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Ecuadorian Food: 19 Best Ecuadorian Dishes You Have To Try

Ecuadorian Food: 19 Best Ecuadorian Dishes You Have To Try

We didn’t understand exactly how enthusiastic individuals of Ecuador had to do with their food up until we invested 2 weeks taking a trip throughout the nation to take pleasure in various Ecuadorian recipes from various areas. Ecuadorian food joins together background, mixing aboriginal and early american food preparation strategies and recipes. You can taste standard food with origins in the Amazon, Spanish early american foods in Quito, and Andean recipes in the surrounding Mountains. While the Ecuadorian coast is understood for its fish and shellfish recipes, the inland area has passionate barbequed meats and river fish.

The nation’s design and background cause a greatly interesting contemporary food, with a lot of standard Ecuadorian food to attempt. Of all the South American nations, Ecuador is among our faves in regards to food.

Traditional Ecuadorian Food

Traditional Ecuadorian Food

It’s tough to determine a solitary nationwide meal in Ecuador. There are the well known baked test subject, deep-fried bolon de verde, and barbequed pincho meats. In this overview, we’ll present you to one of the most standard foods you need to attempt in Ecuador. Whether you elegant a passionate soup or frying pan de yuca, we’ll locate a typical Ecuadorian meal for you.

1. Fanesca

traditional ecuadorian food fanesca

Fanesca is an abundant, passionate soup deeply deep-rooted in Ecuadorian society and custom. It is specifically related to the Easter period. This Ecuadorian meal signifies the combination of Indigenous and Spanish affects.

The active ingredients show the nation’s biodiversity, including 12 various sort of beans and grains, such as lentils, peas, corn, and wide beans, each standing for among the apostles. Bacalao (salt cod) goes to its facility, with milk and pumpkin enlarged right into a velvety uniformity. It is both beneficial and facility in taste.

It is usually taken in throughout Holy Week throughout Ecuador however site visitors can buy it at dining establishments in Ecuador, specifically in Quito. I in fact had this meal in Quito at San Augustin Restaurant and discovered it to have an actually complicated and abundant taste. There is most definitely a great deal taking place in this soup, and you need to have a great cravings prior to buying it..

Fanesca is typically garnished with hard-boiled eggs, fried plantains, cheese, and in some cases empanadas (like my own was), including layers of appearance and splendor.

2. Llapingachos

ecuadorian food Llapingachos

Llapingachos are a typical Ecuadorian meal understood for their wonderful preference and appearance. These fried potato cakes are a staple in the nation’s food. They are basically potato pancakes, made from a blend of mashed potatoes and cheese, experienced with a tip of annatto for shade and taste.

Once created right into patties, they are pan-fried up until gold and crunchy outside while staying soft and gooey on the within. Llapingachos are frequently appreciated throughout Ecuador, particularly in the Andean areas.

They are generally worked as a side meal however can quickly take spotlight in a dish. Accompaniments for llapingachos differ, however they are typically offered with a side of avocado, aji (a spicy Ecuadorian sauce), and curtido (a kind of marinaded onion salad).

3. Guatita

ecuadorian food guatita

Guatita implies ‘little belly’ in English, and this meal is composed generally of beef tripe, a meat reduced extracted from the belly. It is an outright staple in Ecuadorian food, and the beef is prepared in a tasty peanut sauce and offered velvety with steamed potatoes. The abundant peanut sauce is spiced with cumin, garlic, and cilantro, a flavourful body for the a little rubbery tripe meat. For an additional kick, selected onions are periodically offered on the side. It’s very easy to see why guatita has such an online reputation. Some also assert guatita as the supreme hangover treatment – we’ll allow you be the court of that.

Guatita is among the recipes affected by Spanish manifest destiny in Ecuador. Spanish use beef tripe go back to the 16th century.

4. Ceviche

ecuadorian cuisines ceviche

Ceviche is an acquainted meal, and possibilities are you’ve currently become aware of this prominent fish meal. It is stated to have actually come from Peru, however numerous nations flaunt their very own adjustments. Ecuadorian ceviche truly takes its impacts from the Incas and Spanish manifest destiny around the Ecuadorian and Peruvian boundary. Given the closeness of Peru and Ecuador, it’s additionally not a surprise that the meal is similarly prominent in both nations.

Ceviche is a chilly raw fish and fish and shellfish meal, prominent throughout Latin America. The fish and shellfish is seasoned in lime and lemon juice and blended with onions tomatoes, and cilantro. It typically consists of shrimp, however can additionally be made with fish or various other fish and shellfish.

The fish and fish and shellfish are generally offered sliced right into little portions and offered with onions. It is available in several kinds, consisting of a much less standard vegetarian Ceviche for the contemporary globe which makes use of bell pepper and avocado rather, however shrimp ceviche is our leading referral. Served chilly, prawn ceviche is absolutely tasty.

5. Encebollado

ecuadorian food encebollado

Encebollado is a passionate fish stew made with tuna, yuca (cassava), tomatoes, onions, and seasonings. It’s typically offered with marinaded red onion and tomatoes on the side. It’s particularly prominent as a hangover solution.

Heading to the Ecuadorian shore, you’ve reached attempt this mouth-watering fish stew. Encebollado is a slim soup offered with large fish (normally tuna), cassava, and marinaded onions. The word ‘encebollado’ actually converts as ‘cooked with onions’, which is a terrific idea regarding what this meal primarily obtains its preference from. Encebollado truly loads a strike with taste, and its slim stew sauce is light and aromatic – the best smooth enhancement to its highlight; fish.

Encebollado climbed to appeal as a choice to ceviche and truly strike its elevations of popularity in the 1970s. Of training course, currently, you can locate the meal commonly readily available in dining establishments and road delays. It has actually also spread out far from its native home on the coast, and you can locate it better inland in position like Quito.

6. Arroz Marinero

foods from ecuadorarroz marinero

Arroz marinero is merely fish and shellfish rice, a greatly prominent component of seaside food in Ecuador. This standard meal can be discovered around South America and resembles Spanish paella—3 assumptions where it came from.

Its cornerstones are rice, sauteed shrimp, clams, onion, and seasonings, all prepared in a flavourful fish and shellfish brew for included preference. While the very best location to taste this meal is definitely the Ecuadorian shore, you can locate everything over the nation in dining establishments. If you are seeking motivation for Ecuadorian food to prepare in the house, this is additionally a genuine table function of a meal. With all the clam coverings, it is an actually dramatic-looking meal to attempt in the house.

7. Tigrillo

traditional ecuadorian dish Tigrillo

If you take pleasure in hashbrowns for morning meal, you’ll enjoy Tigrillo, a typical Ecuadorian morning meal meal. Forget a deep-fried egg and obtain even more standard; tigrillo offers mashed environment-friendly plantain together with rushed eggs, thawed cheese, and a spreading of sauteed onion. If you are seeking motivation for morning meal, tigrillo is an exceptional wager. You normally buy it together with a mug of piping warm coffee, and it’s the best means to begin your day.

The mashed plantain can be sweeter or truly full-flavored, depending upon exactly how ripe it was. Yellow plantains are sweeter, while environment-friendly plantains are generally utilized in recipes such as this to supply an extra full-flavored preference. The meal is generally offered with warm sauce on the side and with Ecuadorian coffee.

Tigrillo come from the seaside areas of Ecuador, although it’s similarly prevalent in the Andean area. You can locate it in the majority of coffee shops in these areas or in considerable cities.

8. Bolon de Verde

ecuadorian cuisine bolon de verde

Bolon de Verde are pan-fried environment-friendly plantains, basically a dumpling side meal. This is an actually prominent Ecuadorian food, and we’d reach to state they are contending for that nationwide meal title. These environment-friendly plantain dumplings are loaded with cheese, pork, or shrimp and fried. They are typically consumed for morning meal or as a treat.

The adaptability of these little dumplings is what makes them so prominent. You can consume them at morning meal, offered together with fried eggs, or you can nab them up from street-side suppliers for a fast lunch or mid-day treat. They are offered piping warm and with a delightfully crunchy outside.

It’s commonly believed that bolon de verde come from Ecuador at some point after the plantain showed up in the very early 16th century. However, the precise production tale is a secret. This delicious reward is most definitely worth attempting when checking out.

9. Pincho

typical ecuadorian food pincho

Pincho is a Spanish meal that merely describes a little treat. It is a variant of tapas, normally offered on a mixed drink stick or tiny item of bread. Think of it as a bar treat as opposed to shared table plates. Given the Spanish impact on Ecuador, it’s no surprise this friendly meal captured on. It is currently among one of the most standard recipes you need to attempt in Ecuador.

The most prominent pincho in Ecuador is a road food kebab. Depending on where you check out in Ecuador, you might locate them described as pinchos or chuzos. This meal is made from a blend of chorizo, plantain, hen or beef and plantain portions.

10. Choclo Con Queso

traditional ecuadorian food choclo con queso

Choclo con queso is a tasty side meal or fast treat in Ecuador. Street food suppliers typically offer the prepared fully grown corn as a standalone meal, although you’ll additionally locate it in some dining establishments and coffee shops as a side meal. The toasted corn is offered together with velvety fresh cheese. It has a punchy preference many thanks to a healthy and balanced dousing of black pepper, garlic, and a smooth covering of dissolved butter. Choclo con queso satisfies when you desire a healthy and balanced treat for a fast desire.

Corn has actually been grown in Ecuador for hundreds of years and is a primary plant of the Andean hills. Rough price quotes state that corn growing has actually been continuous throughout the nation for over 6,000 years.

11. Enconcado de Pescado

Enconcado de Pescado

One point seaside Ecuador is renowned for is its use coconut sauce. Therefore, you’ll immediately understand where pescado enconcado, a fish meal offered in thick coconut milk and lime juice, originates from. This delicious meal is a lip-smacking mix of pleasant and tasty, with tender white fish gently seasoned in a velvety sauce. Tomato, onion, and bell peppers are normally included in additional mass the sauce.

Usually, pescado enconcado is offered together with rice or fried plantain. It’s a passionate dish selection, best for any individual desire an extreme taste.

12. Locro de Papa

Locro de Papa
Ecuadorian food collection: potato soup or “locro”

Locro de papa is among Ecuador’s tastiest soups. Most frequently called basic potato soup, it is basic yet reliable—a spectacular mix of potatoes, fresh cheese, garlic, and brew. The meal has origins in the Andean highlands, and its appeal originates from exactly how cozy it remains in wet climate. If you check out Ecuador in the wet period, maintain your eyes peeled off for the delicious locro de papa.

In English, ‘locro’ is simply a meat or veggie stew. While locro de papa is potato soup, the ‘stew’ referral suggests exactly how passionate the meal is. It’s a greatly loading dish; no surprise it’s a typical preferred.

13. Colada Morada

colada morada

Does any individual have a craving for sweets? Colada morada will certainly please your pleasant desire. This captivating purple beverage is the sweetest Ecuadorian treat and abundant in fruit juice. It includes a mix of strawberries, blackberries, pineapple, and purple cornflour. It is incredibly pleasant and a terrific means to attempt several of Ecuador’s fruits.

While colada morada may be a fun-looking beverage to attempt in Ecuador, it has an extra melancholy backstory. It is generally appreciated on the Day of the Dead, every November the first, when Ecuadorians bear in mind those they’ve shed and check out burial grounds to take blossoms and tidy tombs. It is a lesser-known variation of the Mexican Day of the Dead.

14. Seco de Chivo

seco de chivo

Seco de chivo is an abundant goat stew. It is braised in a hefty garlic, cumin, tomato sauce, onions, and cilantro sauce. Expect a lot of tastes and goat meat definitely buried in an abundant brownish sauce. Seco de chivo is normally offered together with yellow rice and fried plantains and is generally a meal for unique celebrations like family members parties. Luckily, you can additionally locate it in a lot of dining establishments for daily consuming.

This meal is extremely prominent approximately Loja and Santa Elena. It is a typical variant of a seco, a thick stew.

16. Pan de Yuca

Best Ecuadorian Food pan de yuca

Pan de yuca is among one of the most tasty Ecuadorian food selections. These little, bite-size spheres of bread are made from yuca flour or cassava starch and cheese. You can locate them as road food, treats, or beginners in dining establishments and coffee shops. The soft bread rapidly wins you over, and celebrity includes a delightfully solid taste.

Yuca bread is discovered primarily in Colombia and Ecuador. Colombia calls its sis meal frying pan de bonos and makes use of corn starch, an active ingredient Ecuadorian Yuca bread avoids. The meal is stated to have actually come from along the nation’s boundary in Manabi as an option to the absence of common flour. The plentiful cassava starch developed the best bread option, and ‘yuca bread’ was birthed.

15. Plantain Chips


Plantain chips are a healthy and balanced treat readily available in grocery stores and from road suppliers. Plantains resemble bananas; as a matter of fact, to the inexperienced eye, you can quickly error both. The just distinction is that plantains are much more starchy and a lot larger. Plantain chips are made from fried environment-friendly plantains (not ripe plantains). They are a terrific resource of fiber and abundant in nutrients like potassium and vitamins A and C.

You can locate deep-fried plantains around the globe. The plant initially originated from Southeast Asia and is discovered in Africa and South America. Ecuador truly captured onto the plantain buzz in 1910 when it got in the banana profession, at which time it additionally presented the banana-twin plantains.

16. Cuy Asado

traditional Ecuadorian Food Fried Guinea Pig

The large bulk of the globe might think about test subject as a family pet. Still, these adorable little rats are generally from the Andes of South America. And prior to they remained in a family pet store near you, they were standard recipes because the pre-Colombian times. Indigenous individuals have actually consumed baked test subject for hundreds of years, and you can still attempt the meal today.

Grilling meat is generally corrected cinders for a somewhat smoked top quality, and we recommend getting some warm sauce as a dressing. Asado is generally appreciated with a heavy-bodied merlot, and we advise treating on your own to a sit-down dining establishment experience for this meal.

Asado is a typical Andean meal typically seasoned in garlic, cumin, and salt and baked whole. It is merely barbequed meat offered at a bbq or grill dining establishment. If you desire a protein-filled dish in Ecuador, try to find an asado. It can consist of any kind of meat, consisting of hen, beef, and goat. In Ecuadorian food, you can also locate barbequed test subject (much more on that particular later).

Asado is a greatly standard food, and individuals have actually been barbecuing meat for centuries in Ecuador. Meats like test subject have actually existed amongst aboriginal areas for hundreds of years, while meats like beef were presented by Spanish emigration.

17. Papi Pollo

Papi pollo is genuine home cooking; if you’re desire a passionate dish, you’ll enjoy this Ecuadorian meal. It includes roast hen offered together with loads of French french fries splashed in catsup and mayo. If the cook is really feeling additional charitable, you can additionally locate a deep-fried egg offered on the side of home plate. It is component junk food and component healthy protein overload. In significance, papi pollo truly loads your belly.

You can locate papi pollo at a lot of informal dining establishments and takeaways throughout Ecuador. While baked hen is an olden Ecuadorian meal, this adjustment is an extra contemporary relationship. It’s currently such a timeless that we simply needed to include it in this overview.

18. Hornado

Traditional Ecuadorian Dishes Hornado

Hornado is a cherished Ecuadorian meal including slow-roasted pork as its focal point. It is commemorated for its delicious meat and crunchy skin. This cooking pleasure is prepared by marinading the pork in a mix of garlic, cumin, and various other seasonings and slow-roasting it up until it accomplishes a best equilibrium of tender within and crunchy exterior.

Hornado is a preferred meal throughout Ecuador. It is discovered in markets, celebrations, and family members celebrations and signifies celebration and area.

It’s generally offered with llapingachos (potato pancakes), mote (hominy), ensalada (a fresh salad), and aji, a spicy Ecuadorian sauce that includes a kick to the meal. In some areas, avocado pieces and curtido, a kind of marinaded onion enjoyment, are additionally typical enhancements, boosting the tastes and structures of the dish.

19. Bandera

Ecuadorian Flag shades

Bandera is a notoriously vivid Ecuadorian meal. Its beginning is a little bit of a secret, however it’s primarily thought to have actually turned up in the 1970s. Bandera is a pot-luck design meal in the feeling that it integrates several recipes on a big plate—a mix-and-match food. You often tend to obtain sliced up avocado, white rice, and some sort of ceviche (much more on ceviche later on). Salad with fresh tomato is additionally typical.

The word ‘bandera’ converts to flag in English. Bandera recipes are discovered throughout South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. They are generally vivid to simulate the shades of the nation’s flag. The Dominican Republic has an especially delicious bandera meal.

Bandera is a terrific alternative for a fast intro to Ecuadorian food. It’s among one of the most typical recipes you need to attempt in Ecuador, and it can be discovered at the majority of dining establishments and coffee shops.

Typical Ecuadorian Food: Frequently Asked Questions


Whether you are desire Ecuadorian soups, breads, or meat recipes, felt confident—the nation has a lot of selections. We directly enjoy the selection of Ecuadorian food. Before you go, however, have a look at these leading Frequently asked questions.

What is a common food in Ecuador?

Bolon de Verde is a greatly prominent food in Ecuador; they are small little deep-fried spheres of environment-friendly plantains that are loaded with cheese and seasonings. The best treat.

Chochos, chifles and tostado are a preferred road food in Ecuador. you can locate them in Quito and various other primary cities in Ecuador

Green plantain chips, delicious chocolate, and yuca chips are all exceptional selections for standard treats in Ecuador.

What is Ecuador generally understood for?

Ecuador is understood for its seaside recipes, carbohydrate parts like potato and rice, and meats like pork, beef, hen, and test subject inland and fish on the shore. Ecuadorian food is hefty in carbs and healthy protein. It additionally makes use of plantains and fruits.

Ecuadorian gastronomy highlights citrus-marinated juices and meats, from baked pork to unique hen recipes. If you really feel truly daring, you can attempt standard recipes like cuy asado or perhaps pollo a la soda—hen prepared in Coca-Cola. Ecuador is an amazing area for foodies and those desiring a fresh stamp of food in South America. Everything has a sharp taste.

Cheers to Ecuadorian Cuisine

Best things to do in Quito Ecuador Sunset at Casa Gangotina

It is remarkable to see exactly how aboriginal impacts affect food, such as the standard Andean test subject meat. Equally, you can map darker early american background via plentiful points like lime juice. Tasting Ecuadorian food is a means of much better comprehending the nation’s background and social make-up.

ecuador market

Are you checking out Ecuador? Check out our overview on whether it’s secure to check out now, full with prompt updates on exactly how to have the best remain feasible provided present occasions and advancements. If you are thinking about a Galapagos cruise ship, you can check out everything about our experience in this Galapagos Cruise evaluation.

Ecuador has actually been among our preferred nations to check out, and we wish you have a remarkable time. Try as much of these foods as feasible—Ecuadorian food is extraordinary.

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