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4 Days in Oaxaca City, Mexico - The Ultimate Itinerary

4 Days in Oaxaca City, Mexico – The Ultimate Itinerary

Ready to prepare your journey to Oaxaca City, Mexico? Oaxaca is amongst the top Mexico traveling locations, particularly for social tourists and also food fans. The Oaxaca schedule in this post will certainly aid you optimize your time in “The Foodie Capital of Mexico.”

Oaxaca (obvious waa-haa-kah, in situation you weren’t certain) has a whole lot to use site visitors. There are 3 Oaxaca UNESCO World Heritage Sites, busy mercados, vibrant colonial structures, lovely nature, and also regional craftsmen towns, and also this schedule takes you to every one of them.

Oaxaca Itinerary – The Ultimate City Guide

Ready to reach this utmost Oaxaca schedule, so you uncover the must see, must do, and also must consume areas in Oaxaca City, Mexico? Let’s dive in, however don’t miss out on the Oaxaca City frequently asked question at the end of the post, so you recognize just how to finest strategy your journey.

Day 1: Centro Historico & Oaxaca Zocalo

oaxaca city itinerary Downtown Oaxaca City

On your very first day in Oaxaca City, invest a long time learning more about the community’s design on this Free Walking Tour. It will certainly offer you a possibility to be familiar with topography in Downtown Oaxaca City (Centro Historico) and also the Zocalo (Main Town Square), which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Oaxaca City has a growing road food society, so watch for tlayudas (likewise called Mexican pizza), quesillo (Oaxaca string), tetelas (triangular-shaped hand pies), tamales oaxaqueños (tamales prepared in banana leaves), nieves (sorbet), and also tejate, a prehispanic delicious chocolate and also corn consume alcohol that’s offered cool, and also extremely rejuvenating on a warm Oaxaca day.

For the daring eaters, see to it to example among one of the most preferred Oaxaca specials: chapulines (obvious chap-pull-leen-es). These little insects are marketed by the kilo, and also offered in a bag so you can treat on them throughout the day, similar to snacks, nuts or sweet.

If Mexican insects aren’t your suggestion of a scrumptious treat, head to the regional markets for some non-insect foods. Mercado 20 de Noviembre is part-market, part-food hall, so you can most likely to each supplier and also attempt whatever you’d such as, as well as likewise do some purchasing.

After consuming, head to the Zocalo (Town Square) to see the Catedral Metropolitana de Oaxaca (Oaxaca Cathedral), the largest church in Oaxaca City. Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Plaza), the location bordering the church, is the best area to unwind on a park bench and also invest a long time people-watching.

Oaxaca City itinedrary botanical gardens

Next, head to the neighboring Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán. This 16th century Spanish church was made in the Baroque design design, and also a should see. Located on the holy place premises, don’t miss out on the Casa de la Cultura Oaxaqueña (Oaxaca Culture Museum) and also Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca (Oaxaca City Botanical Gardens).

Note: This 2.5-acre yard functions Oaxaca’s indigenous plants and also animals, with thousands of plants, trees and also succulents to see. It has a delicate community, so you need to see with an assisted excursion. They deal excursions in English a couple of times a week, for $100 MXN ($5 USD) each.

Up next off, you’ll wish to make your method to Calle de Macedonia Alcala, a pedestrian-only road in midtown that’s best for images, purchasing and also consuming. This preferred road is lined with vibrant structures, art galleries, hip bars and also delicious dining establishments, and also is a main center of task in Oaxaca City.

 Oaxaca City itinedrary mole

You’re most likely obtaining starving once more now, and also considering that you’re in Oaxaca, you need to attempt the genuine Oaxacan mole (obvious moe-lay). Here are a couple of fantastic dining establishments where you can example mole: Las Quince Letras, Los Danzantes and also Cabuche.

Nowadays, many individuals recognize with mole (black mole), there are really 7 kinds of mole. These consist of mole colorado (red mole), mole verde (eco-friendly mole), mole poblano (orange mole) and also mole amarillo (yellow mole) — and also you can attempt them done in Oaxaca.

Day 2: Hierve el Agua & Oaxacan Mezcal

If you’ve ever before seen images of Oaxaca City, you’ve most likely seen a few of Hierve el Agua, with its scared falls and also infinity swimming pools. Hierve el Agua essentially converts to “boil the water,” and also though the water isn’t really boiling, there are thermal swimming pools with mineral-rich water that you can take in.

Located regarding 1.5 hrs southeast of Downtown Oaxaca City, it’s finest to head to hierve el agua early in the early morning; they open up at 9am. Between the mineral swimming pools and also the walk to all-time low of the scared falls, there’s a whole lot to see at Hierve el Agua, and also you’ll wish to invest regarding 4 hrs there to do everything.

 Oaxaca City itinedrary Hierve el Agua waterfall

The finest method to arrive is through rental automobile, and also it’s a very easy increase the hill to hierve el agua. You can likewise take the camioneta (common pick-up vehicle), or work with a personal cab driver for the day. This is a terrific choice if you aren’t leasing a cars and truck due to the fact that the taxi driver will certainly wait on you in the parking area, and after that drive you back to your resort when you’re provided for the day.

As among the most-visited areas in the Oaxaca City location, Hierve el Agua obtains extremely crowded. If you wish to take some Instagram images with no other individuals in them, arrive precisely when they open up at 9am so you defeat the excursion buses.

In enhancement to the thermal spring swimming pools, which the citizens state have recovery minerals, the various other significant points to see at Hierve el Agua are the “waterfalls.” You see quotes around words falls due to the fact that they actually aren’t falls; though they do appear like it.

From much sufficient away, it looks like though water is plunging over the cliff-face, however this is simply an impression. This result was developed over centuries, as mineral-rich water dripped down the high cliff. Over time, the minerals from these water goes down collected, and also currently it looks like though there’s falls at Hierve el Agua.

oaxaca city itinerary hierve el agua pools

There are 2 falls right here, a little one and also a big one. You can see the little one from the top of capital, but also for the very best sights of the huge one, you’ll require to trek to all-time low. It is a fairly very easy, 1.6-mile (2.5 kilometres) loophole path that takes around 1.5 hrs to finish.

When you make your back up the hill, you’ll come to the thermal spring swimming pools. These mineral swimming pools produce the best area to delight in a saturate after the walk. If your muscular tissues are injuring, the mineral-rich water ought to minimize a few of the discomfort.

After Hierve el Agua, you can head back to Oaxaca City to refurbish for an evening out. As the resources of mezcal in Mexico, you need to attempt some regional Oaxacan mezcals. Mezcaloteca, which is part-mezcal institution, part-tasting space, is the dreamland to discover it and also attempt a few of the very best locally-made artisanal mezcal in the area. (Note: Reservations called for.)

After a couple of beverages, you’ll most likely desire a great supper in “The Foodie Capital of Mexico.” If you wish to spend lavishly, head to Casa Oaxaca. For the very best experience, make a booking a couple of weeks ahead of time for among the roof tables, at what numerous state is the very best Oaxaca dining establishment.

Day 3: Mitla & More

oaxaca city itinerary milta

Your 3rd day in Oaxaca starts in the Mitla pueblo magico (magic community). Never come across a Mexico pueblo magico? This prominent title is granted to villages with significant qualities like historical importance, one-of-a-kind social customs and also unblemished all-natural charm. 

San Pablo Villa de Mitla, typically simply called Mitla for brief, a town that has prehispanic damages. It is one-of-a-kind for an ancient website in Mexico due to the fact that there’s no high pyramids. Rather, the holy places at Mitla are much shorter and also have detailed rock makings and also vibrant geometric styles.

The word mitla is a Nahuatl (Aztec) word, and also is stemmed from mictlán, significance “a place of the dead.” In the past, Mitla worked as a divine burial ground for the Aztec, Zapotec and also Mixtec worlds, and also just vital nobles, warriors and also clergy were enabled to be hidden there. 

The Mitla Ruins and also city of San Pablo Villa de Mitla have to do with a hr south of Oaxaca City by automobile. You’ll desire at the very least 3 hrs to discover the structures, damages and also the community itself. After you’re done, you can start the drive back to Oaxaca City, however you’ll wish to consist of some quits along the road.

oaxaca city itinerary rey de matatlan mezcal making

The starting point to take a look at is El Rey de Matatlan, a mezcal distillery where you can see the whole farm-to-table mezcal procedure. They have a complimentary mezcal excursion where you’ll discover every little thing from the agave plant harvest, to the procedure of really distilling the mezcal. At completion of the excursion, you can example the mezcal and also also purchase a bottor (or 2).

Next, head to Teotitlan del Valle, a pueblo in Oaxaca. This among the supposed Oaxacan craftsmen communities, which are little towns that each make simply one craftsmen craft. In Teotitlan del Valle, they make tapetes (hand-woven Zapotec carpets), which are amongst one of the most renowned Oaxacan inventions.

Many of the regional master rug-makers open their centers to excursions, so you can see the entire weaving procedure. After hand-dying the woollen, these master craftsmens utilize a large impend to produce their hand-made carpets, and also no 2 equal. After your excursions, you can also purchase the carpets straight from the musicians, and also numerous also use delivery for an extra cost.

oaxaca city itinerary tule tree

The last quit is the pueblo of Santa María del Tule, residence to the renowned Arbol del Tule. The Tule Tree holds the globe document for the biggest tree trunk on the planet, so you’ll wish to see to it to see it while there’s still daytime to actually value just how enormous this tree is.

El Tule is a 2,000-year-old Montezuma cypress tree. It actions in at 46-feet in size (14 m), and also takes around 30 mature grownups with their clasped hands and also standing in a circle to cover completely around it.

Day 4: Monte Alban Ruins & Artisan Villages

oaxaca city itinerary monte alban ruins

There are a total amount of 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Oaxaca, Mexico: 1) Prehistoric Caves of Yagul and also Mitla, 2) Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley, which covers both Oaxaca state and also Puebla state, and also 3) Historic Center of Oaxaca and also Archeological Site of Monte Alban. This schedule consists of 2 of the 3, and also on the last day, you’ll see the Monte Alban ancient website. Check out 42 Amazing Ancient Ruins of the World

Monte Alban is one of the most vital of all old damages in Oaxaca. It lies simply thirty minutes by automobile from midtown, and also a should see on any kind of Oaxaca City schedule. You’ll wish to head there as very early as feasible, so you can defeat the groups as well as likewise defeated the warmth from the lunchtime sunlight.

The Ruins of Monte Alban lie in addition to a hill, and also there’s primarily no tree cover neither color. This can produce a really perspiring getaway, particularly if you prepare to climb up the pyramids. To stay clear of the warmth as high as feasible, strategy to come to 8am when they open up.

To offer on your own sufficient time to walk and also climb up all the frameworks and also pyramids, enable regarding 3 hrs at Monte Alban. From the greater altitude factors at the website, you’ll have some excellent sights of the Oaxacas valley communities listed below, consisting of Oaxaca City.

oaxaca city itinerary Monte Alban Pyramids

After you’re done at Monte Alban Ruins, take a look at the neighboring Oaxaca craftsmen communities so you can buy genuine keepsakes made by regional crafts-people. Not much from the damages, head to San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca. This little town is recognized for its barro , the renowned black ceramic from Oaxaca. Also, take a look at Amazing Historical Sites In the World – That We’ve Seen

People from San Bartolo Coyotepec have actually been making black ceramic considering that the 1950s. The initially individual to make it was Doña Rosa. She began to brighten the ceramic prior to shooting it in the kiln, which provided the completed item its trademark black matte coating. Today, the custom proceeds, however it was Doña Rosa’s that placed her pueblo on the map.

The last art community is San Martin Tilcajete, the sensational land of the Oaxacan alebrijes (obvious al-lay-bree-hays). Never come across an alebrije? They are brightly-colored hand-carved timber numbers, and also among one of the most precious kinds of Mexican folk art.

Alebrijes integrate 2 or even more pets right into a crossbreed animal, which some state functions as a spirit overview, similar to a Native American symbol. If you’ve seen the Pixar flick Coco, the personalities Dante and also Pepita are both alebrijes. 

The very first alerije was made by Mexican musician, Pedro Linares, that provided the name alebrije (a fabricated word). His imaginative heritage survives on in the Oaxaca artisan community of San Martin Tilcajete, where you can see them being made in regional stores, and also purchase the extremely own you alebrije.

Oaxaca City Travel: Frequently Asked Questions

Monte Alban Pyramids downtown

Where is Oaxaca City?

Oaxaca City is the resources of Oaxaca state, situated in the Southern Mexico area. It has to do with 285 mile (460 kilometres) south of Mexico City. Oaxaca state boundaries Chiapas state on its eastern side, Guerrero State to its west, and also Veracruz and also Puebla mentions to its north.

About 160 miles (258 kilometres) south of Oaxaca City, you’ll locate the Riviera Oaxaqueña (Oaxaca Riviera). There are many coastline communities in Oaxaca to take a look at, however with a four-day schedule, it’s simply not feasible; you’d desire at the very least a complete week to see Oaxaca City and also the coastlines.

How do I take a trip to Oaxaca City?

Oaxaca International Airport (code: OAX) lies regarding 20-30 mins by automobile from midtown. There are extremely couple of worldwide straight trips, however you can conveniently locate attaching trips via the Mexico City Airport, Monterrey Airport, Guadalajara Airport and also Tijuana Airport.

You can likewise take the trouble bus from Mexico City to Oaxaca City. Trouble is Mexico’s biggest bus business, with a fleet of luxury-class buses. There are day and also over night journeys readily available, however some like the over night journey as the drive takes 6-7 hrs.

Should I lease a cars and truck in Oaxaca?

Getting a rental automobile in Oaxaca City is the most convenient method to see a great deal of websites throughout your four-day journey. To comply with the Oaxaca schedule in this post precisely, a rental automobile is the method to go. The finest area to obtain one is the Oaxaca Airport, and also you can choose it up right after you land. Check rental automobile contrasts at

How’s the Oaxaca climate?

Oaxaca City is a desert, so when going to, anticipate warm, completely dry days, however after that awesome, crisp evenings. Weather in Oaxaca can differ by around 20°F from day to evening, so you’ll wish to load layers, and also don’t fail to remember to bring a coat which you’ll utilize each evening when the sunlight drops.

When is the very best time to see Oaxaca?

Though Oaxaca City remains in the desert, it rainfalls quite greatly from around May to September; though the various other months are primarily rain-free. For the very best climate, check out throughout the months of October to April, which is the completely dry period in Oaxaca.

Final Thoughts: Your Ultimate Oaxaca Itinerary

There’s a lot to do and also see in Oaxaca City — among one of the most intriguing traveling locations in Mexico. On a four-day journey, you can cover a great deal of ground if you’re leasing a cars and truck due to the fact that mass transit in Oaxaca isn’t incredibly reliable.

Keep in mind that you can navigate by public transportation, however you’ll compromise a great deal of your traveling time doing so. If neither choice appears enticing, there are likewise lots of excursions, and also you can schedule them from regional companies in the Zocalo as soon as you get here.

What from this Oaxaca schedule captured your eye? We’d like to learn through you, so please allow us recognize in the remarks down below.

Author Bio: Shelley is a previous Miami take a trip publication editor that dropped the workplace for the globe! She has actually been a full-time deportee living in Mexico considering that 2018 and also assists tourists prepare their utmost Oaxaca journey via her Travel To Oaxaca website.

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