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22 Fun and Interesting Facts About California

22 Fun and Interesting Facts About California

How a lot do you learn about California? For the majority of people, their California understanding begins and also finishes with Hollywood in Los Angeles and also the warm coastlines of Southern California however there is a lot even more to California than Disney and also film celebrities. If you are preparing a journey to the Golden State look into these enjoyable truths regarding California.

fun facts about california
Route 66 Ends in Santa Monica California

California Fun Facts

People from all profession reside in this warm state, from farmers to technology experts, and also celebs to business owners. These are several of our preferred fascinating truths regarding California to plan for your trips. (or simply excite your close friends on facts evening). Keep reviewing to find out more.

1. What’s in a Name?

facts about california surfing culture

Many concepts declare that the beginning of the name California is stated to have actually originated from the Spanish unique “Las Sergas de Esplandián” by Garci Rodríguez de Montalvo, which was released in 1510. The unique informs the tale of a legendary island called California.

When Spanish travelers showed up in the 16th century, they are stated to have actually been advised of the imaginary island and also called the area after it.

However, an additional concept mentions that it is from the Indigenous word “Kali-fon,” which indicates “high hill” or “mountain.” This concept is sustained by the reality that lots of Native Americans in the area, consisting of the Chumash and also Tongva, had words comparable to “Kali-fon” in their languages.

Regardless of its beginning, the name “California” has actually become very closely connected with the American West and also is currently associated with the state of California.

2. The California Grizzly Bear

facts about california grizzly bear
There are no grizzly bears in California

If you take. a consider the California flag you will certainly see that it includes a grizzly bear. You might discover that weird considering that there are no grizzly bears in California. Sadly grizzly bears were tracked and also pursued after the California Gold Rush brought a greater populace to the location and also the last bear was fired in 1922. But the grizzly bear was when growing in California and also has actually been the main state pet considering that 1954.

3. California State Flag

california historical facts state flag

The grizzly bear upon California’s flag stands for the toughness of the state however there is even more to the tale. The Bear Flag was produced throughout the Bear Flag Revolt in June 1846, when a team of American inhabitants and also travelers took control of the Mexican fort at Sonoma. The rebels after that elevated a makeshift flag including a bear and also a celebrity, which came to be called the Bear Flag, and also stated the facility of the California Republic.

California Republic lasted for just 25 days prior to it was brought under American control when United States soldiers took control of Sacramento and also Sonoma. The Bear Flag itself came to be an icon of California and also the American West, and also it is still included on the state flag of California today.

4. one of the most heavily populated state in the United States

california facts california population

So it’s evident from a look that California allows, however just how huge is it actually, population-wise? California is residence to practically 40 million individuals. If that number seems overwhelming, it should. That’s the biggest populace of any type of state, and also it’s about 10 million greater than the following second biggest (Texas). It’s regarding one-eighth of the complete United States populace. 

California has even more individuals than a lot of nations. Most of the state’s populace remains in Los Angeles County which alone has 9.9 million individuals. Other heavily populated locations consist of Central Valley and also the San Francisco Bay Area. California has even more individuals than our very own nation of Canada which just has 37.59 Million individuals. Wow!

5. An Abundance of National Parks

california facts Death Valley National Park

Many individuals think about California as a dynamic state that’s consisted of just of thick cities and also coastlines. While it’s true that several of the a lot more preferred and also widely known cities, like San Francisco and also Los Angeles, get on that thick and also warm shore, there’s likewise a lots of wild animals. 

California has one of the most national forests out of any type of state. They have 9! This indicates that you’ll have no scarcity of treking and also camping places and also you can see all type of amazing pets and also plants. California has a wealth of distinct all-natural functions. It’s the ideal state for any individual that enjoys to place on their treking boots and also venture out onto the routes. 

6. Find Your Fortune

fun california facts fortune cookie

What’s your preferred component of your Chinese take-out dish? If it’s the well known lot of money cookie, you’re not the only one. Even those people that don’t enjoy the preference of lot of money cookies enjoy breaking them available to discover our destinies (and also fortunate numbers). Who doesn’t enjoy an interactive dish? 

Did you understand that these cookies didn’t pertain to us from China? They were really produced in California. There’s some disagreement regarding the specific beginning of these cookies. Some individuals declare that they were produced by Chinese immigrants in Los Angeles. Others state that they were produced to rejuvenate Chinatown in San Francisco. Others still declare that the initial individual to offer lot of money cookies was a Japanese immigrant! 

Regardless of which of these concepts holds true, the lot of money cookie pertains to us from warm California. Next time you break open your lot of money, think about the Golden State! 

7. It’s Earthquake Territory 

interesting california facts earthquakes

It’s clear that California has its reasonable share of quakes. People have actually been speaking about “The Big One” for ages, cautioning seaside Californians that they might remain in threat of a substantial shake. When will it occur? Who recognizes. Will it occur whatsoever? Who recognizes!

What we do understand is that California has more than 500 geological fault. Fault lines are what trigger quakes. Most quakes are tiny, however the last huge one took place in 2019 (so they’re not occasional). 

Californians are comfy with quakes, so little trembles won’t also cross their radar. If you make the step, however, see to it that you’re ready for the following huge quake! 

8. The Biggest Trees

california fun facts general sherman tree

So they have the largest quakes, however did you likewise understand that they have the largest trees? Sequoia and also Kings Canyon National Park are residence to the biggest trees worldwide. It remains in Kings Canyon National Park that you’ll discover the biggest grove of Sequoia trees however Sequoia National Park has the largest particular tree. The globe’s biggest tree is called (yes, called) after civil basic William Tecumseh Sherman also known as General Sherman.

This large sequoia tree is 52,000 cubic feet by quantity and also it’s over 100 feet in area at its base. The General Sherman Tree is taken into consideration the biggest by quantity as the globe’s biggest living tree. It’s tough to visualize what this indicates, however you require to see it on your own. Go look into the woodland and also prepare yourself to really feel tiny. 

beautiful national parks in photos sequoia national park

California is likewise residence to the globe’s highest tree. The Hyperion stands at a monstrous 379.7 feet high however regretfully, you can no more come up to it. After years of over-tourism (many thanks to social media sites) creating damages to the location, the federal government has actually blocked accessibility to the tree, and also any individual that damages the legislation to attempt to obtain near it can deal with jail time or a $5000 penalty. You can likewise see Sequoias in Mariposa Grove of Yosemite National Park.

Speaking of trees, it would certainly make good sense that the sequoias are the main tree, however it is the California redwood tree.

9. Silicon Valley

california facts silicon valley in san jose

California has among the biggest economic climates worldwide and also a great deal of that riches can be located in Silicon Valley. The San Francisco Bay Area is residence to Silicon Valley, which is called the international center for modern technology and also technology. However, San Francisco and also Oakland are not formally a component of Silicon Valley. The cities that compose this technology edge of the globe are San Jose, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Menlo Park, Mountainview, and also Redwood City.

10. Feeling Inventive? 

california fun facts barbie inventions

California is the native home of the innovation. By this, we indicate that there are many points that come from California. The net itself was birthed in California in 1969. California is the residence of skateboards, Barbie dolls, game video games, and also McDonald’s. The earliest operating McDonald’s dining establishment worldwide lies in Downey, California. It was opened up in 1953 and also is currently a gallery. You see and also make use of points everyday that was developed in California. 

11. More Than Fun In the Sun 

facts about California beaches

When you think about California’s nature scene you think about the tough landscape of the west shore and also first-rate coastlines. The seaside landscape raises visions of individuals roller skating down the Venice Beach boardwalk, web surfers capturing a sea wave and also households relaxing on the coastline. But is California everything about summertime enjoyable? Not whatsoever. 

California is an exceptionally varied state. Sure, you can browse and also swim in California, however you can likewise trek via thick woodlands, climb high hills, and also also ski or snowboard. This alone makes it a terrific location for a trip.

California is type of like a whole globe in one state. There are pleasant coastlines and also icy glaciers and also the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You can be in the desert or in a lavish woodland or by the lake. Regardless of your excellent environment, California can stay on par with what you’re trying to find.  And right here’s a little enjoyable reality, The Palisade Glacier in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is the most southern glacier in the United States.

12. A Moving Landmark

facts about california cable cars

Do you understand those traditional wire vehicles in San Francisco? You’ve seen them in films and also commercials, and also also on that particular household preferred comedy, Full House. These wire vehicles compose the initial “moving landmark” in the United States. They’re a clear depiction of the city and also have actually been formally marked a relocating nationwide historical site. Plus they are the only traditional wire vehicles that still operate today. Plus, its wire auto system is the last by hand run wire auto system worldwide.

13. The Golden Gate Bridge Isn’t Actually Golden

california facts golden gate bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is among one of the most well-known icons of the Golden State spanning San Francisco Bay, however it is not really gold. It was repainted “International Orange” to aid it attract attention in the haze.

14. San Francisco has a Crooked Street

things to do in san francisco lombard street

San Francisco really has a whole lot taking place when it pertains to cool down truths regarding California. For instance, did you understand that it is residence to the crookedest road worldwide, Lombard Street? The road includes 8 barrette turns and also is a prominent traveler destination.

15. San Bernardino County is Huge

The biggest region in California so occurs to be the biggest region in the nation. San Bernardino County is greater than 20,000 square miles making it bigger than the whole nation of Switzerland. After excavating much deeper I found out that San Bernardino County is really the biggest region worldwide. (The federal government internet site stated so)

16. Ups and also Downs

Highest Point in California Mount Whitney

We currently spoke about California’s environment variety, however did you understand that it’s likewise residence to both the greatest and also floors in the landmass United States? This is among one of the most unusual truths regarding California!

Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mount Whitney is the highest hill in the adjoining United States and also certainly, it is California’s acme. It’s a monstrous 14,505 feet high! Part of it remains in Sequoia National Park, so you can see the largest tree and also the largest hill done in one large walking if you’re up for it. Read everything about it right here: 12 Things to Know Before Hiking Mount Whitney

17. Death Valley

The floor in the adjoining United States remains in Death Valley (which is much less than 100 miles far from Mt. Whitney). Badwater Basin, the most affordable factor of Death Valley, is 282 feet listed below water level. This likewise makes Death Valley the most affordable national forest worldwide.

18. Avocado Capital of the World

Those tasty avocados that we delight in a lot on avocado salute more than likely originated from California. 90% of the nation’s avocados are generated in San Diego County. Southern California provides ideal environment for expanding avocados and also they remain in period year-round. If you occur to be in the San Diego location in April, look into the yearly avocado celebration that is kept in Fallbrook. More than 70,000 avocado specialists and also followers go to and also display their cooking knowledge.

19. California Wine

While we are speaking about points that California creates. It will certainly come as n shock to find out that California creates 90% of red wine in the United States. The red wine was presented to California in the 18th century by Spanish Missionaries, however as the Gold Rush developed, lots of European inhabitants made their means to the Golden State in addition to their love for red wine. Today it has lots of red wine areas creating first-rate glass of wines with areas like Napa and also Sonoma region being one of the most popular.

20. Hollywood Sign Wasn’t Made for Movies

The Hollywood Sign was initially produced to market a real estate advancement in 1923. It was to be a high end advancement called Hollywoodland and also the indicator utilized to have words arrive on it. In 1949 Los Angeles Parks took control of possession of the indicator and also got rid of words land. It has actually considering that come to be a legendary sign of the show business.

21. Los Angeles

Where to Stay in LA for Nightlife Downtown

No write-up regarding California would certainly be full without an area regarding Los Angeles, the facility of Hollywood. Even though lots of films are recorded on place nowadays, even more films have actually been recorded in California than anywhere else. The back whole lots of Los Angeles workshops and also the varied landscape of California have actually increased for places all over the world. Plus, California still hangs on to the leading place of theatrically launched tasks in the 21st century.

It has a flourishing songs scene also. In reality, the Hollywood Bowl is taken into consideration among the leading 10 places in the United States and also it is the biggest outside Amphitheater in the nation.

22. California has an Official Ghost Town

Here’s an unusual reality, California has an offical Ghost Town. Bodie California was a flourishing community throughout the Gold Rush in the 1800s however promptly decreased after completion of the Gold Rush. In 1962 it was marked a nationwide historical site the main state ghost community.

Fast Facts About California

Capital City – The state resources of California is Sacramento. The State Tree is the California Redwood Tree State Flower is the California Poppy The Official Motto of California is Eureka. (I enjoy that!) California formally came to be a state in 1850 California lies on the Southwest shore of the United States and also is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and also the states of Oregon, Nevada, and also Arizona with Mexico on its southerly boundary. You’ll discover the tiniest desert in North America right here, the Mojave Desert. It is likewise residence to the stunning Joshua Trees.

Do You Love These Facts About California? 

where to camp in california joshua tree

These are several of our preferred enjoyable and also fascinating truths regarding California. The state is so huge and also varied that you’ll never ever lack brand-new points to find out or discover! The Golden State has hills, lakes, coastlines, and also deserts. It has Hollywood allure and also a wealth of animal canines. So what is it missing out on? You!

Do you wish to see that distinction on your own? Go look into the Golden State! Read regarding Mount Whitney by Jenna of UpAndAwayMag (over picture)

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