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22 Best Things to do in Mykonos, Greece in 2022

22 Best Things to do in Mykonos, Greece in 2022

The ever-popular Greek islands develop among one of the most stunning island chains in the world. Alongside Santorini, the Mykonos Islands are the celebrity of the program. It’s a must-see location that blends sunlight, electrical blue water, remarkable food, as well as remarkable background.

Mykonos is a charming location, a location for honeymoons as well as tryst. Likewise, it brings in party-goers as well as weekenders seeking to blow off some heavy steam. You won’t be surprised to discover the groups at Mykonos, particularly in the high period. But it’s something that shouldn’t frighten you off, for it’s a location you can come close to from numerous angles. As you can still discover the quieter coastlines as well as the captivating communities that, in spite of Mykonos’ little dimension, still continue to be off the vacationer route.

Top Things to do in Mykonos

Top things to do in Mykonos Greece

1. Mykonos Town

After getting here on among the very best Greek islands, make a beeline for Mykonos Town. Exploring its slim roads lined by whitewashed homes is just one of the initial points to do in Mykonos, Greece. Not just will it offer you an excellent preference of what Mykonos island life needs to provide, however you’ll start to obtain your bearings.

Things to do in Mykonos Town

Locally referred to as Chora (Greek for the community), Mykonos Town is whatever you’d wish it to be. As you roam down the rock roads, you’ll see the stunning white exteriors as well as doors as blue as the Aegean Sea. It’s a village as well as one that won’t take lengthy to check out. That is if you don’t obtain shed in the community’s maze-like design or sidetracked by the numerous store shops.

You’ll discover most of these shops along Matogianni Street, which additionally takes place to be among the most beautiful roads on the island.

We suggest these excursions!

2. Paradise Beach

Best things to do in Mykonos Paradise Beach

With your actions total, it’s time to enjoy the extraordinary elegance of Mykonos Island. For a reasonably little island, Mykonos has no scarcity of lovely coastlines, as well as selecting the very best one is an awkward job. With that stated, Paradise Beach is the excellent location to begin.

Paradise as well as Super Paradise Beach integrate to produce a sensational area that additionally takes place to be among the island’s most cherished celebration places. In the elevation of summertime, the coastline floodings with scantily attired males and females showering in the Aegean sunlight. Come nightfall, the celebration scene rises a notch with songs as well as exotic alcoholic drinks at coastline bars like Jackie O’ as well as Paradise Beach.

Outside of the high period, you’ll discover gleaming white sand lacking big groups. Add on some beachfront dining establishments as well as it’s an excellent place to delight in a day out. Make certain to schedule your sunbed beforehand so you have the very best seat in your house.

3. Monastery of Panagia Tourliani

Things to do in Mykonos Monastery of Panagia Tourliani

A short drive from the heart of Mykonos Town, a browse through to the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani is just one of the leading points to do in Mykonos, Greece. Like the coastlines, there is rigid competitors for the most stunning abbeys as well as churches on the little island. But Panagia Tourliani is not one to miss out on.

Almost 5 centuries old, the abbey is a view for aching eyes. The tidy rock exterior total with a triad of bells as well as a surrounding belfry is an outstanding view. Not to discuss the apprehending marble water fountain that includes ornamented designs.

Equally transcendent is the inside that has actually been fastidiously recovered to its previous splendor. Visitors will certainly have the ability to see the hand-painted church display as well as iconography from the late 18th century.

4. The Kato Mili Windmills

Things to do in Mykonos Windmills

One of one of the most stunning views in Mykonos is the Kato Mili Windmills backed by the pink skies at gold hr. A short journey from Little Venice, a row of white as well as brownish windmills dots the shoreline as well as are a look right into the island’s old wheat market.

Back in the day, there were 20 of these renowned windmills. While just 7 continue to be, they’re currently among one of the most preferred destinations on Mykonos. Each windmill is a best cyndrical tube that climbs out of the ground with brownish thatched roofing systems. They’re easy yet past classy, an unforgettable instance of 18th century Greek design.

They’re cost-free to go to as well as produce remarkable pictures. But make certain to return at sunset for among the very best sundown places on Mykonos.

5. Agrari Beach

Things to do in Mykonos Agrari Beach

Agrari Beach contrasts considerably with Paradise Beach. The appeal of Mykonos generates passionate groups as well as coastline celebrations, something that can be difficult to leave in the summertime. But Agrari Beach is the location to visit experience the immaculate coastlines as well as crystal clear waters of Mykonos without scrubing shoulders with complete strangers.

You’ll discover this coastline on the quieter area of the island’s southerly shore. The gold sand leaves the coast till it links to Elia Beach, producing an amazing 5-mile shoreline of just fine-grained white sand as well as blue-green sea.

After strolling down a high, slim course, you’ll tip onto the soft sand, where you’ll find a tiny snack bar as well as a couple of sunlight loungers that you can make use of to indulge in the heat.

6. Little Venice

Best things to do in Mykonos Little Venice

In Mykonos Town, Little Venice is a community that will rapidly swipe your heart. It’s the beachfront area of community where the white homes satisfy the Aegean Sea, producing a vision right out of your wildest desires. Like the windmills, Little Venice is where Mykonos’ all-natural elegance as well as synthetic luxury satisfy.

Much of what you see in Little Venice was established in the 18th century by sellers. Now they’re villa, dining establishments, as well as a variety of fashionable bars that are excellent for sundown alcoholic drinks. Just make certain to make an appointment beforehand. You can additionally roam to the sea as well as allow the water lap in between your toes as you view the sunlight touch the perspective with the windmills in the foreground.

7. Delos Island

Things to do in Mykonos Delos Island

Taking a watercraft journey to Delos Island is just one of the very best points to do in Mykonos, Greece. Departing from the Old Harbor in Mykonos Town, it will certainly take tourists around half an hour to get to the little Cycladic island.

The background of Delos Island returns over 5,000 years. It’s including famous historical sites, most of which develop the core of Greek misconceptions as well as tales. Such is the selection of background, that the whole of Delos Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Local folklore informs of the birth of Artemis as well as Apollo, which happened right below. But that’s not all. As you check out, you’ll discover columns that have actually stood in location for centuries on the side of courses shared by explorers time after time. The island’s background, nevertheless, reaches its zeniths with Delos’ 5,000-year-old rock huts.

The ideal means to experience Delos is to take this led watercraft journey. This is just one of one of the most preferred excursions in all of Mykonos.

8. Psarou Beach

Things to do in Mykonos Psarou Beach

A number of miles beyond Mykonos Town, Psarou Beach is an additional preferred place for a day on the sand. Lined by high end coastline bars, a collection of extravagant hotels, as well as a few of the very best food on the island, Psarou is a location to experience the good life.

The coastline is virtually totally composed of sunlight loungers as well as rows of coastline umbrellas. You can ignore setting the towel right here. Instead, invest your day absorbing the views as well as seems plus the weird celeb if you’re fortunate. Keeping the summertime groups in mind, you might wish to schedule a sunlight lounge beforehand.

On the water is where the genuine enjoyable is, nevertheless. Once you’re cleared up, it’s time for water sporting activities. Go on a diving journey or get on board a jet ski. Afterward, eat at the renowned Nammos Seaside Restaurant.

9. Armenistis Lighthouse

Things to do in Mykonos Greece Armenistis Lighthouse

Little Venice might be the very best sundown place on Mykonos, however it’s not constantly affordable. This is particularly real if you wish to consume alcohol at the very best bars along the shore. For a completely complimentary sundown, make your means to the Armenistis Lighthouse.

The lighthouse is put on the island’s northwest shore where you’ll have spontaneous sights of the vibrant perspective together with the also smaller sized island, Tinos. It’s very easy to obtain right here additionally, being simply a four-mile bus or taxi from Mykonos Town.

It’s ideal to offer on your own lots of time to check out the century-old lighthouse. Mykonos has an abundant maritime background. The lighthouse is devoted to informing that tale as well as bearing in mind the lives shed in a shipwreck in the years before its development.

10. The Old Port

Things to do in Mykonos Greece Old Port

The growth of a contemporary port on Mykonos has actually taken the emphasis of its historical Old Port. Many tourists don’t also put in the time to check out. But if you’re like me, then that’s even more factor to include the Old Port to your Mykonos plan.

Like the major community, Old Port is bordered by a puzzle of slim roads. Among them are continually grinning residents as well as a genuine collection of neighborhood stores. Without the cruise liner, the water is left for little angling watercrafts that are available in as well as out as if they’ve taken a trip back to previously Mykonos was a vacationer capital.

As you check out the Old Port, maintain your eye out for the renowned Peter the Pelican. This pelican has actually handled famous condition amongst residents as well as seeing him any place he is is a large tick on your Mykonos bingo card.

11. Scuba Diving

Things to do in Mykonos Scuba Diving

A couple of days on the coast of the Aegean Sea will certainly have you delighted to check out life underneath the surface area. The sparkling child blue water is equally as stunning as the Mediterranean Sea, with as numerous aquatic prizes awaiting your arrival.

There are numerous excellent diving places around Mykonos, consisting of from Psarou Beach. But for newbies, Lia Beach is the excellent location to start. Within the secured bay you’ll discover tranquil swimming problems with exceptional clearness as you find out the crucial abilities together with your trainers.

Once you’ve finished your initial dive, you’ll prepare to strike some even more websites around Mykonos. Paradise Reef is one for guides. Here, you’ll discover a prismatic selection of coral reefs, starfish, barracuda, as well as octopus. If you wish to swim around a shipwreck, you can additionally do that at Dragonissi.

Mykonos is the excellent location to find out to Scuba Dive as the water is transparent as well as truly tranquil. This excursion is excellent for newbies!

12. Ano Mera Village

Things to do in Mykonos Ano Mera Village

Like the Old Port, Ano Mera Village is an additional remarkable component of Mykonos that sees an overmuch weak quantity of site visitors. But while a lot of are taking pleasure in the Mykonos coastlines, you can put in the time to check out among the earliest communities on the island, in tranquility.

The old-fashioned town is fixated a community square as well as flaunts Greek’s copyrighted whitewashed residences. Ano Mera gives tourists with a unique as well as genuine experience within an enchanting Cycladic town. The roads are equally as slim, yet without the bustle. This leaves you with a serene townscape that flaunts a number of significant sites, consisting of Panagia Tourlani, the Paleokastro Monastery, as well as the Gyzi Castle.

Explore on an impulse as well as don’t hesitate to obtain shed when you go to Ano Mera Village. That’s specifically just how you’ll wind up on a stunning coffee shop outdoor patio, drinking red wine as well as ignoring the Aegean Sea.

13. Church of Panagia Paraportiani

Things to do in Mykonos Panagia Paraportiani

Admiring the spectacular Church of Panagia Paraportiani is just one of the very best points to do in Mykonos, Greece. On the coast of the Aegean Sea, the church is a professional photographer’s desire. It’s an unbelievable mix of traditional white Greek design, rocks, as well as the intense blue sea.

The church is, actually, a much bigger complicated that includes 5 distinctive churches. Each has its very own strange style as well as domed roofing. The earliest, Agios Anargyros, was constructed in the 15th century total with a beautiful belfry.

Arriving at the complicated is very easy. Travelers can just get on a bus as well as leave at Fabrika Central. It’s additionally feasible to stroll from Little Venice.

14. Elia Beach

fun things to do in Mykonos Elia Beach

On the southerly shore, Elia Beach is the various other fifty percent of a sandy coast shown Agrari Beach. Elia Beach is a mix of services as well as harmony. Here, you can delight in the sunlight lounges as well as water sporting activities without thick groups, with enough additional sand to set the towel.

During the summertime, there are periodically coastline celebrations including DJs, alcohol, as well as lots of dance. But that apart, it’s a loosened up place that is liked amongst the LGBTQ neighborhood as well as also the weird nudist.

When you leave the sand as well as swim, you’ll find crystal clear waters as well as a great mix of blue tones. Aside from swimming, you can venture out on a jet ski, obtain a consider as you para-sail as well as you can additionally attempt your hand at windsurfing when the wind grabs.

15. Wine Tasting

Fun things to do in Mykonos Wine Tasting

No time in Mykonos would certainly be total without discovering the island’s wineries as well as tasting the neighborhood tipple. After all, Mykonos is just one of the earliest wine-growing areas in the world.

A terrific location to do simply that goes to Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm. From your raised setting on Mykonos, you’ll indulge in the marvelous sights of the wineries as well as the shore from the outdoor patio. You can additionally register for a winery excursion that will certainly take you behind the scenes of this lovely ranch.

But Vioma is not nearly extraordinary red wine sampling. As the name recommends, there’s a lot more to this natural ranch. Take your time discovering to find conventional Mykonian specials such as rusks, porks, genuine Greek salad, as well as craftsmen cheese.

If you wish to take an assisted red wine excursion, this that mosts likely to a citizens house is an excellent means to example the red wines of the area as well as have a genuine Mykonos experience.

16. Mykonos Maritime Museum

Cool things to do in Mykonos Aegean Maritime Museum

The Greeks have a fabled partnership with the sea. In centuries past, they found brand-new islands as well as increased well past the landmass. Now, out of the 2,000 islands in the country, around 170 are populated.

Today, the country still relies on the sea to obtain from A to B. As you circumnavigate Greece, water taxis as well as ferryboats are preferred, not simply to move residents as well as travelers, however freight also.

To discover Greece as well as Mykonos’ oceangoing background, both old as well as modern visit the Aegean Maritime Museum. Journey back as for the Neolithic age as you find historical papers, old maps, prizes, as well as reproduction ships from the Minoan duration. Complete the experience by discovering minutes that altered the training course of neighborhood background as well as the stories of ships that have actually sunk to the base of the sea.

17. Kayak

Cool things to do in Mykonos Kayaking

You’ve discovered the captivating towns, seen the sundown from the shore, as well as swum underneath the sea. But for a fresh point of view, it’s time to get your paddle as well as kayak around Mykonos.

As you drift along the crystal clear sea, you’ll have the ability to attain an amazing perspective where to appreciate the island. Much of Mykonos comes, however there are numerous spaces as well as crannies along the shore that you’ll just have the ability to see as well as get to from the water. With the assistance of an assisted kayak excursion, you’ll have the ability to.

Mykonos Kayak has a selection of journeys available, depending upon the moment as well as experience you have. Their traditional excursion takes you to wild rock developments where you’ll paddle right into underground chambers scattered throughout the north shoreline while maintaining your eye out for aquatic life.

18. Rhenia Island

Rhenia Island is an additional of the close-by islands you ought to contribute to your plan. In the darkness of Mykonos, Rhenia Island is a clean key. Although it has an abundant human background that goes back countless years, today, nobody lives right here. It’s currently an unblemished heaven.

With absolutely no ferryboat framework, the only means to make it right here gets on an assisted excursion or personal watercraft. But when you’ve gotten here, you’ll have no scarcity of remarkable journeys. Here, the coastlines are tidy, with no footprints as well as the sea is a desire to swim in.

The island’s human background gets on complete display screen. Centuries back, the island was deserted as well as its old holy places were delegated endure on their own. Add on some charming 20th-century churches as well as you can see why Rhenia Island is just one of the very best field trip from Mykonos.

19. Boat Tour

Best things ot do in Mykonos Greece Boat Tour

Many of the very best coastlines on Mykonos can be located on the impressive southerly shore. You can invest a day at each, but also for an unforgettable experience, join this full-day south shore cruise ship.

Beginning at Ornos Beach, for 8 hrs, you can settle back as well as gradually make your means along the stunning shore while drinking one Greek red wine as well as tasting ouzo. After seeing a number of coastlines, you’ll venture additional overseas to find Dragonissi Island. Upon arrival, you’ll find the sea caves that glisten versus the water.

Afterward, study the tranquil waters of Frangias Bay as well as have lunch at a seaside dining establishment on Kalafatis Beach. Last up is the lively Super Paradise Beach prior to obtaining left right back at your resort.

20. Mykonos Archaeological Museum

The Cyclades belong to an al fresco gallery, such are the variety of historical websites. But without needing to take a trip to Delos or Rhenia, you can go to the Mykonos Archaeological Museum.

History fans as well as building lovers will certainly have a blast as they check out the extraordinary collection. Visitors will certainly have the ability to rise near to old flower holders, vessels, masterpieces, as well as columns.

The gallery might be little however it’s been masterfully curated. Further highlights consist of a sensational mortuary container that checks out the tale of the Trojan War. For those that lost out on discovering Rhenia, have a look at the gallery’s Purification Pit. This was found in 1898 as well as consisted of thousands of containers as well as vessels that nurtured offerings to the gods.

21. Island Hop

Things to do in Mykonos Greece Island Hop

There’s even more to the globe around Mykonos than simply Delos as well as Rhenia islands. The Cyclades are house to over 200 islands as well as you can access all the significant ones such as Santorini, Tinos, as well as Naxos from the neighborhood port.

Frequent ferryboat crossings will certainly offer you lots of alternatives when it pertains to discovering the bordering islands by yourself. Likewise, there is a wealth of neighborhood excursions that will certainly display the elegance of the Cyclades on a private yacht.

Santorini is an additional renowned location in the Cyclades as well as is a couple of hrs far from Mykonos. You can quickly take a make an outing of it with 5 ferryboat going across every day. Another choice is Tinos, which is simply half an hour by watercraft as well as flaunts some lovely conventional towns.

Interested in Santorini? Check out our overview on the remarkable island.

22. Bike Tour

things to do in Mykonos Bike Tour

Exploring lovely Mykonos on 2 wheels guarantees to be as unforgettable a journey as any kind of on the island. Even as you expand a growing number of aware of the hilly, sun-soaked Mykonos, there’s constantly even more to see. On a bike, you can do simply that without throwing away whenever.

Joining a regional professional on a bike excursion will certainly aid you leave the ruined course as well as far from the island’s most renowned locations. Take the back roads with captivating towns as well as capture seaside as well as community sights that you wouldn’t have actually or else seen. As you check out the countryside, you’ll learn more about Mykonos on a much deeper degree.

The sloping nature of the island has actually required some bike drivers to offer a selection of excursions for various physical fitness degrees. So there’s no entrance obstacle for tourists.

How to reach Mykonos

How to get to Mykonos Greece

There are 2 methods to reach Mykonos. The most beautiful is by watercraft. Multiple business, such as Hellenic Seaways, Blue Star, as well as Sea Jet, run frequently in between Mykonos as well as different Greek locations.

It can take in between 3 as well as 5 hrs to go in between Athens as well as Mykonos. Blue Star as well as Hellenic take about 5 hrs however often tend to offer an extra tough trip.

Sea Jet on their smaller sized catamarans can obtain you there the quickest. However, if you obtain nauseous, realize this trip can obtain rough. We suggest scheduling beforehand for all 3, particularly Sea Jet.

You can fly to Mykonos throughout the summertime. This isn’t the affordable choice however will certainly aid you reach the island a great deal quicker. The everyday trips from Athens last just 25 mins.

Best time to go to Mykonos

Best Time to Visit Mykonos Greece

Mykonos has a lengthy period of wonderful climate. This extends the amount of time tourists ought to be seeking to go to the island. The climate is cozy by May as well as lasts completely to October.

Mykonos’ high period starts in June as well as finishes in September. During this duration, the climate goes to its optimal, the water is pleasant, as well as the environment is electrical. Of training course, this duration features groups as well as greater resort prices. But it’s the essential Mykonos experience.

You can minimize area prices while taking pleasure in good climate in May as well as October, however some dining establishments as well as excursions might not be running.

Outside of this sixth-month period, Mykonos is peaceful as well as without the warmer climate, it will unlikely be the journey you’re anticipating.

Where to remain

Mykonos Greece Accommodation Suggestions

With the very best destinations covered as well as some crucial concerns responded to, allow’s have a look at some areas to remain in Mykonos that fit all budget plans.

Budget – Elena Hotel Mykonos

In the heart of Mykonos Town as well as simply 6 mins from the coastline, Elena Hotel Mykonos uses benefit as well as convenience. Each area has a television as well as Wi-Fi, while visitors will certainly delight in the everyday buffet morning meal as well as flight terminal transfers.

Mid-array – Harmony Boutique Hotel

Next to the Old Port in Mykonos Town, Harmony Boutique Hotel equilibriums high-end as well as rate. Just 2 mins from the coastline, visitors will certainly delight in fashionable holiday accommodation with sea as well as sundown sights. There are additionally day spa as well as gym as well as an onsite dining establishment.

Luxury – Cavo Tagoo

Also in Mykonos Town, Cavo Tagoo has a sensational infinity swimming pool with sights bent on the sea. Each area includes the elevation of high-end, with distinctive style as well as some included either a medspa bathroom or personal swimming pool. To treat on your own, register for their series of day spa therapies prior to eating at their onsite dining establishment.

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