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7 Amazing Day Trips from Tokyo, Japan

7 Amazing Day Trips from Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a first-rate city. But if you require a break from the busy city life, take into consideration among nowadays journeys from Tokyo to among 7 neighboring spots.

These locations near Tokyo variety from a simple thirty minutes to 120 mins by train or ferryboat. Best of all, these locations are lovely in all 4 periods. So, burst out your JR Pass or Passmo/Suica cards as well as prepare yourself for some enjoyable!

Best Day Trips from Tokyo

The finest means to experience these Tokyo excursion is by train, yet if you are up for the difficulty, you can rent out a cars and truck too. It will certainly offer you much more flexibility as well as versatility to discover these incredible locations.

If you are seeking even more details on Tokyo, review our Tokyo traveling overview at The Best Things to do in Tokyo, Japan

1. Kamakura

day trips from tokyo kamakura day trips

From 1185 to 1333, Kamakura was the de facto funding of Japan. There’s a reason that this city is called a “Little Kyoto” – it is breaking with background, society, as well as spiritual frameworks. With 65 holy places as well as 19 temples, it is really simple to obtain temple/shrine overload. For that factor, it’s finest to restrict the variety of temple/shrine adventures to 3 a day.

If you’re just in Kamakura for someday, 3 really unique spiritual websites are well worth a see. For a much more comprehensive overview of Kamakura read: Things to do in Kamakura Japan – The Ultimate Seaside Escape

Hasa-dera Temple

The holy place was developed in 736 as well as is popular for its 11-headed wood sculpture of Kannon, the siren of grace. The lovely premises consist of fish ponds filled with vivid fish, as well as beautiful designed locations.

Zeniarai Benzaiten Shrine

best day trips from tokyo entrance to zeniarai Benzaiten Shrine

One of one of the most one-of-a-kind temples in Japan, Zeniarai Benzaiten go back to 1185. Visitors come below to clean their cash in the temple’s unique waters. According to tale, as soon as you invested your cleaned cash, your good luck as well as lot of money would increase. Although the money-washing tale is an obvious draw, the temple’s website is really unique: you access it by travelling through a passage cavern.

Kotoku-in Temple

The most preferred holy place in Kamakura, the Big Buddha (Daibutsu) is so connected to the city itself that the sculpture is plainly included on tourist plans as well as publications. The 44-foot bronze Daibutsu was created in the mid-13th century as well as has actually made it through quakes, fires, as well as problem.

Kamakura is additionally popular for outstanding purchasing as well as a wide range of worldwide foods. If you’re aiming to attempt a regional specialized, Kamakura is popular for shirasu – whitebait. There are lots of means to consume shirasu – dried out, raw, or steamed. If this is outdoors your convenience degree, one point is particular – at Kamakura, you’ll have great deals of tasty alternatives to pick from.

Best Suited For: Those curious about checking out conventional Japanese society as well as background.From Tokyo: It’s simply over a hr by train from Tokyo Station to Kamakura Station.

2. Enoshima Island

Enoshima Island tokyo day trips

This captivating island is linked by a 600-meter bridge to the landmass. The island has a charming backstory: a strong dragon that had actually been scaring the neighborhood citizens relinquished his wicked means to win the love of the lovely siren Benzaiten. Enoshima Island is a testimony to their love.

The dragon style is woven throughout the island, from the sculpted sculptures to the luxuriant light articles. There is also a temple committed to the dragon, together with a holy place committed to the siren.

Sea Caves

best day trips from tokyo enoshima island

Although it includes numerous collections of high stairways, among the most effective locations to go to is the sea caves. For ¥500, ($3.50 USD) team will certainly offer you with a candle light to discover the caverns as well as see old sculptures. The candle light isn’t truly needed as there is sufficient lights. All the very same, it’s an enjoyable touch that includes in the feeling of experience as well as it’s little information that young site visitors truly enjoy.

At the outermost cavern, a modern-day dragon sculpture stands in welcome, significantly lit in tones of purple as well as warm pink. Kitschy? Yes. But It is still quite trendy.

best day trips from tokyo  dragon statue

For such a portable island, a journey to Enoshima notoriously includes a great deal of exercise. If you enjoy Japanese food, this is a wonderful opportunity to develop a cravings as well as obtain your cardio in. Enoshima features numerous stairways.

Don’t seem like taking the stairways, or currently have the body of a Greek god? The island has a tiered ticket system, as well as for in between ¥200-800 yen ($1.50 – $8USD) visitors can utilize escalators to gain access to different destinations. The rate of tickets relies on just how high up you want to go.

Given its enchanting background, it’s understandable the island’s appeal with young fans. The sights from the top are impressive, as well as on a clear day, Enoshima Island has definitely magnificent sights of Mt. Fuji.

Food to Try

best day trips from tokyo ice cream

While there are lots of sit-down dining establishments on the island, it can be an enjoyable experience to simply forage at the lots of food stalls. As with neighboring Kamakura, shirasu (white lure) is an Enoshima specialized. There are numerous means to appreciate shirasu: in a warm croquette, atop a rice dish, or (gulp!) as a soft lotion in a cone.

Best Suited For: Those seeking a one-of-a-kind island experience. Due to the island’s location, those that are rather energetic will certainly appreciate the experience one of the most.From Tokyo: It’s a hr from Tokyo Station to Kamakura Station. From Kamakura Station, take the breathtaking Enoden Line train to Enoshima Station (around 25 mins). Follow the well-marked indicators as well as stroll throughout the bridge to Enoshima Island.

Misaki as well as Jogashima Island

Jogashima Island,

Are you a maguro (tuna) enthusiast? If so, you’ll enjoy Misaki. The angling community is recognized for having among Japan’s leading tuna hauls. Whatever meal you wish to attempt, feel confident – the top quality will certainly be first-class.

Misaki is additionally recognized for its fish market. While it is currently shut as a result of COVID, site visitors typically have the possibility to check out the tuna public auction procedure using the glass home windows on the marketplace’s 2nd flooring.

Jogashima Island

Near Misaki Harbor is Jogashima Island, easily accessible either using bridge or a brief watercraft trip.

best day trips from tokyo misaki nd jogashima island

Whereas Enoshima Island is a traveler location filled with caverns as well as must-see holy places, Jogashima emits an unwinded trip ambiance. The sparsely booming island has numerous outstanding treking routes. The most breathtaking of those routes will certainly take you by well-kept lighthouses as well as along coastlines of volcanic rock.

Those whose character is much more smooth can select to merely appreciate fresh winds as well as sea sights while picnicking.

Food to attempt: It would certainly be an embarassment to head to Misaki as well as NOT obtain their tuna. While Misaki is most popular for its tuna, as an angling town every one of the fish and shellfish is outstanding. An unbelievable collection food selection that consists of miso soup, a dish of rice as well as tuna, as well as eco-friendly tea will likely run around ¥1600 ($11).

Best Suited For: Outdoor lovers as well as maguro fans.From Tokyo: It will certainly take you regarding 90 mins to receive from Tokyo Station to Misakiguchi Station. Outside the terminal, take a taxi or the NR 2 Bus to Misaki Port (around 18 mins).From Misaki Port to Jogashima: Jogashima Island can be accessed by a 5 min watercraft trip from Misaki Port or a 2.2-kilometer stroll throughout the bridge.


best tokyo day trips yokosuk

Yokosuka has a lengthy background as a Sailor community. Originally, Yokosuka was just one of 4 popular shipyards for the Japanese Imperial Navy. In 1884, the Yokosuka Naval District was created for the protection of Japan.

These days, the city hosts both the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force as well as the U.S. Navy. Because of the Sailor impact, 2 must-try cooking specializeds to attempt when in Yokosuka are Kaigun (Navy) Curry as well as the “Navy burger”.

Whaaaaaat? A hamburger as a cooking location thing? You finest think it. And Japan’s tackle a U.S. Navy hamburger is absolutely nothing except beautiful.

On U.S. Navy ships, Wednesdays are passionately called “Burger Day”.

Kaigun Curry

best day trips from tokyo yokosuka

As for Kaigun Curry, it’s eaten by Sailors aboard Japan Maritime Self-Defense ships every Friday. Posters inside Keikyu Line train areas on a regular basis include tourist projects highlighting these 2 genuine “Sailor” meals.

While it is a lot easier to obtain fresh items mixed-up today, safeguarding materials to feed a starving team for extended periods mixed-up was much more tough in the old days of cruising. Whereas Western Sailors passed away as a result of scurvy, lots of Japanese Sailors passed away as a result of B1 shortage (beriberi) caused by an absence of thiamine. Without this essential vitamin, Sailors may display signs and symptoms such as psychological complication, loss of muscle mass feature, as well as paralysis.

Kanehiro Takaki, a fantastic Japanese marine clinical policeman, carried out clinical experiments as well as recognized that the signs and symptoms were diet-related. The Imperial Navy observed the foods various other Navies were consuming as well as took a web page from British Sailors – that had actually taken the suggestion from India – in consuming curry, a recipe filled with thiamine.

best day trips from tokyo yokusuka curry set

Japanese Sailors involved enjoy the meal, as well as brought the dish back house. Over time, Kaigun Curry developed itself as a prominent meal. Fun truth: each Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ship has its very own curry dish.

Either pre- or post-curry/burger, traveling to Mikasa Park as well as have a look at the Japanese battlewagon Mikasa. An legendary battlewagon, the Mikasa joined numerous significant disputes, as well as is the only pre-dreadnought battlewagon staying today.

As one may get out of a Sailor community, there are lots of stores in Yokosuka that market Japanese as well as U.S. Sailor-influenced goods, from armada spots to Kaigun curry packages.

Best Suited For: History as well as maritime lovers.From Tokyo: It’s around a hr train trip from Tokyo Station to Yokosuka Chuo.

Chiba’s Nokogiriyama

best day trips from tokyo chibas nokogiriyama

Although Chiba Prefecture is most popular for Disneyland, why not experience a genuine social prize out of the ordinary by going to Nokogiriyama?

The initially Buddhist holy place was appointed at Nokogiriyama over 1300 years earlier. At an elevation of 31.05 meters (101.8 feet), the Diabetsu (Buddha) at Nokogiriyama is the highest Buddha Statue in Japan.

Beyond its elevation, the Buddha stands out because it was sculpted right into the hill in 1783. As the Buddha of recovery, the number has a mild expression as well as holds a medication dish in his hand.

A trip to Nokogiriyama is component spiritual expedition, as well as component accepting your inner Indiana Jones. Read everything about my experience at Nokogiriyama as well as an Encounter With Chiba’s Great Stone Buddha

Takai Arhats – Enlightened Disciples

best day trips from tokyo Takai Arhats

The strolling courses on the hill are lined with the rock numbers of Takai Arhats (informed devotees). Sadly, numerous of the Takai Arhats have actually been harmed or ruined. Some of this has actually been because of the death of time as well as direct exposure to nature. And several of the damages – where it is noticeable the sculpture was beheaded – resulted from anti-Buddhist motions throughout the Meiji Restoration.

Those that are remarkably fit will certainly appreciate the difficulty of an exhausting raise the hill, where they will certainly be awarded by magnificent nature as well as wonderful sights. At a beautiful forget called “Hell’s Peak”, the daring can venture to a barrier beside a high cliff as well as take images.

Have definitely no passion in a raise a 300-meter hill? Take the cord automobile from the base to the top for ¥500. Note: although the cord automobile takes site visitors to the top, there is still a great deal of strolling up/down high stairways to reach one of the most preferred perspectives.

Best Suited For: Outdoor travelers with solid legs that want to place in initiative to reach an absolutely magnificent social prize.From Tokyo: The finest means to gain access to it is to take a train from Tokyo to Keikyu-Kurihama. Walk the brief range to Kurihama Harbor as well as capture a 40-minute ferryboat to Chiba (¥1600 round-trip). The ferryboats run on a regular basis, are spotlessly tidy, as well as are an enjoyable means to go across Tokyo Bay.


day trips from tokyo

Kurihama, component of Kanagawa Prefecture, is a wonderful area to invest an early morning or mid-day. Kanagawa is recognized for 2 famous arrivals: U.S. Navy Commodore Matthew Perry as well as Godzilla.

At Perry Park, an easy monolith commemorates Commodore Perry’s arrival in Japan as well as the 1854 finalizing of The Treaty of Kanagawa. Up till the finalizing, Japan had actually invested 2 centuries in a state of volunteer privacy. The finalizing of the Treaty of Kanagawa caused Japan opening its boundaries to international profession.

It’s difficult to overemphasize the importance of this silent, humble area reverse Kurihama Harbor. And yet this file generated what would certainly come to be contemporary Japan. Read much more: Mind-Blowing Facts regarding Japan

Kurihama Flower Park

best day trips from tokyo flower park kurihama

Less than a 20-minute stroll from Perry Park is Kurihama Flower Park, a 144-acre sanctuary where blossoms flower year-round. If you exist in April or May, the poppies are particularly beautiful. Hundreds of hydrangeas will certainly award site visitors that take a trip in June or July in blossom. Go in September or October, as well as the areas are carpeted by a million universes blossoms.


best day trips from tokyo king kong

At the top of capital stands what is perhaps Kurihama Flower Park’s most popular destination: a 9-meter (27-foot) Godzilla slide. What is the “King of Monsters” doing at a stunning blossom park?

According to the initial 1954 Godzilla movie, Godzilla initially made land at neighboring Tatarahama coastline. A slide was initially created at the coastline, yet gradually abject as well as required to be eliminated.

kurihama day trips from tokyo

However, neighborhood organizations as well as personal people missed out on the cherished beast as well as elevated funds to bring Godzilla back to their community. The present Godzilla slide at Kurihama Flower Park was revealed in 1999 as well as has 2 English words sculpted on the base: GODZILLA RETURNS.

Although just kids under 12 can rise Godzilla as well as glide down his substantial tail, he is still worth a see.

Best Suited For: Those curious about background as well as national politics (Perry Park), as well as those looking for a relaxing mid-day at a wonderful park. Although the climb up Kurihama Flower Park is high, for a couple of hundred yen the park’s “Flower Train” will certainly transfer visitors where they wish to go.From Tokyo: It is around a 75 min train to either Keikyu Kurihama terminal. From there, it’s a simple 15-20 min stroll to Kurihama Flower Park or Perry Park. Both parks are at no cost.


the best day trips from tokyo japan

Yokohama is much less than 20 miles from Tokyo. Although thought about component of the higher Tokyo location, Yokohama most definitely has its very own personality. It has the difference of being the second biggest city in Japan.

In 1859 it turned into one of the initial ports in the nation available to international profession. As such, Yokohama has an extremely metropolitan, worldwide online reputation.

For evidence, look no more than Yokohama’s Chinatown, which is just one of the biggest worldwide. The vibrantly tinted, bustling .2-kilometer square location attributes numerous stores as well as dining establishments possibilities to experience various ranges of Chinese food. One of the largest attracts at Yokohama’s Chinatown is a quit at Kanteibyo holy place, committed to the Chinese god of success as well as company.

Other preferred locations to have a look at while in Yokohama are the historical Red Brick Warehouses near the harbor. Originally utilized as personalizeds structures, they currently execute the feature of a shopping center as well as occasion place.

Cup of Noodles Museum

best day trips from tokyo yokohama

To experience among Japan’s best cooking exports, head to the Cup of Noodles gallery.

Post World War II, Momofuku Ando designed the mug of noodles in 1958 as a method to offer affordable, delicious food for a modern-day employees. His creation would certainly take place to turn into one of Japan’s leading social exports.

Not just can you discover the background of this creation, for ¥400 yen (2.50 USD) you can pick from a range of components to create your very own bespoke mug of noodles. It’s an enjoyable keepsake to take house.

Best Suited For: Those that enjoy Chinatown or are aiming to modest extol producing their very own instant-noodles plan.From Tokyo: Catch among the lots of trains from Tokyo. The trip to Yokohama will certainly take much less than thirty minutes.

Bonus Tokyo Day Trip – Nikko

Akechiddaira Ropeway Nikko Japan view

While Dave as well as I went to Nikko on a four-day journey from Tokyo, many individuals stand out right into Nikko for a single-day journey. With quickly trains leaving Tokyo, it can conveniently be seen in a brief day. If you drive, it is also far better to discover several of the leading locations in Nikko.

Most individuals concern Nikko to see its incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Nikko Temples as well as it is just one of the most effective locations in Japan to appreciate the loss colours.

The leading destination in Nikko is the Tosho-gu Shrine committed to Tokugawa Ieyasu. Tokugawa Ieyasu was one of the most effective guy in Japan in 1600. He was called Japan’s initial Shogun after unifying the nation from a strong civil battle. His Mausoleum lies within the Tosho-gu Shrine as well as is just one of one of the most essential temples in all of Japan.

Right beside Tosho-gu Shrine is the Buddhist holy place of Rinnoji. Make certain to attempt the Zen Meditation experience in this holy place. If you wish to prepare a much longer travel plan in Nikko see our overview at Complete Nikko Japan Travel Guide – 18 Things to do as well as Places to See

Best Suited For: People curious about Japaneses background as well as society as well as to do some outside experiences. From Tokyo: Catch the Tobu Express train from Asakusa Station or the Tokyo Sky Tree. Nikko lies 157 kilometres north of Tokyo. Locals drive to the area, so you can drive also if you choose.

And these are some incredible excursion from Tokyo. Japan is a spectacular nation to go to, so see to it to leave the city to appreciate the lovely as well as varied countryside. It has even more outside rooms as well as woodlands that you’d anticipate!

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