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18 Interesting And Fun Facts About Peru

18 Interesting And Fun Facts About Peru

Ready to discover some enjoyable and also fascinating realities regarding Peru? Whether you’re intending a journey to Peru or you’re simply delighting in some elbow chair taking a trip, prepare to be blown away by these impressive Peru realities.

Peru is a nation soaked in background, abundant in society, and also gifted with an exceptionally varied location. Nestled in the western component of South America, it’s a bonanza of old people, alluring food, and also stunning natural marvels.

Interesting Facts About Peru

Did you understand there’s a canyon that’s over 10,000 feet deep (two times the deepness of Arizona’s Grand Canyon)? Did you understand there’s a mass tomb of 400 elongate heads that some individuals think are old aliens? Did you understand you can go boarding down dune that more than 1,000 feet high? Not just are these areas real, yet they’re all situated in Peru. This treasure in South America is just one of the most biodiverse and also culturally remarkable position on the world.

1. The Mystery of the Nazca Lines

Facts About Peru the Nazca Lines

Is it old spiritual art work? A constellation graph to track the celebrities? Or a long-lost unusual touchdown strip? The Nazca Lines stay among the globe’s best enigmas.

Archaeologists currently understand just how the Nazca individuals made these renowned geoglyphs, yet no person has actually yet found out why. Located on a seaside simple 250 miles southern of Lima, this is one website you just need to attend think.

What makes the Nazca Lines so remarkable is their range and also accuracy. There more than 800 straight lines that extend throughout the level, several of which more than 30 miles in size. There are additionally 300 geometric patterns consisting of triangulars, zig-zags, spirals, and also arrowheads. Finally, there more than 70 representations of plants and also pets, several of which more than 1,200 feet long.

They were thought to be developed in between 500 BCE and also 500 CE and also scientists have actually been researching them for years, yet they’re no closer to a solution for what they are (or why there were constructed) than when they began. The function behind these lines stays an enigma. While some scientists think that they could have had huge relevance, others assume that they can be connected to water, fertility, or spiritual routines. Book an airborne excursion of the Nazca Lines throughout your journey to Peru and also think of your very own concept!

2. Coca Leaves Are Great for Your Health

Intersting Facts Peru Cocoa Leaves

Peru’s indigenous coca plant usually obtains a negative associate since it can be made use of to make drug. However, in its all-natural, non-concentrated type, it supplies individuals a host of health and wellness advantages. When travelling high in the Andes Mountains, coco leaves can assist soothe acute mountain sickness. We consumed coco tea when we initially landed in Cusco to accustom to the elevation and also it truly did assist to minimize our frustrations.

The leaves of the coca plant have lots of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and also iron. Locals utilize it to soothe discomfort and also cravings, while site visitors can experience remedy for acute mountain sickness. In the past, Incans made use of the plant in spiritual routines and also also hidden coca entrusts to the dead.

Coca-fallen leave tea is risk-free to consume alcohol and also extensively offered throughout the nation. You can additionally do as the residents do and also just eat on the fallen leaves to delight in the advantages.

3. Peru Gave Us Potatoes & Tomatoes

Facts about Peru Potatoes

It’s tough to think of a globe without tomatoes and also potatoes, yet these indigenous varieties were unidentified beyond South American nations till the 1500s.

Peru is house to over 3,000 selections of potatoes in a selection of dimensions, shades, and also structures. In truth, it’s such an indispensable component of the Peruvian diet plan that pleased residents usually claim, “Soy mas Peruano que la papa” (I’m extra Peruvian than the potato). 

While potatoes right away came to be prominent throughout the remainder of the globe, tomatoes were in fact been afraid for centuries. Europeans wrongly thought this indigenous Peruvian fruit was dangerous. It wasn’t till pizza was developed in Naples, Italy, in the 1880s that tomatoes came to be a relied on and also cherished food product.

The wild tomatoes that expand throughout the area are smaller sized than what you discover at your regional food store. Interestingly, however, this plant is the wild forefather of every sort of tomato we consume today.

4. Peru’s Geography Is Astoundingly Diverse

Fun acts about Peru Sacred Valley

Peru is a geographical heaven. From the dry levels of the Pacific seaside area to the heights of the Andes hills, and also down right into the rich Amazon rain forest, the variety is surprising. With numerous various landscapes Peru is just one of one of the most bio varied nations on the planet.

The Peruvian Andes range of mountains, among one of the most famous attributes of Peru’s location, is the lengthiest range of mountains on the planet. The highlands are house to an abundant tapestry of societies and also historical websites, consisting of Machu Picchu. The Amazon container which covers almost 60% of Peru, is just one of one of the most environmentally abundant locations on earth, with a nearly uncomprehensible range of plant and also pet life.

5. The Atacama Desert

Facts About Peru Atacama Desert

Forget the Sahara Desert. The driest position on planet is the Atacama Desert of Peru and also Chile, where it’s difficult for anything to expand. In truth, the only point that lives there is a tiny microorganism that obtains dampness from minerals as opposed to water.

Just just how completely dry is the Atacama? Some components of it have actually gotten much less than an inch of rainfall in the previous three decades!These problems and also transcendent landscapes of the Atacama have actually led it to be contrasted to Mars, and also it has actually also been made use of as a screening website for Mars vagabonds.

In the Peruvian section of the Atacama, the desert extends along the coastline and also includes a landscape populated with rough developments, dune, and also little sanctuaries. The special environment problems have actually additionally added to the conservation of old geoglyphs, like the Nazca Lines, and also mommies that offer understanding right into the area’s old people.

6. Cotahuasi Canyon

Fun Facts About Peru Cotahuasi Canyon

Remember that deep canyon we stated initially? You’ll discover it in a remote area of southerly Peru, over 12 hrs by bus from the nearby city of Arequipa.

Cotahuasi Canyon is the inmost canyon in the Americas and also among the inmost canyons on the planet that makes it a testimony to Peru’s awesome all-natural elegance. Located in the southerly component of the nation, it gets to a deepness of 3,535 meters, making it nearly two times as deep as the Grand Canyon in the United States.

It is usually eclipsed by Colca Canyon yet if you enjoy journey like we do after that you will definitely wish to check out Cotahuasi Canyon for travelling, white-water rafting, and also the chance to discover old damages. The canyon is additionally house to varied vegetation and also animals, consisting of gigantic hummingbirds and also the Andean condor, among the biggest flying birds on the planet

7. The Amazon Rainforest

Facts about Peru Amazon Rainforest

An fascinating truth regarding Peru is that two-thirds of the nation is covered in thick, rich, exotic rain forests. Peru is additionally house to the 5 rivers and also tributaries that function as the headwaters for the magnificent Amazon River. Although most of the Amazon rain forest depends on Brazil, the portal to the Amazon depends on the heart of Peru.

More than fifty percent of the globe’s varieties of plants, creatures, and also birds stay in this magnificent rain forest. It additionally creates 6% of the globe’s oxygen. You can discover all these realities regarding Peru (and also far more) when you take an Amazon River cruise ship from Iquitos.

8. Lake Titicaca

Facts about Peru Lake titicaca

Straddling the boundary of Bolivia and also Peru, Lake Titicaca holds the honor of the globe’s highest possible lake. It rests at an excessive 12,507 feet over water level and also covers a location 120 miles long and also 50 miles wide.

Lake Titicaca, located in the Peruvian Andes in between Peru and also Bolivia, holds the title of the highest possible accessible lake on the planet. It is additionally South America’s biggest lake by quantity of water. With a surface area altitude of 12,507 feet, it offers awesome sights of the bordering snow-capped hills.

The lake is soaked in background and also tale. It is thought to be the native home of the Incas, and also countless old damages border its coasts. The drifting islands of the Uros individuals are just one of the lake’s most renowned tourist attractions. These islands are made totally of reeds and also are constantly preserved by their residents. Also, In the 1970s, scientists found a whole city concealed below the waters of the lake. The secret proceeds.

9. Rainbow Mountain

Facts About Peru Rainbow Mountain

Vinicunca, extra frequently referred to as Rainbow Mountain, is just one of Peru’s natural marvels. Located in the Andes, this hill is renowned for its noticeably vivid layers, which are an outcome of sedimentary mineral layers being revealed by disintegration. Almost obscure till 2015, Rainbow Mountain promptly arrived for its jaw-dropping and also Instagram-deserving elegance. Layers of clay and also stratified rock change the or else stark landscape right into an actual rainbow of shade.

You can review everything about what it resembles to travel to Rainbow Mountain in our extensive overview to Hiking Rainbow Mountain.

An exploration to this all-natural marvel isn’t for the pale of heart, however. At over 17,000 feet over water level, it’s particular to be among the highest possible elevations you’ve ever before hiked. Make certain you’re well-adjusted to the altitude prior to you register for an excursion!

10. Cerro Blanco Sand Dune

Facts About Peru Cerro Blanco Sand Dune

How would certainly you such as to check out the globe’s highest dune? Cerro Blanco holds the title of the highest possible dune on the planet, standing at a remarkable elevation of over 3,800 feet. To placed that in point of view, that’s taller than the highest possible hill in England!

Located near the renowned Nazca Lines, this dune is the premier location for sandboarding, dune buggies, and also various other exterior experiences. The dune is located within a desert valley bordered by sturdy hills, developing a unique microclimate. The trek to the top of Cerro Blanco is extensive, yet when you get to the top you are awarded with scenic sights of the desert landscape and also an exciting descent on a sandboard.

11. Machu Picchu Is a Wonder of the World

Fun Peru Facts Machu Picchu

You can’t listen to words “Peru” without invoking a psychological picture of the shed city of Macchu Picchu. A walk along the Inca Trail to this synthetic wonder is a should for any individual that sees Peru. Follow the steps of the magnificent Inca Empire via the Sacred Valley to the city overhead.

Located high in the hills outside Cusco, Macchu Picchu was shed to the outdoors till 1911. Archaeologists think the old city was constructed at the elevation of the Inca Empire throughout the 15th and also 16th centuries. Their ideal assumption is that it functioned as an imperial estate for Incan nobles, yet no person understands without a doubt why it was constructed.

The once-lost city covers 5 miles and also consists of 150 structures and also 3,000 rock actions. It’s little marvel (word play here planned) that it was marked among the New Seven Wonders of the World back in 2007. Read: How to Plan a Trip to Machu Picchu

12. The Quechua People Have Interesting Marriage Customs

Facts About Peru Quechua people

The indigenous Quechua individuals are recognized for their cozy smiles and also vivid formed garments. But there’s a great deal even more to this stunning society than very first satisfies the eye.

For instance, you can conveniently inform the marriage condition of any kind of Quechua lady you satisfy. How? Easy: Single females put on weaved caps, while wives put on straw hats.

Even extra fascinating, the Quechua method “trial marriage,” a personalized going back hundreds of years. Men and also females are complimentary to select their companions, finish the partnership, and also remarry at any moment. Any kids birthed during are deemed coming from the area, not a particular pair.

13. The Bizarre Elongated Skulls of Paracas

The Paracas Peninsula on Peru’s southerly coastline is recognized for the exploration of the Paracas Skulls. These extended heads come from the old Paracas society, which existed around 2,000 years earlier. When excavators initially revealed the weird conical heads in the Paracas area, reports promptly spread out that they were when aliens. Although it’s an interesting concept, scientific research has actually verified that the heads are human in beginning.

The uncommon form results from the old method of head binding. During the very first couple of years of a child’s life, moms and dads would certainly cover the head in details methods to modify the form of the expanding bones. This might have been done as an initiation rite or to differentiate various courses in culture.

While extended heads have actually been discovered in various components of the globe, the Paracas heads are special as a result of their huge dimension and also variant fit. Some concepts recommend that cranial contortion was done to represent social condition, while others have actually recommended extra enigmatic beginnings.

14. Guinea Pigs are not Pets in Peru

Facts about Peru Guinea Pigs

In lots of components of the globe, test subject are maintained as charming pet dogs, yet in Peru, they have a various condition. One of the strangest foods we ran into in Peru was the deep-fried test subject. Peruvian food is rather varied with a mix of fish and shellfish, and also meats with corn and also potatoes being its base. But a special in Peru is Cuy, also known as baked test subject. They don’t check out these fuzzy pests as pet dogs, no, these are food.

Cuy is generally offered whole, usually baked or grilled, and also is commemorated for its high-protein and also low-fat material. It is additionally a main component of numerous Andean celebrations and also routines. While it may be a social shock for some (us consisted of), attempting cuy is thought about a have to for experiencing genuine Peruvian food.

15. Traditional Peruvian Poncho

Facts About Peru Traditional Peruvian Poncho

The conventional Peruvian coat is a garment deeply rooted in the background and also society of the Andean area. Rich in importance and also crafted with exceptional ability, Peruvian coats are not just useful yet additionally function as a representation of the user’s identification and also heritage.

Originally, coats were made from a solitary item of textile with a slit in the facility for the head. This fundamental style supplied heat and also defense versus the rough climate of the Andes. However, the coat developed right into a canvas for imaginative expression and also social depiction. The patterns and also shades in a standard Peruvian coat are usually details to a particular area or area, enabling people to share their beginning and also origins via their outfit.

The weaving of a coat is a complex and also taxing procedure, usually taking a number of weeks and even months to finish. Alpaca and also llama woollen are one of the most typical products made use of, recognized for their sturdiness, heat, and also gentleness. The all-natural dyes made use of in the coat’s style are usually stemmed from plants, minerals, and also bugs, offering to a variety of vivid shades.

16. There are Three Official Languages in Peru

One of one of the most fascinating and also enjoyable realities regarding Peru is that there are 3 various languages talked in the nation. While Spanish is one of the most extensively talked language in Peru, the nation acknowledges 3 main languages: Spanish, Quechua, and also Aymara. Quechua was the main language of the Inca Empire and also remains to be talked by the Quechua individuals in the Andean highlands.

Aymara is additionally a native language talked around Lake Titicaca and also in some Andean areas. The acknowledgment of these languages is not just essential for interaction yet additionally plays a considerable duty in maintaining the abundant social heritage and also variety of Peru.

17. The Capital City of Peru is Lima

Facts About Peru Lima

Lima, the resources of Peru, is usually the entrance factor for lots of site visitors and also works as an entrance to the nation’s lots of tourist attractions. Founded by Spanish vanquisher Francisco Pizarro in 1535, Lima is a fusion of societies, with an abundant colonial background and also vivid modern-day society. Downtown Lima is house to numerous archaeological sites, consisting of colonial churches, royal residences, and also the renowned Plaza Mayor.

The city is additionally commemorated for its gastronomy, flaunting a number of world-renowned dining establishments and also a broad range of conventional meals. The seaside place includes a measurement of elegance to the city, with spectacular high cliffs and also coastlines that draw in both residents and also travelers. There is a great deal to do in Lima and also you can uncover all of it in our post Best Things to do in Lima, Peru.

18. The Inca Civilization

The Inca world is just one of one of the most legendary elements of Peru. At its elevation in the 15th century, it was the biggest realm in pre-Columbian America. The Incas were impressive designers, as shown by frameworks like Machu Picchu and also Sacsayhuamán. It is stated that The Incas were the only old society on the planet to specify constellations of both dark and also light.

Although the Inca Empire was brief as a result of the Spanish occupation, its effect on Peruvian society is indisputable. The Quechua language, conventional garments, and also numerous customizeds have actually been executed generations, maintaining the heritage of the Incas.


Fun Facts About Peru FAQ

What Are 5 Fun Facts About Peru?

Peru is house to the highest possible dune on the planet, Cerro Blanco, which stands at around 2,078 meters. The Amazon Rainforest covers almost 60% of Peru, making it the second-largest section of the Amazon, after Brazil. Guinea pigs, referred to as ‘cuy’ in Peru, are thought about a special and also have actually been eaten in the Andean area for hundreds of years. Peru expands greater than 55 selections of corn, varying in shade from white and also yellow to purple and also black. The Floating Islands of Uros on Lake Titicaca are made totally of reeds and also are house to the Uros individuals, that keep them by including brand-new layers of reeds.

What Are Some Unique Facts About Peru?

The Nazca Lines, a collection of old geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert, stay an enigma. They were developed in between 500 BCE and also 500 CE, and also several of the numbers can just be completely seen from the air. Cotahuasi Canyon is just one of the inmost canyons on the planet, nearly two times as deep as the Grand Canyon in the United States. The Quechua individuals method ‘servinacuy’, a kind of test marital relationship, where pairs cohabit for a duration prior to making a decision to officially wed. The old Paracas society exercised cranial contortion, causing the exploration of the unusual extended heads in the Paracas Peninsula. The conventional Peruvian meal ceviche is thought to have actually been eaten in a comparable type for over 2 thousand years, with old people utilizing fermented juice from banana passionfruit to marinade the fish.

What Will You Do With These Fun Facts About Peru?

Fun Facts about Peru

So, which of these realities regarding Peru was most fascinating to you? Was it the strange Nazca Lines? The just recently found Rainbow Mountain? The special social customs of the Quechua individuals? Or the unbelievable biodiversity in a nation that’s house to the globe’s driest desert and also thickest forests?

Whichever Peru realities leapt out at you, one point is particular: There’s no scarcity of points to find out about this impressive nation.

Is Peru on top of your traveling container checklist? Would you such as for more information fascinating realities regarding Peru, consisting of just how to intend your journey to South America? Click right here for our comprehensive Peru traveling overview and also maintain finding out about this unbelievable traveling location.

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