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A Bolivia Salt Flats Tour in Uyuni: Everything You Need to Know

A Bolivia Salt Flats Tour in Uyuni: Everything You Need to Know

The Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt level worldwide and also one of the most popular vacationer pull in Bolivia, South America. In reality, for lots of tourists, the Bolivian Salt Flats is the single factor they see Bolivia. We do advise that you see even more of Bolivia than simply the salt apartments, however if you desire some impressive photos and also a memorable experience you will certainly wish to place the Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats on your container checklist.

Ever considering that the Bolivia Salt Flats played host to the world-famous Dakar Rally in 2014, it has actually gotten a lot more interest among tourists. “You will love it!” These were words we had actually learnt through various other tourists each time we discussed our strategy to take a trip to the Bolivia Salt Flats. As you may picture our assumptions were overpriced and also we couldn’t wait to see the white limitless views.

What is the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia?

What is the Salar de Uyuni Bolivia

The Salar de Uyuni is just one of one of the most incredible adventure-travel locations on Earth. Think 10 billion lots of salt stretching throughout a countless desert. The Salar de Uyuni is a 10,582 square kilometer area of broken white salt, left when an old salt lake called Coipasa ran out hundreds of years back.

It is the globe’s biggest salt level and also lies at a high elevation of 3,656 meters (10,000 feet) over water level. Most Salar de Uyuni, consisting of ours, implied costs 4 days secured a jeep with 3 various other tourists and also a chef while our pleasing Bolivian chauffeur took us with a progressively astounding variety of natural marvels. This is the most effective method to see the Uyuni salt apartments in my point of view.

We have actually consisted of a map listed below to offer you a suggestion of where in Bolivia the slat apartments remain in connection to the remainder of the nation.

Map of the Salt Flats in Bolivia

The elegance is that the trips are adaptable. There are choices for 1 day, 3 days, or 4 days, depending upon what your routine is and also just how much time you wish to invest in the location itself. We advise the 3 or 4-day choice as it covers one of the most.

Where do Bolivia Salt Flats Tours Start From?

Bolivia Salt Flats Tour Starting Points

The elegance of the Salt apartments being so prominent is that trips to the location begin with a variety of various areas. For one of the most component, the size of your salt apartments excursion will certainly figure out where you begin with.

Start and also End in Uyuni

Most trips of Salar de Uyuni leave from the community of Uyuni itself, a completely dry desert negotiation situated near the salt apartments. It’s without a doubt the most affordable area to grab an excursion, with journeys available for as reduced as B$600 (concerning $80 USD). This is probably the area you will certainly start if you are doing a 1 Day excursion of the salt apartments. We do advise bewaring and also doing your research study as we discovered that many of the excursion companies in Uyuni promote unstable cars and trucks and also hazardous chauffeurs.

If you are intending a 3 or 4-day excursion after that there are a great deal a lot more choices to pick from when it involves a beginning factor and also a finishing factor.

Start in Tupiza End in Uyulni

An even more enjoyable (if somewhat more expensive) experience can be had by taking the alley to the Salar, leaving southern-Bolivian city of Tupiza. Home to a handful of excursion companies and also an enjoyable major plaza, Tupiza is a stress-free area to invest a number of days while looking into company choices. Tours from below typically last 4 days and also at the end, you can go back to Tupiza from Salar de Uyuni if you such as.

Start in Uyuni End in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile

San Pedro de Atacama Chile

This is one of the most prominent choice, specifically if you are checking out a multi-day excursion. Alternatively, if you have cash to melt, you can start your excursion from San Pedro de Atacama, an attractive (if ridiculously touristy) town in neighboring Chile.

Located on Chile’s boundary with Bolivia, San Pedro de Atacama is bordered by incredible views of its very own to discover–however it’s except the pale of budget. This is just one of the factors we advise scheduling the excursion that begins in Uyuni and also finishes in Chile at San Pedro de Atacama.

If you do choose to begin in San Pedro bear in mind that you will certainly go to a high elevation, so there is a threat of acute mountain sickness if you don’t make sure to adapt. Drink lots of water and also don’t over-exert.

La Paz or Sucre

If you are looking simply for a fast day excursion of the salt apartments after that you can quickly get on one in either La Paz or Sucre, if you remain in those cities and also you have a restricted quantity of time.

How Many Days in the Bolivia Salt Flats Do you Need?

Salar de Uyuni 3 Day tour

We advise the 3 or 4-day excursion of the Uyuni Salt Flats. Although you can do a 1-day excursion of the salt apartments themselves you actually do lose out on the various other destinations that are covered in the 3 and also 4-day excursion. The much longer trips are a lot more prominent because of this.

Of training course, it will certainly all rely on your spending plan and also traveling schedule which size of journey you select. Just realize that on the 1-day excursion you lose out on the warm springs, the volcano, and also the flamingoes and also you don’t obtain the opportunity to see this incredible view at sundown. Being a professional photographer this is a must!

The 3-day excursion of the Uyuni Salt Flats is the best quantity of time to stabilize going to elevation and also seeing it all.

How to Choose Your Bolivia Salt Flats Tour

How to choose your Salar de Uyuni tour

There are lots of excursion companies and also lots of chauffeurs supplying travelers an Uyuni experience-but not every one of them are reputable. Drunken chauffeurs and also sham companies are plentiful, so make sure to investigate your choices very carefully and also fulfill your chauffeur prior to taking down cash. If points appear questionable, don’t hesitate to back out.

Some excursion drivers are all also efficient pushing travelers to disregard their much better reactions. The company I picked was called Natural Adventure, a driver based out of the tiny Bolivian city of Tupiza.

I had an excellent experience with them; though my chauffeur didn’t talk much English, he offseted it with kindness, vigor, and also meaningful hand motions.

The reality is that all the trips will certainly cover the exact same points. It is beautiful criterion. They will certainly attempt and also upsell you and also encourage you that they have quicker cars and trucks or much better lodging simply to obtain even more cash out of you. If you ask the best inquiries you will certainly up your opportunities of obtaining a terrific excursion.

Recommended Tours to Book Ahead of Time

Questions to Ask Before Booking a Tour to the Uyuni Salt Flats

How Many People will remain in my cars and truck? Obviously the smaller sized quantity of individuals the much better. But most trips attempt and also obtain 6 individuals plus a chauffeur in a lorry.What sort of lodgings are used? Will you be remaining in a salt resort, sharing a space, or done in one huge area?Does my chauffeur talk English? Most chauffeurs are likewise your overview and also chef and also don’t talk much english. It assists if you recognize some spanish or you are efficient acting points out.Is the entryway to the National park consisted of? The typical response to this is no, however some do provide it. If it is not after that be prepared to shell out an added of 150 Bob ($22 USD). If you intend on seeing “Fish Island” within Uyuni salt lake that will certainly cost you additional also.Where does the excursion end? Will you be returning to Uyuni or doest t coating in one more location like San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. The coice is typically your own.

How Much Does it Cost to Visit the Bolivia Salt Flats?

Cost of the Bolivia Salt Flats Tour

As we claimed above, every one of the trips coincide and also comply with the exact same path. Do not be deceived by individuals attempting to upsell you to a much better excursion. The cars and truck and also the lodging might transform however the trips themselves equal. That being claimed the cost differs commonly, so you are mosting likely to need to bargain the most effective cost.

You ought to not pay greater than 850-1350 Bob for a 3-day excursion ($125 – $195 USD). This cost is extensive of food, transport, lodging, and also a Spanish-talking overview. If you desire an English-talking overview prepare to pay dual. What it does not consist of is the $20 cost to get involved in the National Park, so make certain you have money for that. If you are intending on mosting likely to San Pedro de Atacama after that you will certainly likewise require 50 Bob for the boundary going across. It is constantly excellent to have some money on you.

It is essential to keep in mind that the costs over are if you schedule your excursion on arrival or in Bolivia itself. If you schedule your excursion online prior to you take a trip the price can be practically double.

What are the Accommodation Options on the Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats Tours?

Accommodations on Salt Flats tour Salt Hotel

While trips themselves are markets as standard, I would certainly claim that we were happily stunned. We have actually remained in some standard areas for many years however were rather amazed when you take into consideration the price of the excursion.

You will certainly invest the opening night of the excursion in a salt resort, which we enjoyed. Now when I claim a salt resort, I indicate whatever is constructed from salt. The resort outside is constructed from salt blocks, the chairs, ground, and also bed are likewise constructed from salt. We mored than happy to have exclusive areas on the opening night to actually appreciate it. There was likewise a shower which set you back 10BS and also had adequate water for 2 individuals. Take benefit of it as there are nothing else showers on the excursion.

The various other evenings we oversleeped dorm-type areas, however you can pay an added 150Bs for a personal area, which we did. The structures are tidy and also well cared for so you never ever seemed like you got on an ultra-budget excursion.

There is no WIFI out below so you will certainly be detached which we discovered a welcome respite from frequently inspecting phones every day.

The method the dishes are established is that morning meal and also supper are offered at the lodging and also the lunch is constantly when driving. The food itself was not great eating however it was yummy and also there was constantly sufficient.

How to Dress for a Salar de Uyuni Tour

Bolivia Salt Flats Dressing guide

Travel with Bolivia’s southwest edge suggests dividing your time in between severe heat, under the amazingly warm noontime sunlight, and also severe chilly, when the freezing high elevation evenings sneak in.

It’s an excellent suggestion to wear layers–this way, you can layer up as the sunlight goes down, after that dropped clothes once more when it increases. During components of the Uyuni excursion, temperature levels can go down as reduced as -15 levels celsius, so it’s important to make certain that you have some cozy garments loaded. Read our layering ideas for packaging. 

How to Get to Salar de Uyuni

Hot to get to Uyuni from La Paz

From La Paz to Uyuni

The buses from the de facto resources of La Paz to Uyuni are significantly tailored to vacationer convenience, as the Salar de Uyuni comes to be a a growing number of common quit amongst backpackers in South America. The bus from La Paz takes 8 hrs and also obtains you right into Uyuni at concerning 6 am.

This is lots of time as many trips do not begin up until 10 am. It is an over night bus, so you will certainly minimize an evening’s lodging if you rest. It will certainly cost you concerning $25 USD for the over night bus and also you can look into tickets with

It is advised to remain an evening in Uyuni to adapt to the elevation.

If you have some additional money or are restricted on schedule after that you can likewise fly to Uyuni from La Paz. It sets you back concerning $100 USD and also is frequently consisted of with exclusive trips from La Paz.

From Sucre to Uyuni

IF you are originating from the resources of Bolivia, Sucre, you can capture a straight bus to the Uyuni Salt Flats. The bus flight typically takes concerning 8 hrs. It leaves from the bus terminal on Avenida Ostria Gutierrez in Sucre at 9:30 am and also 8:00 pm. It will certainly cost you roughly 11USD. Make certain to examine the moments and also price on TicketsBolivia.

If you desire, you can schedule an arranged 1-day excursion from La Paz to Uyuni salt level. At completion of the excursion, you will certainly go back to La Paz.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Bolivian Salt Flats?

Best time to visit Uyuni Salt Flat

There is no hard time to see the Bolivia Salt Flats. It actually depends upon the experience you are trying to find.

Rainy period: If you wish to see representations of the salt lake, the wet period is a great time to see. The salt apartments flooding and also change right into a substantial mirror that shows the skies and also produces an other-worldly experience. During this time around of the year there is little to no wind and also typically clear skies. Perfect for a professional photographer. The wet period in Bolivia is from December to April. Just realize that throughout the wet period a great deal of the bordering destinations are shut.

Dry Season: We checked out throughout the completely dry period and also it was incredible also. It is warmer throughout this time around from May to November. Since we saw throughout the completely dry period, our SUV generated a huge cloud of dirt when we went across the magnificent moon-like landscape of Bolivia’s Andean Plateau producing unique pictures.

What you will See on a Bolvian Salt Flats Tour

Isla del Pescado

Isla del Pescado Bolivia

Have you ever before seen an island that is NOT bordered by water? Welcome to Isla del Pescado, the Fish Island! The Salar de Uyuni has a couple of islands and also we appreciated an amazing sight from the top of this one. From up there, we obtained an impact of truth measurement of the salted landscape.

Steam Locomotives – Train Graveyard

Train Graveyard in Uyuni Bolivia

We shown up in Uyuni and also leapt out of the SUV and also went up the large damaged old heavy steam engines. At that factor, we did not recognize that the grownup’s play ground was simply behind the edge, Uyuni’s train burial ground. The trains are remaining from a time when they lugged minerals from the Salar de Uyuni to the Pacific Ocean.

Bolivia’s Andean Plateau

In the Andean Plateau, at an elevation of concerning 4,000 meters, not just the air is spectacular. This is exactly how genuine experiences resemble. This is where the SUV feels comfortable.

The chain of volcanoes and also hills along the perspective provided us the sensation of being away from any type of world. And momentarily we assumed we got to the “end of the world”.

The tracks may resemble remains from centuries past however they are still in operation and also attach Bolivia with Chile. The moon-like landscape bordered us as we drove on the red and also brownish sand when suddenly, behind a hillside, an attractive shallows showed up.

Lunar Landscape

Bolivia Salt Flats Stone tree

The Andean Plateau and also its strange rock developments have actually been developed over countless years with wind and also sand. And in some cases nature is really innovative and also types rocks like the Arbol de Piedra, the Stone Tree.

Our overview informed us prior to that we would certainly reach see a shallows a lot more stunning than the one we had actually seen prior to. But we did not wish to think him as we can not visualize that it would certainly be feasible.


Flamigoes on the Bolivian Salt Flats

Hundreds, most likely hundreds of flamingos were learning the superficial water trying to find food. It was such an opposition to see a sanctuary of life in the center of the barren views.

Laguna Colorada

Laguna Colorada Bolivia

The silence was around us when we came close to the Laguna Colorada, the Red Lagoon. Everything around us really felt unbelievable. Do you recognize exactly how it really feels when you see something and also cannot think it is genuine? It was unsubstantiated that this shallows, with its tones of yellow, black, white, red, brownish, and also heaven skies over it, was not a canvas.

Now and afterwards we saw these little pink places once more, flamingos that appreciated the scrumptious alga that makes the water show up red. It was practically depressing to see that the last shallows we saw, the stunning Green Lagoon with the stunning volcano behind-the-scenes was devoid of flamingos.

As we discovered this eco-friendly sort of algae was dangerous. Too poor, the water looked so welcoming with those stunning representations externally.

Sulfur Geysers

Visiting a steaming hot spring is an emphasize of the Uyuni Salt Flats excursion; I was so sidetracked taking photos, I practically dropped in! It was a really unique area our chauffeur took us to enjoy the dawn in the morning.

We were bordered by hot springs and also openings in the ground loaded with boiling mud. The chilly air of the early morning escalated the heavy steam and also the location resembled a mystic area. After leaving the salt level we assumed it can not obtain any type of much better. But we were so incorrect!

Photos of Salar de Uyuni

Photos Sala de Uyuni Bolivia

The Uyuni Salt Flats is THE image place to have fun with percentages and also point of views when taking images. It’s an area where individuals rest on potato chips canisters, plaything dinosaurs revive chasing tourists, and also leaping over an SUV is a wind.

On brief image quits, it can be tough to choose whether to take photos of the views or merely take the views in. For those inclined to break, it’s important to speed your photo passion. The landscape is so spectacular, it’s merely difficult to capture everything. In various other words, it’s a journey like nothing else, and also definitely worth doing.

Common Questions About Doing a Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats Tour

Salar de Uyuni FAQ

Do you require an English Speaking Guide?

The response below is it depends. If you talk rather well-versed Spanish after that you can certainly do away with an English overview. If you do not talk Spanish in any way after that we advise paying the money (it can be as much as 500 Bs each) and also obtaining an English overview.

We like to comprehend our overview as they can offer a great deal of history details on the location and also there is the included benefit that if you pay additional for the English overview you will certainly have just English talking individuals in your cars and truck. When you are with each other for 3 or 4 days this was very important to us.

That being claimed, if you wish to conserve some cash and also you get on a limited spending plan, the Spanish-talking overview is great. You will certainly have the ability to construct out the majority of what he is claiming anyways. It is essential to keep in mind that if you choose the English-talking overview that there is typically one overview for each 2 or 3 cars and trucks from that excursion firm.

What elevation are you at in the Salar de Uyuni?

You go to elevation when you remain in Uyuni, Bolivia. The community itself rests at greater than 3500m or 12,000 feet which is simply where you begin. During the excursion, you will certainly get to elevations of as much as 4800m or 15,000 feet at the Laguna Colorada, in the Eduardo Avaroa National Park. So be prepared.

We advise costs at the very least someday in Uyuni prior to your excursion to season to the elevation. Dring lots of fluids and also don’t put in excessive initiative literally. You will certainly be out of breath a little on the initial day however ought to obtain utilized to the absence of oxygen swiftly.

Will it obtain chilly?

The brief response is of course. Even though the weather condition throughout the day can be enjoyable, you need to bear in mind that you go to elevation so the evenings can obtain fairly chilly. If you are somebody that obtains chilly quickly you may wish to bring your very own resting bag or ask to lease one from the excursion driver.

Will I have phone or web throughout the excursion?

The reality is you will certainly remain in the center of no place so there will certainly be little to no web or phone signal throughout the whole journey. It is a great time to loosen up and also detach from the globe and also appreciate the nature that is throughout you. If you remain in determined requirement of web or a phone there is a put on the 2nd day that uses paid web gain access to.

Cash or Credit Card? Which is Best?

Cash is king when you get on your journey to the salt apartments in Bolivia. There are some Atm Machines in Uyuni however we recommend having neighborhood money handy prior to you show up simply in situation. Make certain that you have neighborhood money as that is called for specifically if you wish to see the following:

National Park Entrance Fee: 150 Bs ($22 USD) eachFish Island: 30 Bs ($5 USD)Hot Springs: 6 Bs ($1 USD)

What should I load?

Packing for the salt apartments is actually depending on where you are mosting likely to complete your excursion. If you are continuing to The Atacama Desert in Chile you will certainly bring your complete knapsack. We do recommend placing the day-to-day products in a day pack so they are quickly obtainable as your pack will certainly get on the top of the 4X4 every day.

If you are beginning and also finishing in Uyuni after that it is feasible to leave some products in the resort so you don’t need to bring whatever. That being claimed, the changes in temperature level can be fairly radical so you desire o to be prepared. Here is a checklist of points you ought to load for your excursion of the Salt Flats in Bolivia:

Sunscreen with high SPF, sunglasses, hat and also lip balm are a must.Layers of cozy garments. Temperature fluctates considerably in between night and day.Hiking boots (Older ones if you are seeing throughout the damp period)Travel towel for the opening night shower and also the warm springs.Gold Bond: To maintain on your own fresh.Camera and also additional batteries totally charged.HeadlampWater container and also water. Even if it is given it is excellent to have additional.Cash in neighborhood money.Swimsuit if you pan on entering the warm springs.Flip flops or running footwear for at the resort.

How Do you Describe the Salt Flats in Bolivia?

Bolivia Salt Flats are beautiful

Salty, white, limitless… these 3 words best define the Salar de Uyuni. The sunlight melted from the skies and also the representations from the salt were so solid that it was difficult to open up the eyes without sunglasses while looking into the substantial salt desert. After a while, the wonder can be a little bit frustrating. It’s as if nature is attempting to defeat you right into entry with numerous incredible points.

Most Salar de Uyuni trips can really feel really begin and also quit, with the chauffeur meeting various other vacationer jeeps at assigned factors for all-too-rapid photo ops. It’s an unique view, as the southwest roadways of Bolivia show up totally deserted but also for the jeeps collecting in tiny teams to disgorge their vacationer freight.

Final Thoughts

Final thought on the Uyuni Slat Flats tour

We drove throughout Bolivia’s breathtaking southwest edge, a terribly stunning area rupturing with hills, shallows, and also non-active volcanoes. Equipped with lots of huge containers of alcohol consumption water and also thick resting bags our chauffeur placed the SUV right into initial equipment and also an incredible experience with barren environments started.

It’s an experience that entails lovely views, severe cold, and also days without bathing.

At completion of our 3-day journey, we were worn down. Exhausted due to all the unbelievable points we had actually seen.

It began with a countless white salt level, proceeded with moon-like sandy and also completely dry landscapes of volcanoes and also hills, and also finished with one of the most vibrant shallows we had actually ever before seen. Every among us required time to absorb the previous days.

There are lots of incredible put on our blue world however the Salar de Uyuni and also whatever around it genuinely comes from among its most stunning areas! The Salar de Uyuni continues to be among the globe’s most great areas–and also considering that it’s in Bolivia, among one of the most inexpensive, also.

Bolivia’s frontier really feel suggests the journey in some cases appears comparable to getting out of the charted area, onto a sequence of various worlds.

Sticking Around Bolivia

Exploring more of Bolivia

But while the Salar is most certainly an emphasize, the harsh rest of Bolivia ought to not be neglected.  From the grimy mining city of Potosi to the gothic roads of La Paz to the green forest reaches of the Amazon, Bolivia is loaded with spectacular and also peculiar views. Once you’ve seen the Salar (and even prior to), take into consideration lingering to take a couple of additional locations in. 

If you’re wanting to endeavor along the side of the globe or race throughout a few of nature’s most striking views, there is no much better location. So band in, distort up, and also don’t neglect to bring tones. There’s a white desert waiting, constructed from salt and also blinding sunshine.

Have you been to the Bolivia Salt Flats? What do you assume? Is Bolivia’s Andean Plateau among one of the most stunning areas worldwide?

This short article was initially created by Liane and also Lars of that have actually considering that quit blogging, however we have actually maintained it on ThePlanetD as it is a location that deserves seeing.

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