo came from Spain while the nation was under Moorish impact. When Spanish colonizers showed up in Colombia, it is assumed that the meal was presented to Colombian food society.

23. Cocadas Blancas

colombian dishes Cocadas Blancas

We’ve covered great deals from Colombia’s seaside area. But what regarding a treat from the Caribbean Coast? Cocadas blancas is an extremely pleasant treat for your listing. The meal is made with a mix of shredded coconut, sugar, milk, and also coconut water. Depending on where you attempt it, you might likewise discover added active ingredients like cinnamon – many people have their very own spin on the traditional dish.

Cocadas blancas are normally offered on the road and also along Colombia’s coastlines. However, you can discover them on treat food selections in dining establishments as well. They are scrumptious food, sticky and also pleasant. You remain in for a reward attempting one.

24. Colombian Hot Chocolate

colombian hot chocolate

Speaking of treats, warm delicious chocolate is an additional pleasant reward that Colombia succeeds at. The Colombian variation of warm delicious chocolate is called Santafereno. It is really various from the European and also American variations of the beverage. Instead of pleasant milk delicious chocolate, the Colombian variation utilizes dark, bitter delicious chocolate. Santafereno is normally made in water, not milk, with cinnamon or cloves frequently included in neutralize any kind of resentment. It might appear unusual, yet Colombians are likewise renowned for dipping cheese in their warm delicious chocolate – which you might or might not intend to attempt.

Another point that’s important to understand is that Colombia has actually been utilizing delicious chocolate for centuries. Chocolate is made from cacao trees, which are discovered in locations of Colombia and also the Amazon container. Colombia isn’t alone either; cacao has actually been utilized all throughout Latin America as much back as the Aztecs and also Mayans.

25. Calentado

Calentado is a staple in Colombian gastronomy and also is a meal rooted in reusing leftovers from the evening previously – its name actually equates as ‘heated’. The meal was substantiated of destitution to restrict waste, now it is among one of the most conventional foods in Colombia.

The most usual active ingredients in a calentado meal are white rice, plantain, and also steak. It is after that frequently covered with a deep-fried egg and also arepas, probably also offered with a warm delicious chocolate or coffee. By the nature of the meal, calentado was mostly prepared in the house. Of program, currently you’ll discover it on food selections throughout the nation. At dining establishments, you often tend to likewise discover avocado and also sausage offered together with the conventional active ingredients.

26. Fried Plantain

colombian dishes fried plantains

Fried plantain is scrumptious Colombian food. To the inexperienced eye, you can be forgiven for misinterpreting them for bananas. They look similar, other than plantains are a lot bigger, much less pleasant, and also just come to be ripe once they transform black. In their yellow phases, plantains are excellent for frying, which is where deep-fried plantain can be found in.

The finest feature of deep-fried plantain is its convenience. You can have it tasty with morning meal, lunch, or supper. Or you can caramelize it and also have it as a treat. You can combine it with an egg, or you can combine it with gelato.

Fried plantain preferences like a potato, and also the crisp external layer paves the way to a soft, squishy within. You won’t have any kind of concerns locating deep-fried plantain in Colombia (or Latin America), so attempt it on your own.

28. Colombian coffee

If you enjoy coffee, you remain in for a reward. This conventional Colombian beverage is world-famous, and also the quantity of coffee beans expanded in Colombia is interesting for any kind of high levels of caffeine fanatic. For one of the most component, Colombia expands Arabica beans, which are light and also pleasant to taste, unlike the extreme Robusta. The reality that Arabica is a little bit weak than Robusta is most likely an advantage, however, considering that, in Colombian coffee society, it is intoxicated most from late mid-day to very early night. Not from the early morning to very early mid-days like in the United States and also Europe.

An excellent means to experience Colombian is to go coffee sampling. And if you intend to go coffee sampling in Colombia, focus on going to Medellin or Manizales. These areas are famous for their coffee beans and also have actually ranges called after them. You can publication excursions around neighborhood coffee vineyards or see neighborhood coffee shops.

27. Maracuya

colombian food Maracuya

Maracuya could appear strange, yet the opportunities are high that you’ve seen one previously. Passion fruit could not be a meal because of this. Still, exotic fruits are such a well-known component of Colombian gastronomy that we needed to include them on this listing. Passion fruits are a deep purple outside, with a waxy, safety external skin. Cut open, they disclose a tasty, scrumptious bed of yellow seeds. These seeds can be consumed directly from the enthusiasm fruit or utilized as an active ingredient for items like gelato or juice.

Passion fruits expand throughout South America and also are thought to have actually initially originated from the Northern Argentina area prior to expanding in appeal throughout the continent. Not intending a browse through to Colombia? No issue. You can attempt enthusiasm fruit around the world considering that it is a considerable export item.

Colombian food is among the very best foods worldwide. There is a lot to attempt, so start asap. Luckily, if you are going to Colombia, there are lots of food excursions to example conventional Colombian food – leading you around the very best places. You can take a look at our finest traveling ideas below also.

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