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24 Fun and Interesting Facts About South America

24 Fun and Interesting Facts About South America

Welcome to South America! A land including outstanding all-natural landscapes, a series of varied societies, and also a wealth of distinct wild animals. From the old Incan city of Machu Picchu set down atop hazy tops to the globe’s biggest jungle, South America is a bonanza of globe marvels. So unwind, twist up, and also prepare for a thrilling flight as we study some interesting truths regarding South America

Interesting and also Fun Facts About South America

Interesting Facts About South America Rainbow Mountain

South America is the 4th biggest continent with an acreage of 17,814,000 sq kilometres (6,878,000 sq miles). It uses up using up one-eighth of the Earth in the southerly part of the Western Hemisphere.

There are added wonders such as Galapagos Islands, awesome Iguazu Falls plus the South Sandwich islands off its shore making this place genuinely welcoming for nature fans. southern america days

south america facts galapagos

From the marvelous Andes to the midsts of the Amazon Rainforest, this is one location that never ever falls short to astonish you! Unearth these truths regarding South America and also its geographical marvels, vivid human beings, and also eccentric practices as we look into every little thing it needs to use.

1. The Name South America

While Christopher Columbus was the very first to cruise to the New World from Europe, the Americas were in fact called after the Italian traveler Amerigo Vespucci that later on checked out the brand-new continents in between 1499 and also 1502. He was the very first to recommend that North and also South America were their very own continents and also not component of the East Indies. Hence, he was offered the honor of having virtually a whole hemisphere called after him. Not poor!

2. South America is High

facts about south america lake titicaca

South America is a high continent with a lot of high points. It has the greatest funding worldwide. La Paz in Bolivia has an altitude of 3,650m (11,975 feet).

In Venezuela, you’ll discover the greatest falls worldwide – Angel Falls has a waterfall of 979 meters (3211 feet)!

Lake Titicaca is the greatest accessible lake worldwide resting at an elevation of 3,800 meters (12,500 feet). It is the largest lake in South America and also Lake Titicaca is just one of the continent’s most prominent visitor destinations.

South America Facts Mount Aconcagua

Mount Aconcagua is the Highest Mountain In The Western Hemisphere. Reaching an imposing elevation of 6,959 meters (22,841 feet) over water level, Mount Aconcagua is additionally the highest hill exterior Asia’s Himalayas.

This famous top lies in the Andes Mountains of Argentina. It might not be as high as Mount Everest, however it is in fact 2,072 meters (6797 feet) even more far from the planet’s core than Everest.

What does that in fact indicate? Well, it is up for discussion regarding what is in fact the greatest hill on Earth. Another enjoyable point to contribute to your South American truths is that the Andes are the lengthiest chain of hills worldwide.

3. Amazon River: The Second Longest River on Earth

fun south america facts second longest river

The Amazon River, which begins in Peru and also takes a trip via Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, and also Brazil is the second-longest river worldwide after the Nile.

It extends an outstanding 6,400 kilometres (3,977 miles) and also develops a lifeline for various pet varieties discovered just below on Earth. Its container homes over 1100 tributaries representing about one-fifth of all international river circulation, making it a vital component of our earth’s community. The mighty Amazon appreciates this crucial gain from its primary resource – the unbelievable Amazon River!

Speaking of the Amazon, the Amazon River Basin is the biggest landmark worldwide inhabiting almost all of north South America with a location of 7,000,000 square kilometres (2,700,000 sq miles).

And below is a really trendy truth that I simply found out while investigating this blog post, an additional river streams 4km under the Amazon. The Hamza River exists listed below the planet and also is a significant drain system of the Amazon container.

Read a lot more regarding the Amazon

4. Atacama Desert: The Driest Place on Earth

south america facts atacama desert

The Atacama Desert is the driest position on Earth. Just due to the fact that it is dry and also completely dry, doesn’t indicate it isn’t gorgeous. In truth, the Atacama Desert is a magnificent location full of life and also shade prolonging greater than 1,000 kilometres along Chile’s Pacific shore.

Not seeing rainfall in some areas for centuries has actually made it the excellent area to evaluate environments, go celebrity gazing, and also discover exactly how living microorganisms deal with extreme problems.

What makes this place amazing is that although its atmosphere can be extreme, there are still numerous plant and also pet varieties flourishing there. An excellent demo of nature’s durability throughout our globe!

5. Cultural Diversity in South American Countries

south america facts culture

The wonderful South American continent holds an abundant and also varied social heritage comprised of native people, various languages, in addition to belief techniques, and also faiths.

Close to 300 languages are talked throughout the area while various Indigenous People have actually maintained their distinct societies and also customizeds.

However, Christianity is still widespread on the South American continent as a result of European emigration’s previous impact.

6. Over 300 Languages Spoken

Let’s discover. The language and also identifications of individuals compose such an intriguing component of our globe!

The South American continent is residence to greater than 300 native languages talked daily. Spanish and also Portuguese are the main languages in many nations.

The 9 Spanish talking nations in South America consist of Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and also Uraguay

Brazil is the only nation where the main language is Portuguese however there are Portuguese audio speakers in Uraguay, Paraguay, and also Venezuela.

The Indigenous People of the South American Continent talk the Indigenous languages of Quechua, Aymara, and also Guarani.

7. Indigenous People and also Their Cultures

Interesting Facts About South America Indigenous Tribe Quechua

The Indigenous People of South America have actually held their unique societies for hundreds of years, and also consist of the Guaycuru, Kaiwá, Lengua, Atacama, Lule Vilela, Tapiete Araona Guarayo Quechua, and also Mapuche Peoples.

The continent’s different spiritual tapestry today shows its considerable social history, blending typical ideas with components from Christianity.

8. Predominance of Christianity

south america facts christianity

In South America, the primary religious beliefs is Christianity with approximately 57% of people being Roman Catholic and also 19% Protestant. This high price can be credited to Europeans conquering and also bringing along promoters that targeted at transforming native populaces right into taking on Christian worths.

9. Remarkable Civilizations and also Historical Events

south america facts nazca

South America has actually seen amazing human beings throughout its lengthy background, like the Inca Empire and also the Norte Chico human being that prospered in the third century BC. It is additionally residence to various other old societies such as Paracas, Nazca, Tiwanaku, and also Wari, which have actually left an indisputable influence on today’s society on that particular continent.

With Christopher Columbus’ arrival in 1492 came the emigration of Latin American nations (consisting of South America and also Central America). But Latin America has actually the good news is maintained its social tradition. Let’s dig a little bit a lot more right into these old human beings.

10. Inca Empire and also Other Ancient Civilizations

Interesting Facts About South America Inca Empire

The Inca Empire, which prospered in the 15th and also 16th centuries, was an extremely innovative human being that spread out throughout what is currently Colombia to Chile. Its excellent farming capabilities, grand frameworks, and also well-structured culture are still mind-blowing today for excavators and also chroniclers alike.

A couple of various other pre-Columbian human beings have actually additionally made crucial payments to South American society – Norte Chico developed its very own distinct design of art work, Paracas refined unique fabrics, and also Nazca left interesting geoglyphs in Peru’s desert sands. Tiwanaku had actually established huge style with magnificent artworks within it while Wari arranged intricate trading networks connecting far lands with each other.

11. European Colonization and also Independence Movements

Interesting Facts About South America European Colonization and Independence Movements Falklands

Beginning in the late 15th century, European emigration of South America by Portugal and also Spain, together with the Dutch, British, and also French contributed in improving its political and also social characteristics. This consisted of making use of native populaces via enslavement and also compelled labor techniques.

Eventually numbers such as Simon Bolivar promoted for freedom from international powers – a reason that brought about various freedom activities throughout the continent developing today’s modern-day South American nations.

12. Notable Wars and also Conflicts

The complicated background of South America has actually been greatly influenced by a variety of battles and also problems, with some being even more notable than others. Examples consist of the War of the Pacific in between Chile, Bolivia, and also Peru, which took place from 1879 to 1883 and also was contested the important natural resource of the Atacama Desert.

The Chaco War occurred in between 1932-1935 in between Paraguay and also Bolivia. As well as 1982’s Falkland Islands Conflict matching Argentina versus Britain. These battles along with various boundary fights or regional scuffles have actually assisted mount the political atmosphere in this area while they pursue tranquility besides is stated and also done.

13. Unique Wildlife and also Biodiversity

south america facts jaguar

The South American continent has actually long been renowned for its outstanding wild animals. Its different communities such as the Amazon Rainforest, Andean area, and also river offer residence to plenty of plant and also pet varieties that can’t be seen anywhere else on Earth.

A famous instance of this biodiversity is the stunningly evasive Amazon River Dolphin – additionally referred to as “Pink Dolphins”. South American environments are a sanctuary for jeopardized animals like the marvelous Andean condor. Providing us with an extraordinary home window right into what Mother Nature provides our globe in regards to variety!

The rain forests especially use some charming range when it boils down to pets. From Jaguars hunting via these lands and also Torres del Paine, you’ll discover numerous interesting pests which grow below also consisting of sloths among plenty even more amazing life types discovered no place however within South America itself!

14. The Galapagos Inspired Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

south american continent facts galapagos

The Galapagos has among one of the most distinct communities on Earth where you’ll discover a number of the area’s distinct wild animals. When Charles Darwin established foot on the Galapagos Islands in 1835 throughout his trip aboard the HMS Beagle, little did he recognize it would certainly transform the globe of scientific research permanently.

This remote volcanic island chain, set down in the center of the Pacific Ocean off the shore of Ecuador in South America, offered Darwin with the excellent all-natural lab. He was attracted by the unique varieties he came across, particularly the finches. Read a lot more Unique Galapagos Islands Animals in Photos

Over time, Darwin assembled the challenge and also recognized the adjustments of pet varieties on the Galapagos were not arbitrary. Instead, they recommended a procedure of all-natural choice, where characteristics that improve survival and also recreation end up being a lot more typical over generations. This critical understanding ended up being a keystone of Darwin’s groundbreaking concept of advancement, a testimony to the motivation he attracted from the Galapagos Islands. Also read: 27 images that will certainly transfer you to the Galápagos Islands

15. Amazon Rainforest: The World’s Most Biodiverse Ecosystem

south america facts amazon rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest covers a location of 6.7 million square kilometers, making it the biggest and also most varied environment worldwide – including 40,000 plant varieties, 427 creatures and also 1,300 birds plus numerous various other animals. As “the lungs of Earth”, this precious community has a considerable function to play when it involves managing international environment while additionally providing possible sources for medication. Check out: Surprising and also Fun Facts About the Amazon River

Apart from giving fresh air as a result of oxygen manufacturing within these rain forests that are so crucial for our very own survival – not failing to remember those numerous hundreds of pets that live below also! These consist of anacondas, tapirs, jaguars, and also piranhas simply among others. All this highlights exactly how crucial preservation initiatives in the direction of shielding such a remarkable atmosphere ended up being a lot more required. Read a lot more: What to Expect on an Amazon River Cruise – Life on the River

16. Andean Region: Home to Endangered Species

south america facts the condor

The abundant biodiversity of South America’s western side, the Andean area, remains in threat as a result of a number of jeopardized varieties such as the marvelous condor and also uncommon tapir.

Protecting these pets and also their environments together with various other plant within this amazing component of the globe calls for preservation initiatives like national forests or gets plus lasting tourist efforts. Without presenting these safeguards, there might be ruining repercussions for many crucial animals discovered below on Earth’s most biodiverse continent.

17. Quirky Traditions and also Culinary Delights

Cool Facts About South America Quirky Traditions Culinary Delights Puchero Soup

South America’s society provides a unique series of customizeds and also cooking thrills that deal intriguing understandings right into the day-to-day lives of its residents. Let’s have a look at a few of the a lot more intriguing practices.

18. Gnocchi Day in Argentina

Cool Facts About South America Gnocchi Day

Celebrated on the 29th of monthly, Gnocchi Day in Argentina is an old Italian custom presented by immigrants in the 19th century. This occasion honors Saint Pantaleon and also acknowledges his organization with reducing hardship as it connects to giving home cooking for all that unite.

On this wedding, individuals collaborated to take pleasure in a tasty plateful of gnocchi gone along with by tomato sauce and also merlot, which not just shows honor towards those Italians that have actually assisted form Argentinian society however additionally provides some homemade pasta satisfaction!

19. Guinea Pig: A South American Delicacy

south america facts guinea pig

In particular nations such as Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and also Peru, the test subject has actually been a standard meal for over 5000 years. It is dealt with like a special in these areas. Particularly offered throughout unique celebrations or events.

Often prepared by toasting or barbecuing, this dish offers an intriguing taste that commemorates South America’s old food heritage. Guinea pig might appear unusual to some, however it most definitely brings something distinct to the table!

20. Doorbell-Free Homes in Paraguay

In Paraguay, a standard technique for revealing one’s arrival at an additional individual’s residence has actually been given via numerous generations. Instead of buzzers, visitors share their existence by slapping or calling out the name they are wanting to check out. This specific personalized produces an ambience of area and also nearness while bringing a little bit of delightfulness right into day-to-day life in this nation.

21. South America’s Natural Resources and also Contributions

Interesting Facts About South America Mining Salinas Grandes

South America is a large and also varied area, flaunting bountiful natural deposits such as minerals, power resources, and also communities that produce oxygen. Gold, silver iron, and also oil all play considerable functions in both the international economic climate and also the atmosphere.

In sight of placing ecological concerns around the globe today, it is a lot more crucial for countries to maintain their environments sensibly utilizing lasting techniques, making South America’s dedication to preservation especially crucial at this point. Owing to its considerable gets together with devotion in the direction of sustainability, they are well put to end up being a leader in sustainability.

22. Oxygen Production from Forests

Covering greater than a fifth of the continent’s acreage, South America’s woodlands are an indispensable component of creating over 20% of the Earth’s oxygen. These breathtakingly huge communities have actually been attributed with managing international environments and also giving residences for plenty of kinds of pets.

If that doesn’t struck residence that we need to remain to secure these life-giving locations, I don’t recognize what will. They not just enliven our earth however additionally future generations’ wellness and also vigor.

23. The wealth of Minerals and also Energy Resources

Facts About South America Mining Silver

South America is honored with a variety of minerals and also power sources, consisting of gold, silver, iron ore, and also oil. These down payments play a vital function in the economic climates of nations such as Brazil, Chile, and also Peru for their mineral manufacturing and also Venezuela and also Colombia for their oil gets.

24. South America Geography

facts about south america geography

There are 12 nations in South America and also 4 areas. Brazil is the biggest nation in South America real estate the biggest city, Sao Paulo. It has a populace of 21.7 million individuals making it among the largest cities in the world just behind Tokyo, Delhi, and also Shanghai.

Brazil is the biggest nation in South America and also it is surrounded by 9 nations. What are stated nations? French Guiana, Surinam, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, and also Paraguay.

If you are questioning, Suriname is the tiniest nation in South America.

Two nations in South America are entirely landlocked, Bolivia and also Paraguay.

South America is a long continent that gets to the much south of the globe. In truth, the most southern city in the world is Ushuaia in Argentina. Ushuaia is a prominent jumping-off place to discover Antarctica and also the Falkland Islands.

Frequently Asked Questions

south america facts iguazu falls

What is distinct regarding South America?

South America remains to be a prime destination for tourists and also travelers, due in no tiny component to its exciting elegance. It flaunts an outstanding hill chain – the Andes which extends throughout the continent – in addition to mind-blowing landscapes and also differed wild animals.

The variety of this amazing land attracts individuals from around the globe looking for distinct experiences. Making South America a significantly in-demand location that continues to astonish with its natural marvels.

What are the primary languages talked in South America?

When taking into consideration a journey to South America, it works to discover either Spanish or Portuguese as these 2 languages are talked throughout the continent. Quechua, Aymara, and also Guarani (which come from different locations of the area) might additionally deserve checking out. Knowing some type of these native languages will absolutely improve your experience in this varied component of the globe.

What are some must-see visitor destinations in South America?

If you’re searching for unbelievable areas to check out in South America, after that look no more than Iguazu Falls, Machu Picchu and also Rio de Janeiro. These tourist attractions are a must-visit on the continent!

With a lot elegance throughout this component of the globe, it can be challenging to choose where specifically one need to go initially. These 3 websites will certainly offer visitors with remarkable experiences they won’t quickly neglect. From awesome falls that dive down in between Argentina and also Argentina.


south america facts video of torres del paine

South America has much to astound tourists with its varied series of societies, locations, human beings, and also wild animals. From the marvelous Andes Mountains throughout to the vibrant roads of Sao Paulo this continent has plenty of elegance and also can use a lot to individuals around the globe. Preserving South American heritage while advertising teamwork might make sure that its numerous marvels continue to be for future generations to discover and also take pleasure in.

South America provides a variety of exciting functions. These consist of Mount Aconcagua which is the greatest top in South America, the Amazon River is the 2nd lengthiest river worldwide, the Atacama Desert is the driest area throughout the globe; not failing to remember the Atlantic Ocean coast’s splendour.

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