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18 Interesting and Fun Facts About Egypt

18 Interesting and Fun Facts About Egypt

What can we state concerning Egypt? It’s a land of misconceptions as well as tales, old worlds, as well as The Pyramids of Giza. Egypt is an amazing nation to go to with a few of one of the most interesting historic put on the earth. There is a lot even more to Egypt than simply the pyramids as well as you’ll see why as we experience these most intriguing realities concerning Egypt!

As among the globe’s earliest worlds, Egypt is an exciting location. If you’re preparing to go to the Middle East, these Egypt realities will certainly assist you comprehend the background of the old Egyptians as well as the history of a few of the nation’s most prominent tourist attractions

Interesting Facts About Egypt

interesting facts about egypt

Speaking of being among the earliest worlds, a great deal of the very best realities concerning Egypt relate to old Egypt. Many of its leading vacationer destinations were constructed by the old Egyptians as well as a number of the personalizeds as well as comply with the old Egyptian practices that were complied with by the Pharaohs as well as their religious beliefs of Islam. 

1. Egypt is residence to the Only Remaining Ancient Wonder in the World

facts about ancient egypt pyramids

The just staying monolith of the 7 old marvels of the globe is still standing in Egypt. Only the Great Pyramid of Giza, in El Giza, Egypt has actually stood the examination of time. The Pyramids of Giza lie in the funding city of Cairo as well as are as mind-blowing as they constantly have actually been. The Great Pyramid of Khufu is the biggest of all the pyramids as well as it was constructed to house the Pharoah Khufu in the 4th century. Today is referred to as the pyramid of Cheops.

You cannot miss out on checking out the pyramids when you take a trip to Cairo, they can be seen from around the city. The Pyramid of Khufu is substantial standing at an elevation of 146.7 meters (481 feet) Read extra: 7 Wonders of the World – the New, The Natural, as well as the Ancient

2. No, the Pyramids Were Not Built By Slaves

fun facts about ancient egypt pryamids

Speaking of the pyramids, I constantly assumed that they were constructed by servants. It wasn’t till checking out Cairo that I discovered that the pyramids remained in truth constructed by appropriate workers. Archaeological explorations confirmed that there were purpose-built towns to house the employees as well as they were fed as well as dealt with well. The points you find out when you take a trip, it loads our little heads with lots of enjoyable realities!

Read concerning an awesome Egyptian Pyramid we went to – The Red Pyramid of Egypt – Experience it Inside as well as Out

3. Ancient Egyptians as well as the Afterlife

ancient egypt

Some enjoyable realities concerning the Pyramids are that they were constructed to house the leaders of old Egypt as well as shuttle them as well as their households right into the immortality. The pyramids were made as burial places for the Pharaohs as well as their households.

Ancient Egyptians thought that they needed to comply with rigorous regulations to have a great immortality. They additionally thought that it depended on the living to assist them reach the immortality. Great treatment was absorbed the mummification procedure since the old Egyptians thought that the body required to be maintained to be born-again as well as be transported to the immortality. They also mummified pets.

4. Many Gods of Ancient Egypt

It was difficult browsing life as an old Egyptian, they had lots of Gods to please. They venerated thousands of Gods as well as Goddesses as well as needed to regularly function to make them all pleased to maintain their life in equilibrium as well as to guarantee their area in the immortality. Over the years Gods dropped in as well as obsolescent equally as our stars do today. Some of one of the most long-lasting Gods were Isis, Osiris, as well as Ra – The Sun God.

5. Egypt is residence to 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

facts about egypt abu simble
Abu Simbel in Egypt

Do you understand that Egypt is additionally residence to 7 of the UNESCO World Heritage websites? That’s right, Egypt has a great deal to supply! The 7 websites are Abu Mena, Historic Cairo, Abu Simbel, Saint Catherine, Wadi Al-Hitan, (also known as Whale Valley in the western desert of Egypt) as well as Memphis as well as its Necropolis, as well as Ancient Thebes. Have you been to any one of them?

We have actually been to just about 2. We have yet to go to Abu Mena or Whale Valley.

Memphis as well as its Necropolis remain in truth the Pyramid Fields from Giza to Dahshur so possibilities are if you’ve been to Egypt, you have actually seen this UNESCO SIte. Ancient Thebes is where you’ll discover Luxor as well as the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel gets on Lake Nasser, Historic Cairo is an apparent location as well as Saint Catherine lies at the foot of hills where Moses got the 10 Commandments.

6. Mount Sinai as well as the 10 Commandments

Mount Sinai is the hill that Moses reached get the 10 rules. Located in the Sinai Peninsula, this hill is spiritual in both Christian as well as Islamic religious beliefs. It is a crucial trip website as well as stands at 2,285 meters ( 7,497 feet) high. It is right here you’ll discover the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Saint Catherine Monastery that we pointed out above. Read extra: Amazing Historical Sites In the World – That We’ve Seen

7. Ancient Egyptians Loved Board Games

facts about egypt board games

We really have a great deal alike with the old Egyptians as well as among the even more enjoyable realities concerning old Egyptians is that they as well enjoyed parlor game. It wasn’t simply the well-off that played parlor game either, also the citizens took pleasure in a great parlor game.

The most prominent parlor game were Senet as well as Mehen. Senet was a video game that entailed tossing sticks as well as was so prominent that also Pharaohs were hidden with the video game to maintain them inhabited in the immortality. These parlor game go back 5000 years. What is your favored parlor game?

8. Cleopatra was not Egyptian

Another intriguing truth concerning Egypt is that Cleopatra, among one of the most popular numbers from old Egypt, is really Greek, not Egyptian. While she was birthed in Alexandria she had no Egyptian blood as well as was rather an offspring of the Ptolemaic Dynasty which were a line of Greek Macedonians. The Ptolemaic Dynasty ruled old Egypt from 323 to 30 BC. The name Cleopatra is really Greek for “Famous in Her Father” or “Her Father’s Fame”

9. 95 Percent of Egyptians Live Along the River Nile

facts about egypt nile cruise

Did you understand that the lengthiest river worldwide lies in Egypt. The Nile River puncture Egypt as well as concerning 95 percent of the populace of Egypt stays along the Nile River.  With a lot of the nation being inhabited by desert, this truth concerning Egypt isn’t all that unexpected. 90 percent of Egypt is comprised of desert as well as the River Nile separates that desert.

The old Egyptians separated Egypt right into 2 lands, the desert, as well as the Nile Valley. Contrary to what you would certainly believe, top Egypt lies in the South as well as Lower Egypt is north. That is since the Nile streams north in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea.

10. Deserts of Egypt

fun facts about egypt white desert

There are 3 deserts in Egypt, the Western Desert,(also known as the Libyan Desert) the Eastern Desert, (also known as the Arabian Desert), as well as the Great Sand Sea which is a part of the Sahara Desert.

The deserts of Egypt have their very own ecological communities containing a number of Oasis, hills, dune as well as oil tanks. Our favorite desert in Egypt was the White Desert in main Egypt. Read everything about the White Desert right here.

11. King Tut as well as the Curse of the Mummy

interesting facts about egypt king tuts tomb

King Tut is most likely one of the most popular of all the old Egyptians, however extremely little was understood about the young boy king that passed away at the young age of 19 till British excavator Howard Carter discovered the burial place in 1922. King Tuts Tomb is the tiniest of the burial places in the Valley of the Kings however it was loaded with excellent wide range.

It was thought that Hieroglyphs on the wall surface of King Tut’s burial place had menstruation of fatality. I’m glad I didn’t learn about this curse prior to getting in King Tut’s burial place throughout our see or I might not have actually entered this humble burial place. Read extra: Amazing Places to Visit in Egypt

12. Alexandria was called after Alexander the Great

facts about ancient egypt alexandria

Not remarkably, the city of Alexandria was called after the conqueror of Egypt in 331 BC. One of the old marvels of the World, the Lighthouse of Alexandria was right here. Read extra concerning the marvels of the globe at: 7 Wonders of the World – the New, The Natural, as well as the Ancient

13. Egypt Borders 2 Seas

ancient egypt facts geography

Egypt lies in a critical place in between the Mediterranean Sea as well as the Red Sea. The Suez Canal attaches both seas enabling ships to conveniently cruise in between Asia as well as Europe. Egypt has actually been an extremely calculated place for centuries.

14. One of the World’s Largest Dams is Located in Egypt

Egypt is residence to among the globe’s biggest dams. The Aswan High Dam is the globe’s biggest embankment dam, covering throughout The Nile dividing Egypt from Sudan as well as developing Lake Nassar. Lake Nassar is among the globe’s biggest tanks.

While this appears like an excellent task, when we cycled from Egypt to Sudan, we saw the destruction that this dam created. At one-time, Sudan was lavish as well as eco-friendly along the Nile as well as also visitors from the UK would certainly trip in Wadi Halfa in Sudan. Today, it is a dried-up mess many thanks to the damming of Lake Nassar. Check out: We Cycled the Continent of Africa

15. Cats are Sacred

facts about egypt - cats are sacred

It’s real, felines were thought about spiritual pets in old Egypt. And from what I might see from our check outs to Egypt they are still taken care of as well as admired. Our guesthouse in Cairo had a lot of felines socializing on its roof balcony that we took pleasure in snuggling with. Cats were believed to bring all the best as well as they were so adored that when a pet cat passed away, the pharaohs had them mummified. As a pet cat fan, I can connect.

16. The Twelve Month Calendar was Invented in Egypt

You most likely don’t understand this, however the schedule that we utilize today was developed by old Egyptians. Yes, women as well as gents, the initial schedule understood to humankind was developed in Egypt. In truth, it is the year 6264 in the Egyptian schedule.

The old Egyptians made use of the 12-month schedule like we do today. However, every month was constantly 1 month which implied that their years were just 360 days in overall creating the years to befall of sync with the periods. So to offset the wasted time, they held a 5 day celebration at the end of every year.

17. Make up as well as Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptians thought that compose had recovery powers that secured them from the sunlight as well as as a result both males and females used make-up. The shiner paint that we’ve familiarized so well from old Egyptian representations was made from red as well as they additionally used eco-friendly compose that was made from copper.

18. Fast Fun Egypt Facts

Cairo Egypt

The funding city of Egypt is Cairo as well as it is the biggest city in Egypt. Cairo is additionally the biggest city in the Middle East as well as the Arab World.

The main language of Egypt is Arabic however don’t stress, many individuals additionally talk English as well as if you understand French, it will certainly go a lengthy method in Egypt also.

The main name of Egypt is The Arab Republic of Egypt

The populace of Egypt is 102.3 million since 2020.

The initially people in Egypt go back to 8000 years however the old people that we have actually familiarized was developed around 3000 BC.

Throughout the centuries, Egypt has actually been under the control of the Roman Empire, Greek Ptolemaic Kingdom, Muslim Forces, as well as also the English.

Do you understand that the hieroglyphs, an old language as soon as made use of by the Egyptians, has around 700 icons? Can you picture discovering this language? Why not offer it a shot when you go? Maybe you’ll have the ability to check out some old icons on some burial places.

And these are some enjoyable realities concerning Egypt. Did we miss out on any kind of? Have you been to Egypt, what is your favorite area to go to in Egypt?

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