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12 Best Cenotes In Mexico To Visit in 2023

12 Best Cenotes In Mexico To Visit in 2023

Have you ever before swam in a crystal-clear sinkhole in the middle of a rich forest? Swimming in a cenote is a unique experience, just located in Mexico as well as among things you need to absolutely check out throughout your journey.

Cenotes are primarily located on the Yucatan peninsula in the southerly component of Mexico. The terrific Mayans understood about the cenotes long prior to they ended up being a bucket-list tourist attraction, as well as they utilized them as a resource of water in addition to in their spiritual events.

Top Cenotes in Mexico

Top Cenotes in Mexico

If you wish to check out several of one of the most outstanding cenotes select Valladolid cenotes or cenotes near Tulum as well as Playa del Carmen. Most cenotes in Mexico are open to the general public, as well as numerous deal tasks like swimming, snorkelling, kayaking as well as diving. You can either sign up with among the cenote scenic tours from Tulum or various other cities of Riviera Maya if you delight in an easy adventure or lease an auto as well as check out individually.

The selection is truly huge, as there are numerous cenotes in Yucatan, yet after reviewing this blog post, you will certainly find which cenotes in Mexico are genuinely unmissable.

What are cenotes in Mexico?

Best Cenotes in Mexico What Are They

If you haven’t been to Mexico yet, you’re most likely asking yourself, what is a cenote?

Cenotes are swimming pools of water that develop when permeable sedimentary rock bedrock breaks down, as well as because there is lots of sedimentary rock in Yucatan, there are numerous cenotes there. Some cenotes belong to big below ground river systems, as well as others are attached to the sea.

Cavern cenotes are the youngest cenotes where the sedimentary rock roofing hasn’t deteriorated yet. These sinkholes are shut as well as look like a cavern. They get marginal all-natural light as well as are dark as well as mystical, so swimming in among the close cenotes is a genuinely one-of-a-kind experience. An instance of a cavern cenote is Cenote Suytun.

Open cenotes are much older, with their roofing deteriorated away for many years. They are open to the outside globe, lit with all-natural light, as well as generally covered with rich greenery. Most cenotes in Yucatan are open cenotes, they are enjoyable to check out as well as terrific for swimming. Examples of open cenotes consist of Gran Cenote as well as Cenote Ik Kil.

Best Mexico Cenotes Dos Ojos

We likewise have old cenotes that are the earliest in Yucatan. An instance of an old cenote is Cenote Azul or Cenote Cocalitos in Bacalar, which look like a shallows or a lake with both roofing systems as well as wall surfaces deteriorated away.

In the Mayan society, cenotes played an essential duty. They were viewed as the bridge in between the earthly as well as the magnificent globes. They were taken into consideration spiritual locations as well as were utilized for spiritual routines, consisting of human offerings sometimes.

Today, seeing a Mexican cenote is not just an enjoyable task yet likewise among the numerous means you can check out as well as comprehend the old Mayan civilisation.

1. Gran Cenote

Best Cenotes in Mexico Gran Cenote

Just a couple of kilometres far from Tulum, you will certainly discover among one of the most prominent cenotes in Mexico – the Gran Cenote.

Gran Cenote is an open cenote with crystal clear emerald water, 2 swimming pools, as well as a cavern. If you’re interested in diving, this is a fantastic location to do it. If you wish to snorkel, which I advise doing, snorkelling equipment is consisted of in the ticket rate. Just ensure you bring an ID, which is needed as a down payment.

The waters of Gran Cenote are including exotic fish, as well as you can also find below lovable tinny turtles. A few-meters lengthy cavern attaches both swimming pools of the cenote, and also as you swim via it, respect appreciate old stalactites. And if you’re fortunate, you may also find some bats rising via the detailed developments.

Getting to Gran Cenote is very easy; you can drive an auto, or because it’s just a 5 kilometres journey, you can likewise ride a bike, which is an usual setting of transportation in Tulum. Since the cenote is just one of one of the most prominent cenotes near Tulum, the most effective time to see it remains in the early morning, right after it opens up at 8 am.

If you would certainly like to get on a scenic tour this personal Cenote Tour takes you to 3 various cenotes in a day consisting of the Gran Cenote. It is the excellent outing.

Opening times: 8:00 am to 4:15 pm

Entrance ticket: 500 pesos ($28)

2. Cenote Suytun

Best Cenotes in Mexico Suytun Cenote

Cenote Suytun is a cavern cenote which includes a round system right in the center of its cavern. At around lunchtime, the system obtains lit up by a beam coming via a tiny opening in the cavern ceiling, developing a phenomenal view! 

This attractive cavern cenote has actually caught the hearts of Instagrammers worldwide, as well as it’s not tough to see why. If you wish to take an image of the system, prepare on your own to wait in a line up.

Apart from taking the Insta renowned image, ensure you check out the cavern as well as its striking stalactites as well as stalagmites that developed over countless years. If you wish to swim, you will certainly be needed to shower as well as put on a life vest.

Cenote Suytun lies 8 kilometres from the centre of Valladolid. If your plan doesn’t enable you to remain a number of days in this field of Yucatan, you can schedule a scenic tour beginning with your resort in Cancun or any kind of various other Riviera Maya community.  Combine a check out to Suytun with Chichen Itza as well as the community of Valladolid for a day loaded with fascinating views. 

This is a best cenote trip that consists of Valladolid as well as Chichen Itza also. Check Availability below.

Opening times: 9 am to 5 pm

Entrance ticket: 150 pesos ($8.40)

3. Cenote Azul, Bacalar

Best Cenotes in Mexico Cenote Azul Balacar

Being among the leading tourist attractions of Bacalar Lagoon, Cenote Azul is just one of the leading cenotes to check out in Mexico. It flaunts a completely round form, and also as it is an old cenote, it extra appears like a shallows or a lake than a cenote.

Cenote Azul has a dark blue colour many thanks to its deepness, which gets to an unbelievable 295 feet. Swimming in this cenote is a phenomenal experience, as well as it’s extremely rejuvenating. If you’re not a solid swimmer, ensure to lease a life vest as well as delight in drifting in its waters care free. Alternatively, you can likewise discover this big cenote on a kayak.

Bacalar hinges on Quintana Roo, a 4-hour drive south of Cancun. You can discover Cenote Azul 4 kilometres south of Bacalar midtown, as well as the most effective method to arrive is by rental automobile. It is likewise feasible to reach Cenote Azul by taxi, or if you’re up for some cardio, you can likewise stroll or cycle. A Cenote trip is likewise a very easy method to check out these outstanding natural marvels. This personal trip takes you to Bacalar Lagoon.

Opening times: 10 am to 6 pm

Entrance ticket: 25 pesos ($1.40)

4. Cenote Oxman

Best Cenotes in Mexico Oxman Cenote

If you’re seeking a cenote where you can invest an enjoyable day, Oxman is excellent. It is an open cenote with rich greenery expanding on its wall surfaces. 

Cenote Oxman is recognized for its Tarzan bathrobe swing. Grab onto the takes care of as well as turn to the center of the swimming pool to delve into the cenote. The initial dive is a little frightening, yet believe me, you will certainly wish to do it time and again!

Also, bring your snorkelling mask (or lease it out) to check out the undersea globe of the cenote, which is occupied by vibrant fish.

Cenote Oxman flaunts superb centers. In enhancement to the cenote entryway, you can likewise appreciate their sunlight loungers as well as swimming pool. There is likewise a dining establishment, as well as if you’re wishing to remain below for lunch, ensure to select a ticket that includes their buffet lunch.

Hacienda Oxman is situated a 6-km drive from midtown Valladolid. You can drive below or take a taxi. It is likewise prominent to cycle below as well as check out 2 various other close-by cenotes along the road- Cenote Dzitnup as well as Saamal.

Opening times: 8 am to 5 am

Entrance ticket: 150 pesos ($8.40)

5. Laguna de Kaan Luum Cenote 

Best Cenotes in Mexico Laguna de Kaan Luum Cenote

Laguna de Kaan Luum is just one of the one-of-a-kind locations to check out near Tulum as well as an exceptional location for nature enthusiasts.

There are numerous pets staying in this location, consisting of agoutis, jaguars, as well as badgers. Additionally, you can see parrots, woodpeckers, as well as iguanas that are vibrant. 

In the center of the shallows, there is an 80-metre-deep cenote, which you can find from an increased watching system. The water in the cenote has an extreme blue colour as a result of its extensive deepness, as well as sadly, swimming inside it is not enabled.

The shallows itself provides superb swimming problems in its cozy, superficial waters. Don’t neglect to bring your snorkelling mask as well as a thrill guard to secure your body from sunlight direct exposure, as using sunlight lotion is purely prohibited.

The finest method to reach Laguna de Kaan Luum is to lease an auto or mobility scooter as well as make your method individually. The shallows is situated a brief repel from midtown Tulum, yet because it is hidden from the highway, deep in the forest, it is best to stay clear of taking taxis or public buses, which will certainly drop you off on the highway.

Opening times: 9 am to 4 pm

Entrance ticket: 300 pesos ($16.75)

6. Cenote Ik Kil

Best Cenotes in Mexico Cenote Ik Kil

Situated near the New World Wonder Chichen Itza, Cenote Ik Kil is a prominent vacationer quit yet likewise among one of the most attractive swimming openings in Mexico. It is an open cenote with rich greenery as well as lianas expanding on its wall surfaces as well as cavern ceilings totally deteriorated away.

Taking a revitalizing dip in the cenote’s awesome water is an actual reward after exploring Chichen Itza under the blazing Mexican sunlight. The cenote has an optimum deepness of 150 feet, as well as life vest are required if you wish to swim. And if you attempt, there is likewise a 5-meter high leaping system, which makes certain to offer you an electrifying adrenaline thrill.

Since Ik Kil lies near the Chichen Itza Archaeological Site, a lot of scenic tours quit at the cenote after a check out to the Mayan damages. This indicates that the cenote is a little active a lot of the moment, yet still, absolutely worth it. If you desire to appreciate it without the groups, select to check out in the morning or late mid-day.

Opening times: 9 am to 5 pm

Entrance ticket: 150 pesos ($8.40)

7. Cenote Zaci (Zacil-Ha)

Best Cenotes in Mexico Cenote Zaci

If you’re seeking the most effective family-friendly cenotes in Mexico, Cenote Zaci, situated near Tulum, is excellent. It is a tiny, open cenote, as well as what makes it a fantastic cenote for youngsters is that it is just 3 meters deep. The cenote Zaci likewise flaunts an enjoyable zipline, which you release when you’re in the center of the water for a thrilling dive, as well as likewise a 3-meter high leaping system.

The cenote centers consist of sunlight loungers, a swimming pool as well as a dining establishment where you can get a light lunch as well as a chilly beverage.

If you have an area in your plan, integrate a check out to Cenote Zaci with Gran Cenote, cenote Calavera or Car Wash Cenote, every one of which lie nearby.

You can drive to this cenote individually or, because it’s just 8 kilometres away, obtain below by taxi. Get the variety of the cabby to ensure that you can call them to choose you out when you’re ready to return.

Opening times: 9 am to 5 pm

Entrance ticket: 200 pesos ($11.20)

8. Cenote Cristalino

Best Cenotes in Mexico Cristalino Cenote

Cenote Cristalino, as the name recommends, is recognized for its crystal clear water, excellent for snorkelling as well as diving. The cenote swimming pool resembles a large fish tank, loaded with exotic fish of various types as well as colours. There is likewise a cave-like passage which is enjoyable to swim via as well as a leaping system for thrill-seekers.

The rich forest borders the cenote, so ensure you check out the entire website due to the fact that there are 2 even more covert swimming pools with superficial blue-green water to be found.

Avoid seeing the cenote throughout the weekend break, when the cenote obtains truly active with the neighborhood households gathering below to invest their leisure time. Also, ensure to take a look at the neighbouring Cenote Azul, which is just as spectacular.

Cenote Cristalino is put in between Tulum as well as Playa del Carmen as well as can be conveniently seen from both cities. The finest to method reach the cenote is with a rental automobile, yet it is likewise feasible to take a regional bus referred to as a “colectivo”. Make certain you inform the vehicle driver where you wish to leave, as quits get on need.

Opening times: 8 am to 6 pm

Entrance ticket: 200 pesos ($11.20)

9. Cenote Calavera

Best Cenotes in Mexico Cenote Calavera

Cenote Calavera is just one of one of the most one-of-a-kind cenotes in Mexico. Unlike various other cenotes that commonly include a huge swimming opening, Calavera includes a couple of smaller sized openings as well as does not have a stairs to access its cavern. Instead, you will certainly either require to delve into the cenote or get down a substantial wood ladder, which is an adventure in its very own right!

The cenote opening with its ladder is just one of one of the most photographed locations in Tulum, as well as when you see it, you will certainly comprehend why. Inside the primary swimming pool, there is likewise a swing, which likewise is an awesome image place.

The cenote is bordered by plant as well as vibrant sunlight loungers where you can dry out off as well as capture some sunlight. There is likewise a treat store, and also as at a lot of cenotes – showers, commodes as well as transforming areas.

Cenote Calavera is positioned simply outdoors Tulum midtown, off the highway to Coba Mayan damages, as well as you can conveniently cycle to its entryway or get a taxi.

Opening times: 8:30 am to 5 pm

Entrance ticket: 250 pesos ($14)

10. Cenote Car Wah

Best Cenotes in Mexico Car Wash

Located likewise near Tulum (in the Mayan language – Cenote Aktun-Ha), likewise referred to as Cenote Car Wash, is a stunning open cenote absolutely worth including in your plan.

Cenote Car Wash resembles a serene lake as well as flaunts remarkably transparent water, which is excellent for swimming, snorkelling as well as likewise diving. In the water, you can find great deals of vibrant fish as well as tiny, lovable turtles. For the most effective snorkelling experience, show up in the early morning when the turtles are one of the most energetic.

There is likewise a 3-meter high leaping system, which is not also frightening hight yet high sufficient to offer you a little adventure. The cenote likewise has some seats as well as outing rooms, which are terrific if you wish to invest some even more time below.

Cenote Car Wash lies on the highway to Coba, a 9-km drive from midtown Tulum. You can obtain below either by taxi, rental automobile, mobility scooter or bike. Make certain to likewise take a look at various other superb cenotes in this field, such as Gran Cenote as well as Cenote Calavera.

Opening times: 8 am to 5 pm

Entrance ticket: 300 pesos ($16.80)

11. Cenote Cocalitos

Best Cenotes in Mexico Cocalitos Cenote

Famous for its big stromatolites nest, Cenote Cocalitos is a must-visit cenote when taking a trip to Bacalar Lagoon. Stromatolites are billions-year-old fossils which are taken into consideration to be the earliest life types on Earth as well as the initial microorganisms that generated oxygen.

At Cocalitos, you will certainly have a unique possibility to reach these interesting microorganisms close, yet ensure you comply with the guidelines as well as never ever tip on them.

Upon arrival, you will certainly discover a huge swimming opening with warm milky-blue water as well as an unbelievable sight of lovely forest plant. The cenote likewise includes vibrant hammocks as well as swings in the water. The cenote is superficial, as well as it is feasible to walk to check out all its edges.

Cenote Cocalitos exists 4 kilometres far from Bacalar city centre, as well as you can conveniently obtain below by taxi, rental automobile or mobility scooter, or you can just merely stroll or cycle. Make certain you likewise take a look at Cenote Azul, which is positioned in the very same location of Bacalar.

Opening times: 10 am to 5 pm

Entrance ticket: 50 pesos ($2.80)

12. Cenote Azul, Playa del Carmen

Best Cenotes in Mexico Cenote Azul

Another superb cenote positioned in between Playa del Carmen as well as Tulum, Cenote Azul, provides among one of the most fascinating swimming experiences in Yucatan.

The cenote itself is a stunning swimming pool of blue-green, crystal-clear water bordered by rich plant. In enhancement to the primary swimming pool, there are likewise numerous smaller sized swimming openings, so ensure you take some time to check out the website totally.

Inside the water, you can discover loads of vibrant fish, making it a perfect place for snorkelling as well as appreciating nature in its purest type.

This is likewise a fantastic place for cliff-jumping – there are numerous systems of various elevations, as well as the greatest one is 5 meters high. Jumping right into the rejuvenating crystal water is a wonderful experience if you attempt to attempt it!

Cenote Azul lies right by Cenote Crsiatlino, so you can check out both of them in someday. Make certain you bring money with you, as only money settlement (in MEX pesos) is approved at the entryway. You can lease an auto or take a regional Colectivo bus either from Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

Opening times: 9 am to 5 pm

Entrance ticket: 200 pesos ($11.20)

Tips for seeing cenotes in Mexico

Best Cenotes in Mexico Tips for Visiting

Visiting Mexican cenotes is when in a life time experience, as well as if you wish to make one of the most out of your check out, below are some points to bear in mind.

Bring money – You will certainly require Mexican pesos to spend for entryway at the cenotes you check out. Most cenotes lie from another location, without any close-by Atm machines, so ensure you bring adequate money to spend for the entryway as well as any kind of additionals you might wish to acquire, such as snorkelling devices or lunch.

Suncream is not enabled – Most cenotes restricted site visitors to utilize suncream as well as various other items that might pollute the water. If you require to secure your skin, go with a long-sleeved breakout guard. Before getting in the cenote swimming pool, you will certainly be needed to shower to clean off antiperspirant, body moisturiser as well as various other items you might be using.

Wear a life vest – The use life vest at some cenotes in Mexico is necessary, while at others, it’s advised yet not compulsory. If you’re not a certain swimmer, you need to obtain one, also if it’s not needed. Floating in a life vest is really an incredibly enjoyable experience!

Be considerate – Cenotes in Mexico are spiritual locations, so act appropriately, lionize as well as comply with the guidelines. 

Don’t do anything that will certainly affect the atmosphere, such as bringing plastic to the cenote or leaving any kind of trash behind. Also, bring with you a fast-drying towel constructed from microfibre product, a set of flip-flops, a comfy bikini as well as lots of water.


Best Mexico Cenotes FAQ

Is it risk-free to swim in Cave Cenotes in Mexico?

Yes, it is risk-free to swim in the cenotes of Mexico. Cenotes typically have spick-and-span water that has actually been filteringed system normally via layers of rocks as well as sedimentary rock. But, if you’re not a solid swimmer, you need to put on a life vest.

What is one of the most renowned cenote in Mexico?

One of one of the most renowned cenotes is Cenote Suytun, with its famous round system lit up by a beam coming via its ceiling. The images of Cenote Suytun have actually gone viral on social media sites, as well as taking an image in its cavern is a bucket-list experience for numerous devoted Instagrammers.

What is so unique regarding cenotes?

Swimming in cenotes is an extremely one-of-a-kind experience as you can just discover them in the Yucatan Peninsula. They are lovely natural swimming pools with crystal clear water, bordered by rich greenery. In enhancement, numerous cenotes are house to one-of-a-kind wild animals, such as bats, vibrant fish as well as also turtles.

Visiting Cenotes in Mexico: Wrap-up

Coolest Cenotes in Mexico

I wish you located this overview to one of the most impressive cenotes in Mexico motivating as well as beneficial. Swimming in a cenote is a memorable experience that you need to absolutely include in your Mexico plan. From Cenote Suytun’s famous round system to the one-of-a-kind wild animals located at Laguna Kaan Luum as well as Gran Cenote, each Mexican cenote has something unique to use. If you are truly right into checking out Tulum cenotes in Mexico ensure to likewise take a look at various other Cenotes like Cenote Dos Ojos or Cenote Manatí simply among others.

Enjoy your journey!

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